Git it Over With, Pleeeasseee…

Git it Over With, Pleeeasseee… August 31, 2012


Students have come to expect it from me, and I will not disappoint. Yes, especially in this election year, they will still get that lecture I give about voting and about how men and women died to earn them that right and how if they aren’t going to exercise that right then by golly they are low-down yellow-bellied egg-sucking dogs.

Okay. I don’t go quite that far but it’s the gist of it. Voting is important. I believe that. I really, really do believe that.

Only this season, I am the one in need of my own lecture. I’ve plum nearly made Voting is Important into a personal mantra as a means to convince myself.

Never in all of my borne days have I come to disdain an election season more than I do this one. I am sick-to-death of all of it.

I am sick of Obama.

I am sick of Mitt Romney.

I sleep through Biden’s speeches.

And I don’t even know who Paul Ryan is.

Mama asked me where he was from and I had to Google his bio.

I don’t believe a single word any of them say. Not. One. Single. Word.

Mitt Romney says he’s going to bring jobs to America. As far as I can tell Romney has about as much chance of bringing jobs back to America as the Tanning Mom does in avoiding skin cancer. Or Honey Boo-Boo does in growing up sane.

And Obama is the biggest disappointment since Fen-Phen. We could count on him to make us feel better about ourselves but that serotonin-rush was short-lived and had dire consequences.

This election season has wiped the whimsy from Facebook’s otherwise congenial community. I keep one-eye closed now when reading status updates. I’ve even gone so far as to completely delete so-called friends — in reality people I barely know — just because their rants about their candidates are so wearisome and I’m worn out with all this ugliness.

I’ve got enough personal ugliness to deal with. I don’t need to borrow trouble. And if you ask me, both Romney and Obama are nothing but trouble.

In no small part because of that completely inane ruling that lets presidential candidates raise and spend an amount equal to the national debt on their bad-mouthing-one-another campaign.

I know good men and good women died fighting to earn us our freedoms, one of which is the freedom to vote. I know that better than either of those men running for office.

But I swear to the barefooted Jesus voting for either of these candidates is like throwing your pearls before swines. And by swines, I mean Super PACs.

Yes. I will vote this year. But I believe I’m going to just write in the good Rev.Billy Graham.

Lord knows the only way this country is going to survive after this election is on a wing and a prayer.

Karen Spears Zacharias is author of After the Flag has been Folded and a bunch of other great books. Read them. Learn something. Think about it.  






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  • Chris C.

    Hey Karen,
    I’m with you on Obama and Romney. I know most Americans can typically not think this way, but I do think Christians need to consider other approaches to politics like Ted Lewis edited work “Electing Not to Vote.” People from an Anabaptist perspective are not the only ones who may appreciate this Mennonite perspective which is filled with biblical reasons why one might consider not to vote! We are always told over and over why we should vote. Most people have never considered why we should not vote.

  • Kim B.

    OMG! I am pretty sure we were cut from the same “fabric”! Hope you are doing well. Still giving out plenty of copies of your book. Looking forward to you being back in NC.

    • Thank you, Kim, for sharing the books. And yes, we may very well be cut from like cloth. Burlap?

  • James Williams

    You could always for 3rd-party, just to make a statement.

  • ladydiole

    My sentiments exactly! Having served in the military, I can’t imagine not exercising my right to vote….but I am so weary of the political process and mud slinging. I don’t like either choice. If the Rev. Billy Graham is still alive by then….he may get my vote too!

  • At the risk of sounding repetitious – Amen! I’ve even thought about taking a break from facebook just to avoid all the BS posts being made DAILY! Sick of it!

  • AFRoger

    Aren’t we getting a great deal from all that additional “free speech” that the SCOTUS said we needed more of? The most expensive political campaign in the history of human civilization comes down to ads not providing reliable information so that we can make a responsible choice. Instead, the campaign seeks to force our choice based on negativity, fear and fiction. A third party choice is certainly needed; but until that choice is realistic enough to actually win an election, it’s still a throw-away vote.
    Meanwhile, major fiscal cliffs loom large. And if I could ask any candidate one question, if would be this one. Q: When do you propose to be honest about the choices we face and the costs of inaction? A: a) Before the election; b) After the election; c) Never.
    Our only remaining sources of leverage here are our the two senators and the one representative that each of us has in Congress.

    • Roger: The problem with the question is that you wouldn’t get an honest answer.

      • AFRoger

        Which is precisely why we need to ask the question and then give an honest, frank reply to the BS answer given. With all due respect, honor and grief for the sacrifices of the few in Afghanistan and Iraq, the “fight for America’s freedom” is truly here on the home front on a daily, hourly basis. It is the fight against stagnation, inaction, indecision and inertness of candidates, office holders and citizens alike. I didn’t give four years of my life defending us from the nuclear arsenal of the East Bloc only to have it come to this. So today I begin a new front in the war for our freedom and our future: a daily e-mail to Senators Merkley and Wyden and Rep. Blumenauer until election day.