Trailer Park Beatdown

Trailer Park Beatdown November 2, 2011

Is is just me or do these two look like they are products from the same marketing company?


I want to give the Kardashian girls the trailer park beat down.

I want to take them out back to the wood shed and tan their hides.

I want to knock them into Sunday.

Y’all can pray for them if you like.

I’d rather just slap ’em upside the head.

Kim Kardashian’s wedding cost $10 million.

But reports are that the haul from pimping it out earned her millions more than that.

I asked students in my Media & Culture class what exactly these Kardashians are famous for besides being famous?

Someone said that the fame came from a porn tape one of the girls made that was reportedly “leaked.”

I bet.

I asked a student from Uganda how she felt about the way media portrays women like the Kardashians.

She said she feels embarrassed for Americans.

Now if only we had enough common sense to feel ashamed of ourselves.

I hope this 72-day publicity stunt backfires on the Kardashians.

Isn’t it time we have  a reality TV show about middle class families going bankrupt?





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