Bootleg Hair

Bootleg Hair May 18, 2011

As it turns out, Delilah may have been onto something when she demanded the servant shave Samson’s hair clean off.

And Chris Rock should have listened when that gal told him: Don’ t nobody want any nappy hair no more.

What they want is Remy hair from India.  That’s the best kind of hair for hair extensions.

In fact, there’s an underground market for such hair.

A major underground market. Nationwide hair heists are all the rage according to the New York Times.

Detective Vito Ferro of the Chicago Police Department, who is investigating the April 24 robbery, said some recent hair thefts in the city appeared to be the work of people sophisticated enough to have taken custom orders.

“It’s like someone says, ‘I’m looking for a 1992 Cadillac Eldorado,’ and so you go out looking for that car,” Detective Ferro said.

Surveillance cameras outside the Beauty One shop showed bandits using a crowbar and sledgehammer to pry open dead bolts and then loading boxes of hair into a van.

In recent weeks, packages of hair that may have sold for $80 or $100 retail have sold for as little as $25 out of car trunks in the Bay Area, Los Angeles, Philadelphia and Houston, the authorities said. Hair can be sold at the same types of beauty salons and supply shops that are being robbed.

“They’re selling it to stylists who work out of their house, they’re selling it on the street, they’re selling it out of the car,” said Ms. Amosu of My Trendy Place. “People who don’t want to pay the prices will buy it from the hustle man. It’s like the bootleg DVDs and the fake purses. But this is a quality product.”


Take it from Delilah –the right set of locks can be invaluable.

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  • Huh? The things I miss out on by not having a TV…

    Maybe the Aussie dude can buy a bagful, get himself some spray-on craft glue, roll around for a bit, and claim to be Sasquatch?! Then again, he’d have to stop talking or lose his accent to be credible.


    • Karen Spears Zacharias

      Actually, Darlene, none of this came from television. YouTube girl. YouTube.

      • Okay, gotcha.

        What do you think of my Sasquatch idea? Maybe we’ll find it on YouTube one day. 😉

  • Barry Wiseman

    Wait. Did I miss something? Is Chris Rock doing documentaries now???? And is that really gray hair on his chin??? Appreciated the Delilah song. Not only is the Rev. Davis a fantastic blues guitar player, he can wipe his nose in rhythm!!

    • Karen Spears Zacharias

      To answer your questions: Yes & yes.
      RE: Rev. Davis. Love his version but I should point out that Peter, Paul, and Mary have a decent version of the same song: