Send Me Your Blog Address for My Blogroll!

Send Me Your Blog Address for My Blogroll! July 19, 2010

[Update: I’ll leave this post up through today–being July 20, doncha know–and then be sure to get these blogs onto my blogroll ASAP. Probably take me … I dunno. Day, maybe. Whatever. But I’ll get ’em done. Cuz you know how I do.]

The other day I finally got around to explaining why I don’t keep a blogroll. (You can see that explanatory note if you scroll down the right-hand column a bit lot.) But ever since I put that up I’ve been feeling a little weird about it, and tonight I thought, “That’s not really fair. People blogroll me. So what if some people’s blogs aren’t that great, or they stop writing them, or whatever? A lot of the blogs your readers keep are great. Just put ’em all up, and let people poke around ’em if the wanna.”

That’s better. So now I’m going to build a proper blogroll.

If you would like to be included on it, please send me the name of your blog, followed by its url. Put it as a comment to this post.

Except not everyone will see this post. Most people who read my blog don’t read it every day. How will I get the word to those people that I’ve done this after this post is history?

Oh, well. For now, this (I hope) will at least be a start.

Send ’em on! I read a lot of your blogs; I might as well do what little I might to introduce them to others. Thanks!

"https://uploads.disquscdn.c...and Clippy cusses them out equally."

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  • I am at I write about a dozen times a month about education, religion, politics, books, and movies.

  • Yeah, I know your blog, Andrew. It's good one.

    But you blew the formatting, dude.. You have to say the NAME of your blog, THEN the url.

    What I need is "Hackman's Musings", then the url.

    But you get a pass. But the rest of you: NAME OF BLOG, THEN URL.

    Stridently yours,


  • HK


    La Maison des Tortues

    Kudos if you can figure out where the blog name comes from 😉


  • HK

    btw, I think it's a great idea to showcase the blogs of your readers– I always like finding new blogs to read. And if I like them enough, I'll subscribe to their feed for continued updates 🙂

  • I'm at "Hello My Name Is James" ( and I blog 1-2 times a month, on news, views and opinion relating to public relations and current events.

  • Kass

    Hi, I'm Kass. My personal blog is called This Journey Is My Own, located at I blog on nearly everything personal including theology but excluding mental health and writing/publishing (I keep separate blogs for those).

  • I'm Craig B

    I have two blogs,

    1) Through Hell and Back

    Its about my experience as a male suffering DV from my wife and how society shuns males who do.

    2.) Trinitarian Dance

    This is where I post my more theological reflections

  • From the Horse's Mouth:

    I'm not sure if you find it appropriate for your blogroll or not due to some of the topics I post at times, but I still would like to extend the offer. Mostly the blog functions as a public dream journal (yes, they are real dreams that have not been extensively modified) with splashes of creative writing endeavors, random insights or things I happen to like and want to share.

  • John, you've come back to me! I never too YOU off my tiny blogroll.

    I have two:

    Slow News Day

    Slow New Day

    Thanks, Tim

  • I have two…well sorta. The second is a column that I write online weekly the site is a community blog.

    1. Sylvie is a Blogger I write once or twice a month there.

    1.Spartanburg Spark My column is entitled Miss Mom and it shows up every Tuesday. I don't have a direct link or archived page.

  • christy

    Leap of Fate at Insights and observations on life along the journey to getting my first book out of my head.

  • Ramblings of a Spiritual Idiot.

    I try to blog at least once a month.


  • Name: Mike Burns

    Topic: Religion and Church/State Separation

  • friendlymama
    Mary Linda

  • Skerrib
  • Tanager

    Well, there's this: – which would be political and social snarking but since losing my job over a blog post in 2005 it's been hard to get back into it. Or, there's the more innocuous – which is just one of those daily photo blog deals with some commentary, and keeping up with that is a challenge these days 🙂

  • "The Lovers, The Dreamers, and Me"

    Topics: usually just whimsical anecdotes. I try to keep things light and fluffy.

  • Tim

    I like your blog Misty. I've always been saddened by how so many people representing Christ become so utterly graceless when it comes to people grappling with their faith and homosexuality. Only the Father knows the path these people have travelled on and only by surrendering to His Spirit can all of His children begin to look beyond their own fears and prejudices and that hinder believers on both sides of the issues.

  • Misty Irons

    “More Musings on Christianity, Homosexuality and the Bible”

    I’m an evangelical Christian trying to get other Christians to be more open-minded about gay and lesbian issues. I’ve been writing on this subject for nearly ten years.

    Btw, thanks for your writings, John. One of my readers turned me on to your column and I’ve really enjoyed your perspective. You’re a breath of fresh air.

  • Hi, I'm Dave.

    I blog at

    Recent posts have included a new bible reading plan inspired by Colonial Sanders, and spiritual insights gleaned from comic books.

    But don't get me wrong. Sometimes my posts are goofy and light hearted.



  • One Cannot Have Too Large a Party

    I'm an Episcopal priest (currently not in a parish but I substitute somewhere different each week). I post a daily prayer and a reflection, all decorated with my own photography.

  • My blog

    Listening for God:

  • In Search of Goodness: 365 Days to Answer an Impossible Question

    How would you answer the question?

  • Tricia

    Living Giving Thanks

    It's just a personal blog I recently started about stuff I'm thankful for. I'm somewhat of a critical person but I try to keep focused on things that lift my soul. Updates about once a month. =}

    Nice idea John, I like getting to know others in this little community.

  • Amy

    It’s a new blog for a relatively new “hobby” I’ve started — I’m in Chicago and after scrimping/saving on a budget for so long now (went back to school three years ago) I realized I’ve been able to save quite a lot of money and get some really great things for my home. I now share them with the area, and my blog details my trips around the city & burbs looking for deals.

    I also run a Facebook group for budget living, which I intend to incorporate into my blog posts. I’ve wanted to not only be about bargain sales to earn extra money, but to help people out with their own wallets as well.

    I actually have a “friends” page, so I’d be happy to link you as well if you’d like. Many thanks! 🙂 — main page — new blog

  • My comments on faith, life, and occasionally cooking. Last post was on the Contemporary and Relevant Church Battle…

  • Here's the URL, it didn't post:


  • textjunkie

    Geez, I feel left out. I only have a personal blog over at LiveJournal… Can I still come by and read your blog anyway? 😉

  • berkshire

    OK, I've got one, too, but I almost hesitate to call myself a blogger. You, John Shore, are a blogger. You post to your blog. I started my blog quite casually last year, then started grad school quite seriously, so the blogging stopped. Now, grad school is done, did two blog posts after graduation, now I'm busy studying for my licensing exam, and researching for a book I'm writing (which takes precedence over blogging). After the exam (end of this month) hopefully will get around to posting a little more, but it's definitely not a full-time thing for me. Just sayin'

    It's not a Christian blog, or a news blog, or a current events blog. It falls under the category of smart-assery, with just a dash of snark, plain and simple–though that may change if I post some new ideas I've had recently.

    There are only about 6 posts total right now, so the good news is you can read the whole thing pretty quickly. 😉 Among those six posts, I promise you'll laugh a little if you are, deep down, a smart ass like me.

  • Every Day Is a Miracle:

    Ever since my oldest son was born at 24 weeks nearly 14 years ago and we survived 4 months with him in the NICU, I've loved the quote on which my blog is based. I went on to have four miscarriages before my next son was born, and then I had a "surprise" baby at the age of 41. So I feel that one can't take miracles too lightly.

    I am a progressive Christian (Lutheran), voracious reader, and traveler. I blog about my family, faith, politics, books, and places. I am married to a Catholic and we attend a progressive community of Lutherans and Catholics…but I find myself often blogging about my anger at the Vatican!

    So happy to have found your blog, John!

  • Thanks so much for adding a blogroll! Awesome. 🙂

  • oh, and my webby is


  • excuse the crass commercialism. But really it's just my creative side finding an excuse to express ideas. I have yet to see a huge influx of interest based on my blogging. It is nice to know that someone will read it, find it amusing and I suppose that's the only reward I need.


  • The wife and I have a little blog here:

  • erika

    here is mine, but i just started on it.


    i cuz. can't spell. and suck at grammar

    just so ya know!

  • Tim Condry

    My blog is entitled "I Shit You Not" and the URL is

  • erika

    dang…i meant CUS. see, told ya. can not spell.

  • Clean Shavings – Musings on just about everything from a single mom, raising kids with ADHD/Bipolar, maintaining a small farm and trying to find time to ride her horse.

  • Well, mine is the *! Blog of which of course is one of those blogs where the blogger kind of… stops writing. Which I blame on having to work full time. Which shouldn't be a problem anymore, as I'm quitting my job and going back to writing.

    Quick, someone cue the "It's the Circle of Life" music!

  • Hi everyone –

    I write a women-focused blog about social responsibility

    I hope you like it!


  • I want in!

    Rude Awakening

    for thinking people who like to eat but don't really want to be fat 🙂

  • Secluded Abyss

    It's hard to say what this could be other than strange. Also- no, I never took you off my blogroll John. But good to see you're updating people!

  • Had mixed feelings about this since I was dormant for a while, but oh well.

    It's called "Megaloi" which is Greek for "great things". Linky is on my name. Topics range all over but have focused a lot on theological issues, especially eschatology.

    And the blog will always mean a lot to me because John commented on it one day a few years ago (don't know how he found it) and I've been the thorn in his flesh ever since!

  • I’m glad you;re doing this John. I’m new to reading blogs but feel I’m becoming acquainted with your commenters and would be interested in knowing more of their thoughts.

  • DR

    I think your blog is so cool.


    a transparent look at one person working out their faith and seeking answers about life

    my white sunday school gloves are a filthy mess…

  • Oh sheesh, screwed up again (blush), the name Soiled Wings

    the url

  • hey, you can want to be fat…. second thought.

    You should, however, probably like food to really get the most out of it.

    Okay, brains optional too.

  • My blog is called "Faith for Thinkers":

    I'm an evangelical Christian and a scientist/engineer with a PhD from Stanford who happens to think he can be uncompromisingly faithful to both those callings. The purpose of my blog is:

    – To show thinkers how to explore faith issues, without having to "leave their brains at the door"

    – To show believers how scientific discoveries and rational thought are an enhancement, not a threat, to faith

    – To promote dialogue between the church and the educated scientific community

  • Far From This Shore

    This blog was started today. Yep. Today. It's ostensibly about the "Noah Project" – my building a wooden kayak. But the boat is really just a metaphor and provides me with a venue to write, to wax philosophical about life, nature, learning, parenthood and anything else I need to yammer about.

    It's currently "private", but will be made public once I have my first couple entries completed.

  • DR

    This is hilarious.

  • DR

    I am going to start a blog called "The Fake John Shore" blog. Watch me.

  • Worst Writer Ever

    My blog is mostly about being a writer and all the things I do – including blogging- to keep from actually writing.

  • Thank you, John. My blog is "Stepping into the Light: You're a Christian, what now?" The url is

  • Susan

    Here is mine.

    It is fairly new. I mainly write about living with Meniere’s disease and sometimes personal things.

  • My blog name (right now, I change it as I change) is Blogisattva. I’m a contemplative agnostic, stumbling around in unknown territory and I post a few times a month. Looks like you’ll be having quite a blogroll!!!

  • I have a wanderlust heart and being newly married, this is my attempt to explain to my husband who I am and why I am this way!

    thanks, kt

  • onemansbeliefs

    Thanks for the opportunity to shamelessly self-promote…

    Mine is called "The Faith of One…" and is located here

  • SoCoGal at Right now a combo of the typical rantings against neocons and Palin malapropisms, but since you posted my comment I am working on a post of my severely Baptist upbringing and my teen years as a solider in the Onward Christian cult. Stayed tuned.

    Also, cats.

  • crap, did I do that wrong? name of blog: Pearl of the Prairie,

    Stupid wine.

  • Modest, Liberal, Radical, Christian

    I write about God, being a liberal, skirt wearing Christian in the middle of a Baptist church and general thoughts about life. Though it’s a new blog, it is a labor of love.

  • nelma e.
  • "And Another Thing…"

    Sorry for the delay!

  • Done. And don't worry, Odgie: I haven't even noticed that I'm not on your blogroll.

  • gooseberrybush

    Hi. My blog's name is "Gooseberry Bush." The url is:


  • nelma e.

    I am new to blogging and do not have a blog roll as of yet.

  • If’n it’s not too late to get in on the free blog roll adding:

    “Out in the Sticks” is my little corner of blogdom at

    And yes, sir, I’ve already blogrolled you, observing wee suggestion # 2 from today’s posting.

  • Clay: I need a better url for that blog. All I get there is a re-route to

  • nelma e.

    I put it on.

  • Heh… I will have to be a little more understanding the next time a student in my class fails to follow directions. 🙂

  • Oh snap! I'm a day late. You probably don't even remember Pied Type from a while back.

  • Dang. Silly complicated interwebs.

    Thanks for catching it…

  • Sorry… very late to the party. I'm a Deist in Texas.

    but the domain i chose from WordPress comes from Christian scripture in which it states where one can find the Kingdom of God. I thought of using the Gnostic Gospel of Thomas-Saying 3 instead but that would have been kinda long.

  • nelma (amlen)

    Mr. Shore … It is okay to not include my blog on your list…I understand. I am not a professional. I am just starting the blog, and may discontinue it. I am not up-to-date on all the latest blogging techniques,etc. Feel free to delete my posting.

  • I have recently become a fan of your blog. The next thing I write will be a big shout out for you. I really do admire your work.

    Joe Chianakas

    A little more conversation, please

  • Hi John,

    So sorry about being (unfashionably) late to the party, but if the invitation's still open, I'd love to add FRONT PAGES to your blog roll!

    I blog about my writing projects–most recently, a memoir that chronicles my childhood experiences as the daughter of a faith-healing evangelist. But I spend an equal amount of time on ideas/events that capture my attention in the moment. For sure, some of my topics (and perspectives) overlap with yours…

    My blog: FRONT PAGES

    Blog URL:

  • Hi John,

    I love your blog – I just saw this post though, so am obviously late in the game. I'd love to be added if still possible. My blog:

    Tam's Life in Fast Forward

    I am the founder/developer of a Christian performing arts ministry where we motivate both participants and audience members to be real, be like Jesus, and act out of love before judgment. I love Jesus, and I am moderate/liberal (gasp! Throw the stones!)

  • Support my new blog PLEASE!

  • denver

    People may not even see this, but I just started a blog today (finally). 🙂

    I’m trying to figure out how to link yours in my blogroll… just figuring out WordPress!

    But here is my blog if anyone cares to read:

    It’s a cat blog – because I’m a crazy cat lady! 😀

    Thanks to anyone that checks it out!