Jesus’ Teachings and Violence

Jesus’ Teachings and Violence August 19, 2019

Ron Sider, in If Jesus is Lord , examines beyond the Sermon on the Mount to other teachings of Jesus and their implications for violence, war, and pacifism.

What does he examine?

1. The inaugural sermon in Luke 4:16-30: no vengeance for Jesus.

2. Jesus and the Samaritans in Luke 9:51-56; 17:18-19; John 4, and Luke 10:25-37. The “hated” enemy becomes the one given mercy.
3. Healing the centurion’s servant (Matt 8:5-13), where we find mercy from Jesus toward Romans in their midst.
4. What about paying Roman taxes (Luke 20:25).
5. Conflict in the church in Romans 18 leads to what? Forgiveness.
6. The cross’s most ignored word? “Father, forgive them” (Luke 23:34).
7. His model for his ministry: the suffering servant (here he vibes with NT Wright, but he’s talking big picture made visible in Mark 10:45).
8. In Gethesemane: those who live by the sword die by it; put yours away (Matt 26:52).
9. Way of life? The cross life: Luke 9:23 (daily).

The cross life, what Gorman calls cruciformity and what I prefer to call Christoformity, is the way of life for Jesus and his followers. Squaring violence with the way of the cross is the challenge.

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