Think I’m a Boring Blogger? Wait’llya See Me LIVE!

Think I’m a Boring Blogger? Wait’llya See Me LIVE! December 30, 2008

For any fans of mine who live in San Diego and this Sunday don’t have anything to do, or anywhere to go, but who still feel like being somewhere at 9 a.m. in the morning …

Um. So, to absolutely no one: During the “Forum” held between services, I will, this Sunday, Jan. 4, be speaking at St. Paul’s Cathedral in San Diego. I’ll be speaking on, “How to Talk to Non-Christians About Christianity Even Though You Know Going In That They Think You’re Insane.” In the little blurb thing that St. Paul’s has in their bulletin about my upcoming YakFest, it says, “Those attending the forum will be encouraged to share their own challenges and experiences with trying talk about their faith with the nonbelievers in their lives.” “Encouraged” here means that I’m not going to talk until someone else does first.

Hey. Fair is fair. I’m thinking about shaving for this affair. Clearly, I’m going to do my part.

Even though I am known throughout all three floors of the townhouse in which I live, coming to hear me talk will be free. In fact, they’ll pay you for showing up, in the form of free coffee and cookies. Plus, all the people at St. Paul’s are deeply kind. So really there’s pretty much no excuse at all for you not showing up. Be there, or be somewhere else.


(Join my Facebook group. Now. Stop putting it off. You know you love me. It’s time for you to declare it publicly. Why must our love be relegated to the shadows? WHY? It begs to be out in the sunshine, free and unfettered, except for the fact that it has to wear sunscreen since as we all know now the sun’s whole purpose in life isn’t to make us feel warm and fuzzy at all, but rather to miserably kill us before our time. And that’s why you should join my FB page/group/fan thing.)

"https://uploads.disquscdn.c...and Clippy cusses them out equally."

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  • If I weren't being blown down by the Cheyenne winds I'd be there with bells on. Just remember the little people when you're big & famous.

  • You didn't know this?? Either you've been smoking crack, or I've been laying lower than I thought. Next time you're on a book tour you should swing thru and see the…um…cattle. And grass. And antelope.

  • Candace

    I wouldn't mind being in San Diego on Sunday AT ALL. And I'd most certainly be in attendance, if that were the case. Sadly, I will be stuck here where we have just broken the all-time record for snowiest December ever. And I'm guessing among the coldest as well.

    What was that about global warming again? (A rhetorical question! Don't anybody answer it, PLEASE.)

    Oh and your argument for joining Facebook is irresistable and bound to yeild results, I am sure of it. It made me want to join again. Maybe I will!

  • You’re in WYOMING now? Girl. You travel.

  • Judy

    If you were giving your talk at Trinity Episcopal here, I’d be there in a heartbeat. Early. Break a leg.

  • Latoya: what a treat it would be for me to meet you and your husband! Well. One day, when we are all rich. Well, when you are. I probably won't be. But you will!

  • Candace: WOW! Your weather sounds insanely cold! Yikes. That's, like … dangerous weather. I'm glad you're making it through it!

  • Thanks, Judy. I probably WILL break a leg. I could see me being just that nervous.

  • Latoya

    LOL. John I would so LOVE to come. But…I live in Jamaica. Have fun!

    ..and what Candace said about the facebook thing..except the last three words 🙂

  • Latoya: what a treat it would be for me to meet you and your husband! Well. One day, when we are all rich. Well, when you are. I probably won’t be. But you will!

  • Skerrib: Yeah, I guess I knew you had moved there. But … it seems like only yesterday you were in, like, Lodi. You DO move a lot, yes? Do you think you’ll stay in Wyoming long?

  • Latoya

    LOL. I’m already rich! I just dont have access to my funds right now. 😀

  • Latoya

    OH. and my husband and I would love to meet you both too. Feels like I know you already..tell Cat to start a blog so I can know her too 🙂

  • Lynn

    A clean-shaven John Shore…free coffee and cookies…deeply kind people…interesting topic…the invite is so tempting…I’d love to be there. Too bad the driving distance is a bit much from Ohio. BTW, one thing you are not is boring. Persuasive, maybe, in your attempts to lead people to your Facebook…172 fans…pretty good, huh? 🙂

  • Mike: Thanks for your offer, but it's not possible that I haven't been asked (and, if I can say it, totally answered) any and all such questions you'd have. It's not even possible that I haven't asked those questions myself. You may not know it, but I wasn't a Christian until I was almost 39 years old. Before then, I thought and felt about Xtians exactly as you do now. (Worse, actually: You're a bit more tolerant of Christians and their/our way of thinking than I ever was. I pretty much hated the whole … thing, with Xtianity. Drove me crazy that people could be so stupid–AND so arrogant.)

  • it’s not possible that I haven’t been asked (and, if I can say it, totally answered)

    What a great resource you could be then!! Might I bounce a couple of questions off of you?

  • Do I look THAT stupid?

  • Hey John,

    If you don’t get any hands raised in the audience, I could give you a list of questions that a non-believer would ask.

  • Wow. That’s kind of you to say, Lynn. Thank you!

  • ummm….. er…..


  • excellent answer….