How Matt and Tim Hasselbeck’s Faith Affects Their Daily Lives

How Matt and Tim Hasselbeck’s Faith Affects Their Daily Lives June 8, 2016

I was in Nashville this past weekend for the K-Love fan awards! While I was there, I had the opportunity to interview lots of musicians, and I’m so excited to share those conversations with you. Elizabeth Hasselbeck, former host of The View and Fox & Friends co-hosts the award show with Christian musician, Matthew West. I had the opportunity to interview Elizabeth’s husband – Tim Hasselbeck and his brother Matt Hasselbeck. 

Since time was limited, I only had the opportunity to ask them two questions. My first question was how their relationship with the Lord affected their daily life. Below is their answer:



Matt Hasselbeck:

“In a locker room setting, you can’t fake it. You’re with your team mates each and every day, morning to night., and the guys know if you’re legit or not. So, what you say is almost irrelevant if you’re not backing it up with your actions. Obviously, no one is perfect, but earning that respect of your teammates in that locker room is important, and then when you’re excellent at your job, I think that goes into earning that respect. Once you’ve earned that respect, and you’ve truly become good friends w/ those guys. They are more interested in hearing what you believe and why you believe.

If you could tell my readers one thing, what would it be:

Hasselbeck Brothers:

“Share the Gospel always, and sometimes use words.” – Thomas Aquianas

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