Teaching (not reading) Romans Backwards

Teaching (not reading) Romans Backwards August 22, 2019

By Becky Castle Miller, Teaching Romans Backwards

Becky Castle Miller, our student who lives in the Netherlands, has created a masterful study guide to Reading Romans Backwards. Yes, this study guide can be used in lay groups, in college classes, and any adult Sunday School class.

Here’s what Becky does in the plan of this wonderful book:

She creates this guide for 15 week classes but also provides alternative schedules for the guide.
She has “Before Class” and “During Class” and “After Class” tasks.
Group learning activities.
She introduces terms, provides chapter summaries, outlines basic points for each chapter in the book.
Then she has group discussion questions, which is one of her great skills and takes my own book to new levels.
She also has group learning activities – since formation is embodied and not just brain power.
Plus, she includes further resources and further Bible study and personal study questions.

Big bonus: Becky has created a story of Phoebe interacting with Paul as he writes the letter and she responds to what he is saying. So fun to read… and our cohort enjoyed her performance of this story on the shore (on the ruins on the shore) of Cenchraea in Greece.

For teachers, she has quiz questions.

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