How I Got a Blog on Huffington Post (And Help Me Mooch Indian Food!)

How I Got a Blog on Huffington Post (And Help Me Mooch Indian Food!) July 18, 2010

Last night Cat and I had drinks and dinner with a new friend (DR!) at this place, if you can stand the ridiculous beauty of it. (Our Actual Table was the one to the right of the standing waiter with the blue shirt, where the four guys in sunglasses are playing Quick: Tell Us Apart.)

During the course of our meal, our friend (DR!) asked me how I ended up blogging for The Huffington Post. Before I could answer our appetizers arrived, or a seagull crashed into our umbrella, or something. I don’t remember. But later, as the three of us were walking on this walkway right here:

DR asked me again. But just then I think a pelican flew by, or a whale knocked over a sailboat, or something. I don’t remember. All I know is that I again failed to answer her question.

It’s occurred to me just now that I’ve also failed to answer that same question when some of You Good Folk have written to ask it. One reason I sort of don’t exactly ever rush to answer that particular question is because I know something about its answer that its questioner usually doesn’t, which is that it’s boring. And despite the oft-times evidence on this blog, I hate boring people, and you can’t get more boring than how I ended up blogging about religion and Christianity for The Huffington Post. Doubt it? Really? Well, here’s the “story” of how that happened.

One day about five months ago I was looking at the front page of HuffPo, and saw a piece posted there by Arianna Huffington about how they were launching a new Religion section. She gave the name and email address of the guy who was to be editor of that section, Paul Raushenbush. So I wrote an email to Paul in which I included some links to this here blog right here, and asked if I could be one of the new writers on his new religion section. He was kind enough to get right back to me to say that he’d be happy to have me; he hooked me up with a password and all that, and … that was that.

That’s the “story.”

Wake up!

See? Told you. And that is why I made sure to at least give you some pretty pictures to look at. Because I care, man. I care about you, and I care about you not suing me for sending you into a coma.

(Whoa! The five Indian guys who live in the townhouse next door to ours are cooking again! Those wafting aromas! I have got to get over there! Man, can those guys cook. If any of you have any suggestions as to what it might be best for me, a complete stranger to those guys, to say when I knock on their door with the secret agenda to be invited in to chow up on some of their obviously incredible food, please send now!)

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  • DR


  • Do I know you?

  • me + 572 others contacting Paul…. oh bother

    thanks for the info John

  • Elizabeth

    One of your silliest posts ever. Of course, I'm sure it was hard to concentrate after meeting DR.

    I recommend just asking your neighbors if you could share a meal with them. You bring a dish, they do, and then you share. In the Midwest, we call that a potluck. It's all the rage in church circles. I find the truth to be so disarming that it usually works.

  • DR

    No, I'm new here. This is the Pat Robertson blog, yes?

  • Um. I bring a dish?

    So what we need is a plan B …

  • cool! Thanks for letting us know

  • (And Elizabeth: I think my silliest post is "Do Pigs Sweat?"

  • Don Whitt

    More importantly, how to poach some Indian food: Knock on your aromatic neighbor's door and ask if you can borrow a cup of vindaloo. Works every time.

  • After thought – birds? You're feeding them? Source of all the crashing.

    Since the birds seem to dig you, and whatever you're feeding them, you could use that to your advantage with your neighbors and getting in on that curry.

    I haven't thought long enough on how to exactly segue feeding birds into getting a free meal – although my initally thoughts are throwing the feed at the windows, have the birds crash into the windows, then run to your nieghbors to let them know, help catch the bird, and then they will repay you in curry, chutney, and naan.

  • Bill

    Have some food in it!!!!!

  • Bill

    I've walked that walkway and yes, it is ridiculously lovely there. Have a son with a wonderful glam profession who lived in La Jolla for a couple years and I visited twice. I simply LOVE San Diego.

    Good thing you weren't in Bodega Bay or I'd have to suggest a warning about THE BIRDS!!!

  • Tim

    Bring Kraft mac and cheese. They will take pity on you and probably feed you once a week to make sure you don't starve.

  • Robert Meek

    Oy! Senility setting in, Mr. John? Whatever else you forget, do not forget your wife's name, because that is a Capital Offense for sure! 😉

  • Tim

    Is that place The Crab Catcher? Nah. They have different chairs and their view is more north east. So where is it. Promise not to stalk.

  • Gina Powers

    That IS a ridiculously beautiful setting. My naive, inane, redneck head would explode…

    In all seriousness? Dude–bring a decent bottle or two of vino over to there place, and offer to provide drinks if they will bring out the jams. Though personally, I'm not into Indian food, but hubster LOVES it. Oh well.

    Also, seriously, John? I'm gonna sound like an asshole here, so forgive me, because that's NOT my intent, and I'm taking into account your schedule and all, but hey–I don't take hints because I'm not a mind reader, so if you want me to refrain from sending e-mails because you can't stand me, PLEASE be direct and honest about it. Really, I promise not to hang myself (oh, pulllleasseee!!). Thanks much, peace out!

  • Doesn't look like you were in 4H.

  • I'm sorry: I promise you I have no idea what you mean here. Emails?

  • Gina Powers

    Yeah, the last one or two I sent were probably from the "contact me" link here. Oh, and offer to bring your neighbors dessert! Good alcohol & pastries–you can't go wrong!

  • DonP

    So I guess it's true huh? "Ask and ye shall receive" Wonder if the old man had the "Huff" in mind.

    (insert muffled giggles here) + (maybe the call of a seagull or whale blow or something too)

  • Here's what you say to the guys next door: "Hi. I'm your neighbor, John Shore. I have blog on Huffington Post!" They're sure to be so impressed, you'll be a regular guest at the their table.

  • Ace

    I'd probably just knock on the door, compliment their culinary skills, act like I'm starving and hope they don't call the cops instead of inviting me in. 😀

    I dunno, if you're next door neighbors, invite them to a "potluck" cookout. Find out if they're vegetarians beforehand, and probably don't cook beef (unless they are Muslim, not Hindu, then don't cook pork… hmmm better stick with veggie burgers)

  • berkshire

    First, you knock on their door.

    They answer. "Oh, hi, John."

    You stand there looking at the person, smiling, but saying nothing, for just a *teensy* bit longer than most people would be comfortable with.

    Then you say, "Sure smells good, what yer cookin'."

    Return ever-so-briefly to the same kind of strange, silent smile, then shift your gaze to your own feet, hands clasped behind your back, shifting your weight from left foot to right foot a few times before looking up again, coyly, and smiling.

    "oh, all right, " they say, "c'mon in."

    Give a tiny little jump while saying "goody!", and follow them to the food.

    A version of this works for my nephew every time, though he's 8 years old. Still, I think you could pull it off.

  • (Loud rapping on the door)

    "Who is there?" a nice Indian fellow's voice inquires.

    "John Shore, Homeland Security," you say. "We've had reports of strange smells coming from this apartment. We have to investigate for bomb making materials."

    "There is no bomb here," the frightened voice replies.

    "Well, under our current Threat Level Curry, er, I mean Orange, you can see how we can't just take your word for that," you rap on the door a little harder.

    "Well come in and I'll prove it to you," the door opens and your neighbors look at you with shock and awe."

    "I should warn you," Agent Shore says, "that I've taken specialized training in tasting the difference between plastique and masoor."

    They make a place for you and you begin your careful examination, all in the name of protecting America.

    As you leave you tell them that every time they cook, they must put a special portion aside for Homeland Security testing.

    Well, you did ask for a "Secret Agenda."

  • Gina Powers

    LOL! Berkshire, can you lend John your nephew? 😉

  • berkshire

    I would, but I fear we'd never get him back.


    Dale Carnegie had nothing on him in the winning-friends-and-influencing-people department.

  • Elizabeth

    I have a church potluck cookbook once sold as a fundraiser. It's got my friend Rob's killer, award-winning chili recipe in it. Just let me know if your neighbors are vegan or vegetarian. Church potlucks believe in a heavy rotation of gelatin, eggs, and lard, so that will severely limit your options.

  • Elizabeth


  • Gina Powers

    Egad, do people still actually use LARD? Ick-ness!!

  • John,

    You sound great. Let’s be friends.

  • Wow after reading your post it has given me refreshed hope.What a lifting experience. I learnt how to blog so that I could hopefully get a few visitors to my site. It just shows what can happen when you get out there and start blogging.

  • Hey John,

    I don’t know how I found your blog but that was an interesting strategy. Who would know that a simple email to the future editor of the religion section of HP could get you on their site.

    Congratulations! I’ll try that tip, maybe when HP, decides to add another Section on their site. 🙂

  • lily

    I’ve been reading blogs for days trying to figure out how to start one. Randomly came across this post and it was refreshingly funny. Surprised to see this is a blog about religion. Looking forward to reading your new posts.

  • Allie

    Thanks to Lily bumping this, I just read it for the first time. John, Indian food is so easy to make, and inexpensive too. Don’t be afraid. Start with easy things like saag chicken and go from there. Also if you make it then YOUR house will smell amazing.