10 Reasons Why a Christian Guy is Better…

10 Reasons Why a Christian Guy is Better… August 26, 2014

I haven’t read the book, “Fifty Shades of Grey”, but I watched the trailer.

Well, I started watching it, but I couldn’t finish because my skin started to crawl and I felt like I needed to go shower. The pornographic book has now been made into a movie that ladies will flock to when the movie is released on Valentines Day. The premise of the book is absolutely repulsive, and it breaks my heart that books and movies like this are a celebrated and welcomed part of our society. The follow “10 reasons” are not original, Jarrid Wilson’s wife wrote them here, and I thought they were all excellent points, so I thought I would share. 

(P.S. – The Christian Guy in the picture below is my brother!)

christian grey vs christian guy


1. A Christian Guy longs for you to fall in love with His heart.

Christian Grey lures you in to lusting after his body.

2. A Christian Guy prays for you

Christian Grey preys on you.

3. A Christian Guy is protective over you.

Christian Grey is out to objectify you.

4. A Christian Guy signs a marriage license to live on God’s terms.

Christian Grey makes you sign a contract to live on His terms.

5. A Christian Guy changes your last name before he makes love to you.

Christian Grey chains you to a bed and takes advantage of you.

6. A Christian Guy loves you on God’s terms.

Christian Grey leads you on in his own terms.

7. A Christian Guy gives God full control over His life.

Christian Grey is out to take complete control over your life.

8. A Christian Guy submits to God’s leadership.

Christian Grey makes you submit to his own guidelines.

9. A Christian Guy honors you.

Christian Grey deliberately harms you.

10. A Christian Guy treasures you.

Christian Grey trumps over you.

Ladies – Wait for a man who’s seeking after God with His whole heart, and will lead you, care for you, protect you and treasure you.

Men – Become a man of Godly character and conviction, treat the women in your life (friends, sisters, mother, and love interest) as daughters and treasure of the Most High. 


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