A Christian Vents Against Gays (and Me!)

A Christian Vents Against Gays (and Me!) March 28, 2011

This “comment,” reprinted here as written, just came in to my post, “Christians: When It Comes to Homosexuality, Man Up.”

It’s … everything it represents, in a nutcase shell. (And can someone please tell me what fundamentalist ranters have against the Return key?) [Update! Now with added-by-me, randomly placed paragraph breaks, so it won’t remain the solid wall of text it came in as.]

Wow, for an author to claim that this is “logical” thinking seriously disturbs me! This article [which, again, is “Christians: When It Comes to Homosexuality, Man Up”] is completely illogical and disappointing that such idiocy would be asserted as advice for Christians!

This article enforces dangerous lies. The propostion that homosexuality is a sin to be overcome is in no way illogical, but rather, spot on with the teachings in the Bible. This proposition does not “completely ignore the crucial, absolute difference between homosexuality and the other sins!” The author has made a jump without bridging logic! Oh wait…This sin is categorically divided from the others because it “doesn’t hurt anyone!” This is laughable. Our morals are not based on relativism! Our morals are Biblically based in faith of the ONE TRUE GOD. Our morals are not subjective based on conviction.

For example, read Romans 1, which is one example of the many Biblical teaching against homosexuality. Okay, for the nonbelievers (and what appears as, those who claim to be believers that disregard truth for truth), before your roll your eyes, remember, that darkness hates the light. As you read these words, as you read Romans 1, you will probably shudder, shrug off the conviction. Regardless of what Christians today hold acceptable: materialism, superficiality IS BESIDES THE POINT, a worthless debate at that. Talk about beating a dead horse!

The real debate is this sick justification for homosexuality – sin is sin and it’s just love. Just some words of wisdom: You better check yourself, before you wreck yourself. The author claims he is a Christian, but he wants to “take the Bible out of the equation” and determine “what grounds is there for determining that homosexuality is wrong?” This is absolutely ludicrous..Who gets hurt? Really…How is this a justification? I hesitate to divulge this question for fear that I am feeding this lie, as if, there is any reason the question is valid in the first place! However, I’ll digress generally – at least one may recognize that this IS a sin. Therefore, if a Christian chooses to walk in sin, he or she will lead others to stumble.

If you’re a Christian with homosexual tendencies or wrapped up in that lifestyle, read Mark 9:42-50. Also, if you’re a Christian you are giving Satan a foothold in your life. Regardless, as Christians we must strive for holiness and purity – Hey! I didn’t say it, God did. If you’re a Christian and you’re mulling over this ridiculous blog as being true, read the Bible and find out what God says. Don’t rely on man for reason. Finally, if you’re a homosexual and you do not know Christ as your Savior, read Romans 1. The recompense for this vice is death (not in the sense that we are all going to die as mortals, but spiritual death – separation from God, and even more sugar coated, hell. This isn’t a warning for homosexuals, but ALL people who do not know Christ as Lord. I didn’t say it, God did. I stand by these truths. And if this makes you uncomfortable, c’est la vie. This author has DIMITTEDLY (made up word) redefined sin as: first, “manifestly causing harm.” Then, drawing the conclusion from thin air, without evidentiary support that homosexuality “shoulldn’t be classified as sin. He claims to be a Christian, but outrightly disregards Biblical fact. HUGE FAIL and a sorry attempt to justify sexual immorality.


This “Christian” blogger, even goes as far to discourage Christians from upholding Biblical standards down to this illogical train of thought. “it’s high time Christians were honest about the fact that asserting that homosexuals should stop acting homosexual necessarily means asserting that they should spend their lives never knowing the loving intimacy with another that straight people enjoy and know to be the best and richest experience in life. Asking a homosexual to give up homosexual love isn’t at all like asking him to give up booze, or greed, or any other such negative thing. It’s asking him to give up love.” This is a dangerous assertion for the Christian community, especially if people are such insensitive to what is holy and true. The family is ordained by God from the beginning in Genesis. And just in case, you Christians haven’t inferred this from scripture, look up what God says about the homosexual lifestyle. (Whether or not I am judgmental, is irrelevant. This is not the sin of topic. We are discussing homosexuality. This is a sad adversion people use during debate when they see their side is dwindling against the truth. Stay on topic!)

The author sadly attempts to get sympathy from the reader because, “if he listened to the advice from the Christian community – NO the Bible, he would be all alone.” This is asserting that the Bible does not offer advice on celibacy. Sometimes, it is better for him or her not to marrry! This is without sound justification. You are not alone. God is with you. He will never leave you nor forsake you. Do right in the sight of God. This may be a self sacrifice, but homosexuals are NOT called to a life of sin! The author says, “remaining as sinless as possible would mean never knowing love of the sort that all straight people, Christian or not, understand as pretty much the best thing life has to offer.” Know the love of God before the love man (or in some cases, woman) has to offer! I almost puked, when I read “…which is that gay and lesbian men and women should spend their lives never experiencing what people most commonly mean when they use the word “love.”

When, all along, the Bible repeatedly, emphatically, and explicitly tells us that God is love.” Like, Revelation 3:16, I can’t imagine God’s reaction to this distortation and pervsion of the truth. Finally, the author takes a low blow, “no matter how many logic-challenged pastors daring to call themselves compassionate Bible lovers claim they’re not.” This blogger provides absolutely NO biblical foundation and lacks biblical criteria. Do not base your level of morality on this wacko (I’m sorry, misled blogger). Spreading lies really makes me sad :(. If I’m going to follow Biblical advice, I will uphold the institution of marriage between a man and a woman. I am thankful that truth prevailed at the polls regarding proposition 8. For those of you who think you are intellectual because you’re complicated or you’re more interested in the gray than black and white and you claim to be a Christian, the Bible upholds absolute truths. God is a not a God of confusion. Figure out what you believe and stand strong. Do not cause other men to stumble. You have the truth in you! You will be held accountable!

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