I Wore Yellow

I Wore Yellow September 22, 2022

Bright, sunny, yellow.

To a hipster church.

What was I thinking?

I guess…


I wasn’t?

We had signed up to be greeters.

I’m a good greeter.



Good Morning!

They may not let me preach,

but they will let me greet.

There we were.

One dreary, winter morning.

Kev and me.

Standing at the door.

Kevin… looking cool.

Me… looking yellow.

It was a nice thought.

Yellow goes good 

with my blonde hair,

and blue eyes.

I was ready.

These young college kids?

They needed some joy.

Joy on Sunday Morning.

Momma Shock,

Bringing the love.

That’s what I thought, at least.

Until they started to roll in.

Did I mention we were old?

Second oldest couple in the church.

Hi there!

Good morning!


How’s it going?

Great to see you!



Why are they all so quiet?

What is that look they are giving me?

It almost looks like they want me to shut up.

I was starting to feel like Elle Woods.

Or maybe, Elf?

Mind you, Kevin was doing great.

He wasn’t wearing yellow.

He wore black.

He looks good in black.

He looked the part.

And when the college students walked in?

He would just nod his head at them.


And they would nod back.

Oh wait… so the yellow thing?

The bright, sunshiny day thing?

We aren’t doing that here?

Turns out?


Not there.

I put my little yellow sweater back in the closet that day.

No place for yellow in a hipster church.

Something in Bible about Paul being a Jew to the Jews?

The next Sunday?

I wore black.


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