Mugs & the Watermelon

Mugs & the Watermelon August 14, 2011

So we are visiting some of the girls this weekend and my good friend Katie, who winters in California and  summers in Bend, came over to have dinner with us. Katie brought Mugs, her babe, to visit with Poe & Flash. But Mugs was far more interested in the food than in socializing with the other dogs.

When Katie told us that Mugs loved watermelon and eats it the way a person does corn on the cob, we just had to see it for ourselves.

In Oregon, everyone knows the best watermelons are Walchi’s seedless melons.

It appears the Mugs agrees — he loved them.

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  • Hmmmm? I love watermelons, but here’s the truth. To me it seems that when the seeds got engineered out of the melons, half the flavor left with them. But then, I grew up with Norfolk melons in Nebraska grown in sandy bottoms along the Elkhorn River. Had mighty good ones in Turkey also. All seeded. Wondering where everyone else’s “best melons in the country/world” came from.

  • That’s funny! Now, I have a poodle that eats an apple the same way. He loves grapes, too!