Serendipity March 23, 2012


I went to college in this town.

Walked by this bookstore

Hundreds of times and never once

thought: One day I’m going to write a book

Never crossed my mind at all.

I had a hard enough time writing anything.

Write an analysis, the English prof said.

What’s that? I asked my roomie.

Take something apart and put it back together, she said.

I wrote about how to make a pillow.

He marked it a D.

“Most boring thing I ever read,” he wrote in RED at the top of the page.

It makes me laugh now

The memory of that.

It was boring

to write too.

But not this one

This one you will read without stopping

Sometimes without breathing.

This book will take you breath away

Serendipity happens

When we trust the path


turns us toward


often the person we surprise most

is ourselves.

That ever happen to you?



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