Married Christian Struggling With Gay Desires Responds to Comments

Married Christian Struggling With Gay Desires Responds to Comments September 30, 2010

Today I received an email from the man who wrote the letter featured in yesterday’s “Letter From a Married Christian Man Privately Struggling with Homosexual Desires.” He asked if I would share it, and of course I agreed to. Here it is:

Hi John,

I can’t thank you enough for posting my letter, and for your faithful readers.

I don’t feel alone any longer!

I feel I can take away something from every comment, and put it to thought and see how it applies.

I can’t believe there are that many people who commented, who offered me so much hope, love, and spiritual wisdom. I was able to grab a nugget from each one of the responses, regardless of where they weighed in.

I have contacted a Christian counselor and I’m seeing him today. I’m still on the fence about telling my wife, although I want you and your readers to know that I’m considering it. I feel I can’t make that decision until I move past this first issue of figuring out or confirming who I am after all of this soul-searching.

Thanks John and commenters! Thanks for allowing God to use you. I have found a new sense of strength and outlook. I feel like I can begin to breathe. I cannot tell you what it feels like to breathe for the first time because I was able to get out what I’ve been experiencing and feeling, and to feel such warmth and compassion from individuals that I don’t know.

Thank you and all your readers as I continue this journey and find out what it means for me, and how God loves me and created me to be used by him with all of who I was before I met him, and with all of who I am, and am becoming.

Whoa. That is some crazily elegant final line. Awesome.

As many of you know all too well, blogging is a weird gig; it’s such a strange combination of vacuum and circus. I’ve almost given it up a million times. But it’s the sort of answers people sent in to this guy—thoughtful, spontaneous, deeply compassionate, sharing, refreshingly and even inspiringly intelligent—that make me glad I didn’t give it up. You guys really helped this man. On behalf of him, and everyone who read the fine care you showed him, I want to thank you.

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