Lifted by Angels

“Does what books are supposed to do: it informs and enchants.”
–David Teems, author of Majestie and Tyndale

Heaven is closer than we realize, and angels move in and out of our daily lives. If that reality seems dim to us now, it beamed for the early Christians. Through their writings, sermons, songs, and art, the ancient faithful confessed a powerful and vivid belief that angels help carry us on our journey to God.

Lifted by Angels: The Presence and Power of Our Heavenly Guides and Guardians goes back to the Scripture and those early Christians to present a vision of angels as seen through their eyes and experiences. Featuring examples of angels in ancient icons and frescoes and supported by extensive research into the ancient church, Lifted by Angels explores the:

  • angelic role in God’s plan of salvation
  • different ranks and functions of angels
  • fall of Satan and his demons
  • assignment of guardian angels
  • guidance and direction of angels
  • involvement of angels in worship and prayer
  • protection of angels at our death


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“A beautifully written study on the unique relationship between people and angels. I found it fascinating, challenging, and inspiring. Highly recommended.”
Sheila Walsh, author of God Loves Broken People

“Joel J. Miller presents us with a vision of angels firmly grounded in salvation history: active at the creation of the world, involved in its fall, ministers in its salvation, servants to the Lord Jesus, harbingers of the age to come. He succeeds brilliantly in rescuing angels from the distorting effects of popular culture.”
Metropolitan Savas (Zembillas) of Pittsburgh

“In Lifted by Angels Joel Miller examines traditional Jewish and Christian angelology in rich and extensive detail. Especially valuable and inspiring are the author’s numerous citations of beautiful patristic texts. No one will think of angels in the same way after reading this book. It is highly recommended and without reservation.”
Patrick Henry Reardon, author of Christ in the Psalms

“Joel Miller has given the Church a book on angels that doesn’t sentimentalize or fictionalize angelic reality, but rather relies on Scripture and the historical perspective of the Church and its leading theologians and pastoral leadership, especially during the first few hundred years, to present a picture that is instructive, edifying and inspiring. . . . [T]he book can’t help but enrich your faith and ignite renewed wonder for God, his kingdom and his manifold wisdom.”
Andrea Hunter, Worship Leader

“Many Christians — made uneasy by New Age or neo-pagan angel enthusiasm — are reluctant to believe in angelic interventions at all. Lifted by Angels restores to us our own biblical and historical understanding: that angels are God’s servants and messengers.”
Frederica Mathewes-Green, author of The Jesus Prayer

“We are mostly unaware of angels’ presence in our midst and their influence on our lives. What a shame! Thank God for Joel J. Miller’s Lifted by Angels, a reminder of the role that our ‘cousins’ play in guiding us and of their exalted place in creation.”
Brad Miner, senior editor, The Catholic Thing

“If we sometimes feel alone in our spiritual struggles, it might be because we have lost touch of what Christians of old knew about the unseen angels of God. In Lifted by Angels Miller uses Scripture, Christian art, early church writings and tradition to lift the veil between the earthly and the spiritual realms. He lifts it ever so slightly, not in speculation, but just enough for us to catch a memorable glimpse of those heavenly hosts whom God has sent to comfort and aid us on our journey home.”
James M. Kushiner, executive editor, Touchstone

“Angels are an important part of the Bible and of Jewish and Christian traditions, yet we have virtually ignored them. We have abandoned the angels to horror flicks and saccharine television shows. That stops here. Miller’s book is a necessary act of recovery.”
Jeremy Lott, editor, RealClearReligion

“Wonderfully done and provides insight into an oft-misunderstood subject.”
Fr. Stephen Rogers, senior priest, St. Ignatius, Franklin, Tenn.

“There is an unseen spiritual world with which we humans have to deal, and Joel Miller is a fascinating and skilled guide into this invisible reality. Lifted by Angels will elevate your understanding of angels and their practical role in Christian spirituality.”
Todd D. Hunter, Anglican bishop, past president of Vineyard Churches USA

“Miller has given me much to think about. I will gladly recommend his book.”
Louis McBride, Baker Book House

Lifted by Angels . . . is hands down the most substantive book on angels I have ever read. . . . Ultimately this book will awaken your imagination to the presence and role of these magnificent beings created to serve us.”
Robert Gelinas, author of Finding The Groove

Lifted by Angels . . . does what books are supposed to do: it informs and enchants.”
David Teems, author of Majestie and Tyndale

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