Has a Cockroach Skittered Into This, My Online Home?

Has a Cockroach Skittered Into This, My Online Home? August 14, 2010

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Hey, quick note. Sometimes I get too busy to monitor with proper asssiduousness the myriad comment threads simultaneously happening here on my blog. In some very real ways I count on my readers/commentators to keep things here reasonable, and at least reasonably polite. I’ve seen what happens when people show up here who are, shall we say, less than entirely sociable: you guys surround that person, move in, and through gentle reason and disarming charm persuade him or her to either rethink the advisability of their acerbity, or to go dock their pollution-spewing ship somewhere else in cyberspace.

God forgive how much I love it when that happens.

Anyway, if, unbeknownst to me, someone arrives here on my blog whom we’d all clearly be better without, please do not hesitate to alert me to that news. Do exercise considerable discrimination, bearing in mind (if you will) that I have an almost embarrassingly high tolerance (not to say an almost morbid weakness) for the well-articulated argument, no matter how disreputable its ultimate intention.

On the other hand, I hate people who hate first.

Point being: you guys let me know if ever you feel I need to consider checking or blocking someone on my blog whose full-on obnoxiousness I might have missed.

And when in doubt, drop me a word or two. No harm can possibly come of that.

Thanks, friends.


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  • Gina Powers

    To what post are you referring in regards to the "roach invasion", dear? And cool by me (unless, of course, *I* am considered "roachlike"–nah, what am I saying? I'm waaayy too cute & cuddly). I don't know why some folk feel the need to get so hostile with their self-expression once they get behind a keyboard, but alas, they do.

  • Diana A.

    You're totally welcome. I may not be the first one to alert you as I sometimes distrust my own impulses but I'm certain others who are more confident of their boundaries will let you know–and I thank you for your willingness to keep your blog-space a place where mutual respect rules.

  • Diana A.

    Same reason as hostility behind the wheel of a car. It feels all anonymous and like "those people" (one's fellow drivers, blog commentators & whatnot) aren't really people, so one can treat them any way one wishes.

  • I think you've got the number on this one.

  • The anonymous thing has been bothering me. Therefore I will fess up….

    Mike Burns = Old Stuff = Tommy Jay (all having been blocked at one time or another).

    I would suggest that you monitor the posting of a Mr. John Shore. He has been known to use some salty language!! 🙂

  • You're asking us to squeal like little piggies?

    Wow…the power….it's intoxicating.

  • DonP

    I think I was blocked on an atheist site once.

    LOL (insert little smiley face here too)

    I lie. (insert little halo face here)

  • Patty

    John, I don't know where you live, but that roach looks like it's gold plated. La dee dah!

  • When one has had serious death threats to contend with for what one has written, anonymity has a certain charm.

  • Tim

    It IS kind of a pretty roach…all glittery and gold. Although squeezing out the beginnings of an egg case grosses me out a bit.

  • DonP

    I love pork……….If it;s cooked right. I like the intoxicating thing too, but my wife would divorce me if I do. Uh oh! She just entered the room. If she finds out I’m steppin’ out on her with a pig and a bottle I’ll really be in trouble.

    Oh dear, did I just call you a pig? Really it was all in good fun. I am so sorry. No Really! I am so, so ………………in trouble.

  • Mmmm, bacon…