Just because you're a Christian

Just because you're a Christian October 11, 2011

Just because you’re a Christian doesn’t mean I’m voting for you.

I make it a rule not to vote for people with poor judgement, no matter who they claim to align themselves with.

Just because you’re a Christian doesn’t mean I’m voting for you.

I make it a rule to not vote for people who flash their religious affiliation like it’s a pass to a gated-community for the rich and famous.

Just because you’re a Christian doesn’t mean I’m voting for you.

I make it a rule not to vote for people who think that identifying with Jesus Christ gives them a  leg up as they go about stomping on everyone else.

Just because you’re a Christian doesn’t mean I’m voting for you.

I make it a rule to actually study your conduct and not just the speeches you give.

Just because you’re a Christian doesn’t mean I’m voting for you.

I make it a rule to consider how your faith compels you, first and foremost.

Just because you’re a Christian doesn’t mean I’m voting for you.

I make it rule to take into account how you treat the people Jesus cared for — the poor, the unemployed, the elderly, the disabled, the veterans, the tax collectors, the children and the people who care for them.

Just because you’re a Christian doesn’t mean I’m voting for you.

I make it a rule to check out your friends, and see what kind of people you surround yourself with. Because if your closest advisors are the sort that go around spouting off at the mouth, and belittling others because they are different, or because they think differently than you do, than forget it.

I won’t be voting for you.

I don’t care who you say you worship.

I don’t care if Jesus is your very best friend.

What I care about is how you treat your best friend.

And those that he loved.

So don’t be touting that faith of yours in my face like it’s some exclusive gold card that will grant you admittance into heaven and the presidency of the United States of America.

I’m watching how you treat the people you are running against.

Because I’m pretty sure if you treat your peers in an ugly fashion, you won’t think twice about kicking me and my people to the curb.

All in the name of Jesus, no doubt.

Oh. And one more thing, you might want to tell that pastor of yours he ought to consider cutting out his own tongue,

Before he offends someone else.

Jesus must have the patience of Job to put up with the likes of your pastor.

Isn’t he the same fellow who drummed up the $115 million building campaign designed to turn a historic downtown Dallas church into the supermart of stadium worship centers?

And isn’t he the same fellow who has earned his celebrity status by talking about what he stands against (gays) & not who he stands alongside of (wealthy)?

And isn’t he the same fellow who called into question Obama’s faith? Maybe I missed something – did God die and leave Pastor Robert Jeffress in charge?

And now here he is again, at the forefront of the GOP campaign, puffing himself up like a puny peacock and once more playing the role of Bully for Jesus.

Yeah. Just because you’re a Christian, I won’t be voting for you.

I’d rather vote for a humble man… or woman.

One who lives out their faith in  a way that draws others to them.

You know, like Jesus did.

Instead of one who wields his faith like a mobster with a baseball bat.

Or allows his friends to.

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  • Cheers! This is awesome.

  • John in PDX

    I agree!!!!!!!!

  • Ramona

    Karen, I think it’s time you tell us how you really feel! Well said!!!!!!!

  • I watched the first few minutes of the clip, and Jeffress was right about one thing: People have been calling Mormonism a cult for over a century, so it is puzzling why anyone is acting surprised that he said this.
    That said, I agree with what you say in this post. Jimmy Carter is the first president I know of who claimed to be born again, and he simply was not presidential material. We should vote for who will be the best at that job, period, just as we should choose a plumber who can do that job, based on his ability, not about his faith.

    • James: Maybe not presidential material, but Jimmy Carter has been by light years the best ex-president the world has ever seen. Seems much of his life since has been devoted to undoing the “good deeds” visited upon the world by other so-called Christian administrations.

      As the teapot tempests roil and boil in pursuit of the first primary win, I’m nagged by this thought as I watched people go out into the rain with plastic bags for ponchos or a musty coat from the dirt floor basement storage area where we keep our give-aways: Would the prophet Amos have been considered a “values voter”?

  • John Haselton

    This is really good stuff Karen. I will be sharing. Keep up the good work.

  • Oh, yeah! Preach it sister! I’ve been thinking this for a long time! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  • Treva Whichard

    Amen, amen, and God have mercy on us.

  • Thanks, Karen. Yes, I agree. I’ve learned that whether or not one is a professing Christian or not makes no difference to me. I want to see how they act. What they say about their opponents. Whether they engage in the issues. And what they say in regard to the issues. I am overall quite unimpressed with what I’ve seen on that score. Though I do come to this with a perspective that is hardly pro-American, to be honest, but one that is Anabaptist to some significant extent, in wanting to be a part of a community following Jesus in and for this world.

    Sad what passes for Christianity in this country. But that’s my perspective. And I’m not at all saying you can’t find good people out there serving politically, but you have to look and ask the hard questions, just like you do here.

  • …and I think that Texas pastor may be sincere to the hilt, but I think he is so wrong in some fundamental sort of ways.

  • JM

    So, Karen, what you’re saying is that you’ll be voting for the only candidate with integrity, honesty, consistency and who keeps his faith mostly to himself? Sounds like a Ron Paul supporter in the making! 😉

  • Anonymous

    As a Texan and a christian I will not under any circumstances vote for Rick Perry. I’d have a hard time voting for Romney because he has flip flopped on so many issues that I support like Social Security and Universal Health Care and I think he is pandering to the Tea Party. I remember back in the 60’s when the Baptist Church was so against Kennedy because he was Catholic and if elected we would be governed by that spawn of Satan, the Pope. I voted for Nixon and we all know how that turned out. Obama has been a big disappointment. I don’t know who to vote for. I may write in my own name or vote none of the above.

    • I agree on many points but especially so with the latter — Obama has been a big disappointment.

  • From G. Campbell Morgan:

    “They “were called Christians first in Antioch.” The people of Antioch observed these people, took note of them as to their conversation, and their habits, and said, They are Christians. Those not themselves Christians were the first to apply the name to the followers of Christ, and it was intended to describe them.

    Only once in the New Testament is the word “Christian” used of Christian people by a Christian.

    Why did the men of Antioch call these people Christians? There can be but one answer, a simple answer, and yet including the whole fact. They saw that these people had been with the Christ in spirit, if not in actual personality, and that they had learned of Him. They talked of Christ, lived for Christ, worked for Christ. They had caught His Spirit, they were occupied with His business, and were manifesting Him in character and conduct; and the men of Antioch said. These people are Christians, men connected with Christ in some way. ”

    The G. Campbell Morgan Archive

    Thinking much — should we ever call ourselves Christians? Or should we wait for our community to describe us as such?

    Grace to you, friend…

    • Beautiful, Ann, as always. Yes, how much better if we followed the old song — And they will know we are Christians by our love.

  • Gaby

    Hi Karen, it’s Gaby from your COM 201 and 202 classes. I must say, the lectures you give are very insightful and intriguing. Your career inspires me, because I also have a passion for writing and would like to become a journalist in the future. I decided to read some of your blogs, and I agree with you 100 percent with this excerpt. I found these two lines very truthful:

    “I don’t care if Jesus is your very best friend.

    What I care about is how you treat your best friend.”

    I am Christian, and I feel that the ethics are manipulated by politics, favoring the marketing aspect as opposed to what actually means to practice your faith and be a good person towards others. I just wanted to say I appreciate what you wrote!

    Look forward to class next Wednesday!

    • Hey Gaby: Nice surprise to find you here. Ahh… passion… it can be both a weakness & a strength, heh? Glad you are enjoying the classes. Just trying to peel back the layers to get at the heart of the matter. Yes, as we discussed in First Ad. class today, there are many ways in which marketing herds us — politically, economically, socially, physically and spiritually. Sadly.
      Happy to talk writing with you anytime.