BIG SALE! My e-books now $2.99 each, print $5.99 – $8.99

BIG SALE! My e-books now $2.99 each, print $5.99 – $8.99 August 20, 2012

For a limited time only, my e-books are on sale for $2.99 each. That’s the Kindle or Nook edition of UNFAIR, 7 Reasons, I’m OK—You’re Not, Penguins, Ten Ways Christians Fail to be Christian, Hell No! and HA!, for $2.99 each. (For NookBook links of same, see side-column at right.) Print editions of these books are also on sale: UNFAIR is now $8.99, 7 Reasons is $5.99, HA! is $7.99, and you can buy autographed and inscribed copies of I’m OK and/or Penguins directly from me for $8.99 each.

Any content within any of these books previously published on my blog is no longer available on my blog.

You can buy and read Kindle e-books without owning a Kindle reader. Go here for a FREE Amazon Kindle e-book reading app for your PC, Mac, tablet, or smartphone.

To shop for a Kindle, hit:

In June the Association of American publishers reported that in the first quarter of 2012, for the first time ever, sales of e-books exceeded sales of hardcover books. I never thought I’d be into e-readers, but last year my wife bought a Kindle because she is constantly reading books and liked the idea of being able to carry around a library in her purse. She now reads exclusively on her Kindle. Along with her I have to say that I prefer reading on a Kindle to reading a printed book. Throw in that you can buy Kindle editions of new releases for usually around one-third the price of their print editions—and that e-books are paperless? Pfft. No-brainer.

[Oh: if you end up liking whatever of my books you read, it would be a huge help to me if you’d be kind enough to leave a review of it on its Kindle or Nook page. Thank you!]


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  • Anne

    Thanks for the sale! I just bought all of your books for my Kindle.

  • YES.

  • OK – I’m a sucker for a sale. Been wanting to get “HA”… so it’s now happily living on my iPad Kindle App. Whoo hoo!

  • I hope this sale is still going on by the time I get paid again. All of these are going on my iPad Kindle.

  • Yay, a sale! I just bought four of ’em.

  • Rachel

    Yay! I’ve been wanting to get Unfair for a while now but the budget didn’t allow.

    And there are not words for how much I love my Kindle. I call it “My Precious” if that tells you anything.

  • Christine

    Yes, but an eReader doesn’t pair as well with a bath. Paper won’t electrocute you if you drop it.

  • An e-reader will not electrocute you if you drop it while in the tub; there’s nowhere near the current for that. And many people (or at least out here near the coast) keep their Kindles in a waterproof cover. (For temporary waterproofing, put Kindle in gallon Ziplock bag, zip bag shut, suck out air just before finishing the closure, and done.)

  • There were only 2 I didn’t have, which I’ve now rectified. Cue to neglect real life for the day and just read!

  • Just bought 4 of John’s e-books downloaded to PC. Getting ready for the laughs and the education.

  • Melody

    Woo hoo!! Definitely want “Unfair.” Will check out the others, as well. Thanks, John!

  • $2.99…that’s only €2.42. At that I can afford a Shore library. Thanks, Kerry.

  • Snitched another in addition to the two I already had. 🙂

  • Jill

    You snitcher. 😉

  • Mwahahaha!

  • Just bought “Ha!”

  • Erik Pedersen via Facebook

    UNFAIR! looks really interesting.

  • Elizabeth

    This is so cool. I don’t have an e-reader yet, but you’ve made it tempting. I could reread 7 Reasons, I’m OK, Penguins, Ten Ways Christians Fail, and HA! in my freakin’ bathtub.