Is This Even Real?

Is This Even Real? September 1, 2021

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Might be my favorite saying.

Sometimes I say it like this…

Is any of this real?

Is any of this really real?

Can this be real?

Is this real life?

What is this life?

I could go on and on.

But I really do say these things.

Several times a day.

A mantra of some sorts.

Often, I add this to it…

Did I really marry Kevin Shock?

Do we really have four children?

And four grandchildren?

How did this all happen?

Am I really 51?

Are my parents really gone?


Deep Breath.

You get the picture.

But, I do spend a whole lot of time asking these questions.

Maybe I should have been a philosophy major?

Not for one minute would I want my brain to be any different.

Not for one second would I want to stop the wonder of it all.

I honestly don’t want to settle in.

Take any of this for granted.

Walk through this life with all the answers.

I’m seeing more and more how it’s all connected.

How we are all connected.

IMAGE: Pexels

Everything is spiritual.

Everything belongs.

Christ is in all and through all.

We are all in this together.

Quantum physics and mechanics are so interesting to me.

Science, pointing us to the beauty of connection.

Science, pointing us to the wonder.

Science, helping us see there must something that is outside of what we can see with our own eyes.

This life.

My life.

Your life.

Our life.

Moving from moment to moment.

But what is the constant in it all?

In my 51 years?

Who has been there for all of it?

Well, yes God has.

But, also?


My memories, my observations, my situations, my hurt, my pain, my view, my hopes and dreams.

This thing inside of my body that asks all the questions.

This consciousness.

Has been here.

Looking out of my eyeballs.

Seeing the world from one perspective.

Being taught to see the world from one perspective.


I’m beginning to look around.

Not just simply asking the questions as a mantra.

Not just asking the questions to get a giggle out of one our kids.

But, realizing there actually is a rhyme or reason to everything.

There is wonder in all of it.

We are all connected.

God is really moving in and through each one of us.

Just know… you and me?

We are connected in this moment.

Through this World Wide Web thing.

IMAGE: Pexels

And, I believe more and more, that we can pray for each other.

We can lift one another up.

And it matters.

It works.

Is this real life?

Am I really typing?

Are you really reading read it?

Can we actually make a difference in this world?

Yes to all of it.

Breathe deep.

Think deeper.

Ask God to be near.

Look up and out.

And may we all get caught up in the wonder of what today might bring.

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