A Soul Void

A Soul Void May 30, 2014

Let’s get something clear, okay?

Hatred is not a mental illness.

It is a soul rotted.

A soul void of






A lot of mentally ill folks are good and kind, gentle and thoughtful.

Not all, mind you, but most mentally ill folks don’t go around killing people.

All of these shooters are giving the mentally ill a bad image

What these shooters have in common is not mental illness

What these shooters have in common is they embody hate.

Their hate for others is unceasing, undeterred, unflinching.

They find new ways to hate each and every day.

The thing these shooters share is not mental illness.

The thing these shooters share is an affinity for Evil.

And, yes, I know that some will consider me uneducated and provincial bringing up the term Evil, but, seriously, how do you describe these shootings as anything else but?

Such shootings require careful planning.

Such shootings require thoughtfulness.

Such shootings require intention.

These murders are not the result of a mind gone haywire.

They are the result of a mind on a mission.

A mission of destruction.

A mission of terror.

A mission, narcissistic in nature, to be sure. But what is narcissism if not the antithesis of humility and compassion and a love for others?

Evil, I tell you.

That is what the shooters share.

A burning desire to harm others.

Perhaps embodying so much evil makes a person mentally unstable, but being mentally unstable does not usually make a person evil.

Evil is something we choose to be, somewhere along the way

These shooters made a choice

About the stuff they would fill their minds and souls with









Evil, I tell you


Refrain from anger, and forsake wrath

Fret not yourself; it tends only to evil 

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