Expecting a Political Messiah

Expecting a Political Messiah November 7, 2012


She sat in the pastor’s office, a blubbering heap.

I just don’t know what we will do now, she cried.

Pastor wasn’t quite sure what had prompted this woman’s breakdown. Was a family member sick? Were there marriage problems? Had a child gone prodigal?

Gently, he inquired, What’s the matter? 

Clinton won the election! she wailed.

Oh. That. Pastor refrained from rolling his eyes.

Far as I know the Bible is still true, he said. Jesus still reigns over all. 

Yes, the distraught woman agreed. But Clinton, such an immoral man leading the nation! God’s judgement will be upon us! 

Perhaps, but so will His grace, he replied.

Pastor never could understand why people wanted to portray God as a vindictive Mafia Boss. He saw a billboard once that read: When you die you will meet God. A red heartbeat flat-lining underscored the proclamation.

Why is the prospect of meeting God upon one’s death so often presented as a threat? Shouldn’t the thought of being face-to-face with God invoke images of a beautiful reunion?

It’s an irony that one of the most moral man to ever take office — Jimmy Carter — isn’t considered by the pundits to be all that great of a president. And, now, pundits consider Clinton to be one of the best presidents in recent history.

The problem with elections, Pastor surmised, is that curing what ails this country isn’t dependent upon who or who isn’t elected. Presidential terms are the stuff of dandelion dust.

Change is up to each of us.

It’s like the old adage says: Be the change you want to see in the world. Start with yourself. Your family. Your neighborhood. Your community.

Don’t be such an Eeyore, always whining, complaining.

And remember to pray for the president, whether you consider him the right man for the job or not. It can’t be easy leading a country full of people expecting a political Messiah.





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  • Ramona

    This is just perfect! Thank you, Karen.

  • AFRoger

    And pray for more than the president. We have 535 members of Congress who have a role in decision making, not to mention all our state and local leaders (or “office-holders” if we can’t bring ourselves to call them leaders). And talk to them. Thanks to electronic media, communicating has never been easier. And don’t ask them to be reasonable unless we ourselves can be reasonable. My first official act today was to contact Speaker John Boehner asking for compromise and action, an end to all-or-nothing politics. He’s scheduled to make a statement today at 3:30 PM (EST?) regarding the fiscal cliff. So we will see in the next couple of hours whether there is any change in the approach from one key member of the Congress with the lowest approval rating in history. We will soon see whether we as a nation get to work fixing things or whether today is the beginning of the next four years of campaigning and delay of all action until Inauguration Day 2017, should we survive ’til then.
    The 300-point drop on Wall Street may be a hint that the wonks hold little hope of progress. If none, expect further drops, perhaps huge ones. None of this had to be. We could have been well on our way to somewhere else two, three years ago. The fiscal cliff did not rise up out of the earth or drop from outer space. We brought it on ourselves. We guaranteed it. And it won’t really go away ’til the president, VP and all 535 members of Congress are locked in an arena without food, water, bathroom facilities or their twitter accounts until a deal is reached and put in place. A Conservative friend says people change not when they see the light but when they feel the heat. Or maybe the urge… 🙂
    Prayers all ’round.

    • Good, point, Roger. I should have mentioned the members of Congress considering that’s really the place decisions are made, or not made. The drop in Wall Street was not surprising, really, given that very little changed. It just goes to show how much the market is an emotive response, based on false fears, or false hopes.

  • God will judge us if [fill in Democrat’s name] leads our country. [fill in Democrat’s name] is the worst person ever! I believe [any Republican] is just the man God has chosen for such a time as this! His wife just seems lovely, in her blue suit! But [fill in Democrat’s name]’s wife is showy, and phony, and always going on about something! I can’t stand her!

    Repeat every four years.

    • Yes. True. Nothing new under the sun. Makes one wonder why we get so worked up, heh?