Un-Fan Mail: Silence of Mockingbirds

Un-Fan Mail: Silence of Mockingbirds November 8, 2013
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Un-fan Mail for A Silence of Mockingbirds

Mrs. Zacharias,


First let me introduce myself.  I am a longtime friend of not just Sarah’s but the Brill’s having known them since I was 4.  Sarah was my first friend when I moved to Pendleton, and being painfully shy it was hard to find friends, but not with Sarah.  My father, being a staple in the small town, was well known and respected.  Because it was such a small town there were not many people who  did not know my father.  So my friendship with Sarah and her family is one I cherish today still.

When I found out about my dear friends tragedy I was heartbroken for her, her beautiful daughter, and of course her family.  But when I found out that a book had been written about her I was a  tiny bit curious.  When I found out the premise and the fact that it was written to harm and defame my dear friend and her family, and then to find out that you not only did not have the facts straight and inserted some of your own, and that you claimed it was to honor Karly’s memory but really it was to warm and fatten your pocketbook I  was ill!!!

You maam claim to be a God-fearing woman yet you do something so selfishly and for your own monetary gain is deplorable!!  I have spoken to quite a lot of mine and Sarah’s friends and we all agree that Sarah although spirited would NEVER intentionally harm her child or any child grown or small in any shape way or form!!  You would not know that or even care about that fact, because if you haven’t got another villain, you just plain haven’t got a means to put this trash you call non-fiction on the shelves!!

I did speak to my father and heard about this tragedy when it happened as Pendleton is a small town and gossip is what it is.  But to find out you weren’t even at the trial as you lead your so called readers to believe, but didn’t find out about this dear child’s passing until 3 years after, makes it all the more disgusting!!  You make out Sarah to be an inconsiderate unloving person who could care less about her little girl and spend more time bashing her then you do “re-telling” the story of this case.  You recount personal conversations that you clearly had to be there to overhear!

I know you couldn’t have, so I have to assume that you fabricated.    And that is in fact what you did!!  You set out on a witch hunt and provided gasoline and wood to the fire.  You claim to be Sarah’s second mother.  That is an insult to Carol who is her mother!  I have children and they don’t always make choices that please me, but being a mother I accept it and love them no matter what!  I don’t go out and tell people what horrible people they are!!  I protect them and love them NO MATTER WHAT!!

I ask that you stop defaming my dear friend and the pain that you continue to inflict on her and her family.  I believe in God.  And I also believe in Karma.  You may or may not get your Karma in this life.  But you will have to face the Lord and when you do I hope you have made attempts to rectify the damage and heartache you have added onto.

And honestly, anyone who would keep a heartbreaking 911 phone call of a mother’s pain on her computer to listen to like a favorite song needs help!!  I suggest you get that.  I spoke to a member in my church to try and make sense out of why someone would be so cruel.  The only answer they could give me was that you probably were mentally ill and to pray for you!

I’m sorry, there will be no prayers sent your way!!  You are on your own.  If I had done what you’ve done, there is no way I could live with myself.  Gladly I would never take someone else’s heartbreak and turn it into a paycheck for myself!  I will make sure, along with a lot of the people who really know and love Sarah, that your trash you call literature not be purchased further so that your evil seed won’t prosper!!



Kennadee Steiner

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