Birthers: Get some counseling

Birthers: Get some counseling January 7, 2011

Every single time one of the Birthers gets to carrying on about Obama’s birth certificate or the lack thereof, I feel like the kid at the fair sitting next to the Crazy Lady.

Seriously, Birthers: Get some counseling.

Your nation will thank you.

And your children will most likely thank God.

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  • Debbie

    Where the heck did you find that clip Karen? That was seriously…well I dunno…like…I felt for the girl falling out of her chair… but then that lady… laughing… made me want to laugh…and I did…oh wow! And as to the birthers – yeah!

  • But I guess birthers would counter that they are the only ones who don’t NEED counseling. Seriously, there is so much irony in the USA today that we will never run short of the major component of steel. It’s like reading the Declaration of Independence which nobly declares that legitimate governments derive just powers from the consent of the governed…while the European immigrants who wrote the piece simultaneously excluded the vast majority of people living on these shores from such a decision because they had already concluded that such people were not fully human, if human at all. It’s like John Boehner having the Constitution read on the floor of the House of Representatives–but rather than setting the example by actually listening to it himself he calls a press conference in the middle of it. Ironic indeed.

    • Karen Spears Zacharias

      There isn’t a member of Congress who would pass up the chance for exposure via a good press conference. It’s hard to know which came first: Misguided Media or Malignant Egos.

  • Karen: OK, you pushed my button. There is a reason why Greg Palast could publish a book titled The Best Democracy Money Can Buy. Having now acquired the most expensive electoral/political system in the history of reproducible protoplasm, our Federal Government has become about one thing and one thing only: money and where it goes, and specifically how that money will affect present and future campaign fundraising. It’s why we got health care insurance expansion last year, not true health care reform or a prayer of actually controlling and containing costs within our means. It’s why we can be waging endless and endlessly expensive wars that we won’t pay for while at the same time harping about fiscal responsibility.

    But before we tar and feather all our politicians, we should first examine the down growing all over ourselves as we stand before the mirror. We flat would not elect someone who actually told us the truth about where we are today and what it’s going to cost us all personally and collectively to mitigate the damage–or how much more it will cost if we act later rather than sooner. We would never elect such a person or persons; and if we ever did, we would refuse to follow them because for at least 20 years we have let ourselves be convinced that there are painless, and cost-free remedies or escapes from the consequences of our reckless behavior and that if we can just shove some offending group out of the picture or off the edge (teachers, public schools, people on unemployment, government employees, farmers receiving subsidies, people on Social Security or Medicare–you name it, the enemy changes daily or weekly in this round-robin blame game), all will be just like it was 30 years ago when we were feeding off the flesh pots in Egypt.

    Even our metaphors belie our denial. We talk about “jump starting the economy”, as though just doing one thing will turn everything around as quickly as starting a car, even as we are oblivious of the entirely changed landscape of manufacturing and living wage jobs today.

    Lately, the delusion has become utterly bizarre. The new thinking is that all revenue decreases due to legislation or government policies and any new spending must be offset by corresponding spending cuts elsewhere. That’s how we’ll get control of the deficits, right? Think about it a minute, though. The above policy leaves you permanently stuck on dead center. It is neutral.

    Except, that’s not all. There’s a new wrinkle now: all future tax cuts do not, repeat DO NOT, need to be offset by corresponding spending cuts. This reduces deficits exactly how???? It’s like declaring that all holes in the boat must be plugged immediately in order to stay afloat. So far, so good. Except that we have now redefined certain holes below the waterline as “not holes”. I’m sure the water will understand that…

    OK. Sorry. If this is too realistic, too much of a downer, for cheerful readers, if I am totally wrong about all this, I will own my errors publicly here on this site on January 7, 2012 and for as frequently thereafter as anyone desires.

    But here’s another cool thing I just read today. The US has given up on trying to end or reform high-level corruption in Afghanistan, something everyone agrees is a fundamental obstacle to ever establishing a credible government there and our leaving. So we’ve decided to attempt a “trickle-up” strategy instead. We’ll try to clean up local governments and end corruption there. How long ya suppose that’ll last once/if we leave when all the high level corruption remains unchanged? For this, we deploy and redeploy our finest?

    So, the birthers would be mostly right. We all need counseling. Me included.

    • Geir Smith

      The Illinois Lottery drew 666 the day of Obama’s victory. Check out the Illinois State Lottery’s official website’s “Past Winning Numbers”
      Click on the links in the video by Googling these exact words:
      Pass this on to everyone, everywhere, in all ways, as if hell was chasing close behind you.

  • Okay, I’m a ‘crazy’…because? I happen to wonder about Obama’s place of birth…I happen to admire Glenn Beck…I also watch his program. I happen to like some things about Sarah Palin (I said SOME)…I happen to think it’s okay that John Boehhner didn’t stay for the entire reading ~ who did? I’m sorry I don’t measure up…not all of us do. I’m married to a retired officer who served this country most admirably…he did a good job. Later he served as Director of a state school/hospital for children w/spina bifeda and cerebral palsy.

    We are ordinary people…we are educated…we’ve worked hard all our lives…we”ve successfully raised four sons. Oops…maybe we weren’t so successful after all because all the poor guys and their families feel the same as we do.

    We’re crazy!

    • Scott Eaton

      Vasca, admiring and watching Glenn Beck IS crazy.

      • To each his own…there are hordes of crazies on every side of the fence. I think I’m out of place here, sorry.

        • Karen Spears Zacharias

          Vasca: You are always welcome here. I don’t want to be surrounded by people who all think the same way. I’m glad you feel comfortable enough to express your thoughts even when they aren’t necessarily ones I, or others here, agree with.
          I think that’s the whole point behind freedom of speech, don’t you?

    • Twenty eight years ago my then fiancee went to the town of her birth to get a copy of her birth certificate.This town is in Westchester County, NY What she received was a computerized record of birth. When asked about obtaining a copy of the original, we were told that copies were no longer being distributed, even upon request. That the computerized record was acceptable for ANY legal purpose. This was way before the whole controversy about Obama and his birth certificate.

      I’m sorry, but I am really tired of the whole birther discussion. You are more than welcome to watch whatever TV show you like, but at some point you have to use the education and the intelligence that you have. I have no doubt in my mind that Barack Obama was born in Hawaii. I don’t think that there was or is some wild conspiracy. I believe that most birthers don’t like Obama (you don’ have to like him) and just want to make up some reason to question his legitimacy to be President.

      My best suggestion is that you should try to get a copy of your own birth certificate. My bet is that it will basically look similar to the computerized version that Obama received. In the meantime, please enter into some useful discussions that will help solve our country’s problems.

  • B Steadman

    Barack Hussein Obama II was born August 4, 1961 at the Coast Province General Hospital in Mombasa, Kenya and not in Hawaii as claims. A high resolution copy of his Kenyan birth certificate is available for free download at

    The fascinating story of how Lucas Daniel Smith obtained a certified copy of Obama’s birth certificate directly from the birth hospital on February 19, 2009 is included as part of his ‘July 4, 2010 Letter to Congress’, which is also available for free download at the same website.

    We need to demand that Congress fully investigate Obama’s eligibility to hold the office of President, to which he was elected.

    • This has been discredited. Why would newspapers in Hawaii publish birth announcements for someone born in Kenya?

  • Ol’ Sponsor

    You all might want to keep in mind that if Jesus is our role model, then, when he did use name calling and vitriol, it was always directed at those in leadership and authority who used their positions corruptly or selfishly and ignored the weak and the oppressed. With the hundreds of millions of weak and oppressed in the world, it seems rather petty to quibble over a birth certificate.

    • Debbie

      Jesus didn’t involve himself much in politics at all – He was busy doing other stuff.

      • Debbie: I’ve said the same thing myself many times over the years, but more recently I’ve questioned the accuracy of the view. I’d always heard bits and pieces about emperor worship and mostly wrote it off as a non-issue. The late work of J.D. Crossan and Jonathan L. Reed (“In Search of Paul”)offered a startlingly different view of the world of Jesus and Paul. The titles “lord”, “son of god”, “savior”, “savior of the world” were applied to and claimed by Caesar long before the early Church proclaimed them of Jesus, the Christ. To say “Jesus is Lord” in AD 50 was not only a statement of faith but a political statement that could get you killed. The cross was well established and in frequent use well before Jesus was nailed to one. But in subsequent decades the Romans probably found it too labor intensive and slow.

        Jesus’ association with tax collectors (who might reform and go out of business) is seen by us as an act of outreach and grace–which it was. But I’ll bet the Romans also saw it as subversive. As the sponsor says, Jesus’ clashes with those in leadership and authority over their corruption and oppression, that surely had a very politcial side. Many of these leaders were in their positions by making an unholy alliance with Herod who was building them a temple. In many ways, the church in Nazi Germany comes to mind.

        When Jesus is challenged over the lawfulness of paying taxes, he gives a startling answer. We’ve often diminished it as a clever way of turning the question back on the questioners. It does that, of course; but his answer is anything but dodging the issue. He gets to the heart and core of the matter: who our God or god is. And if there is a God who isn’t Caesar and who isn’t subject to Caesar’s administration, well, that’s about as political as it gets.

        Did Jesus go looking for a conflict? I’m not sure what else to call his outburst in the temple. This wasn’t his regular tactic, for sure. The kingdom of God was. But think about even that revolutionary concept in the context of what we now know about the world of the First Century. The work of Jesus and the Apostles might have generated a whole lot more political controversy if people had been able to tweet it directly back to the Imperial Secret Police in Rome.

        Jesus often cautioned his followers to keep quiet about who he was. We’ve often said it was to avoid being mischaracterized as a Davidic Messiah that was different from his way of the cross. But maybe Jesus also knew he needed to get certain things done before Rome took too much notice and took him out for reasons that would have been both religious and political. Whatever, he knew what he was doing and remained faithful to it.

        The sponsor is right about Jesus’ use of vitriol. We would be wise to model that and hold one another to a higher standard. In more classical education curricula, people used to learn the art and discipline of rhetoric–the skill and practice of presenting persuasive arguments based on their logic, reason and supporting information. Vitriol and invective attack the person, not the argument; and they don’t substitute for an argument.

        Karen has propehtically shed light on the corrosive prosperity gospel in the church. The same corrosive issues, I think, are at work in civil society and politics; and they seem to diminish our ability to use our governments as tools in the business of promoting the common good and loving our neighbors as ourselves. There is no choice but to become involved in that, keeping the model of Christ and the wise counsel of the sponsor always in mind.

  • Josh C

    Here’s my question: Even if he was born in another country, how does that affect one’s ability to lead?

    The location where one leaves their mothers body has no bearing on one’s ability to anything. How can people even call this a coherent argument? Disagree with him on issues, but I cannot for a second take anything seriously from a “birther” with this kind of logic being presented.

    He was the head of the Harvard Law Review, you think he knows one or two things about the constitution or law? Not to mention his Hawaiian birth been fact checked about a thousand times.

    Spot on Karen, get some counseling people.