Selling Water by the River: Book Giveaway

Selling Water by the River: Book Giveaway November 20, 2012


What does he mean, the Bible as metaphor? Mama asked.

Oh. You know, I answered. If I say you have feet like an elephant. I don’t mean that you literally have the feet of an elephant. It’s just wording to convey a certain something. This fellow is saying that maybe some stories in the Bible aren’t meant to be literal but intended to convey a certain truthful principle.

Like what? Mama asked.

Like Noah and the ark, I answered. Maybe that’s just a myth handed down through the generations. Maybe the point isn’t that Noah really took a gazillion animals in a boat, but about God’s faithfulness and devotion to us.

A pastor wrote that? Mama asked. She seemed surprised.

Yes. Shane Hipps.

I didn’t tell Mama that some people say Shane Hipps preaches satanic apostasy. Name-calling seems to be the S.O.P. anytime we disagree with anyone. What can I say? It’s the Christians way.

I did tell Mama that Hipps believes that Jesus elevated some of the commandments over the others, specifically Jesus said loving God and loving others are the two most important things we can do in life. All other commandments ought to be filtered through those two.

It’s difficult to find a book to read to the sick and dying. I mean, what do you read other than Randy Alcorn’s Heaven? Most books in Christian bookstores are all about how to improve one’s life. Get control of the fiances. Mend broken relationships. Improve the marriage. Heal hurts with children. All worthy topics but when you are dying there isn’t a lot of time for planning one’s future, fixing one’s fiances, or cultivating relationships of any sort.

You’d be surprised at how many religious books have absolutely nothing to do with Jesus. They are primarily self-help books with Scriptures spattered over them like last night’s spaghetti sauce. Hipps, at least, has steered clear of that “Let me Fix” you genre that so many pastors fall into when they write.

And he can weave a story. (I am assuming, of course, that Hipps actually wrote the book himself and didn’t employ some unnamed worker bee and pay her a pittance to do it, as is the current trend among many evangelical leaders putting their names and faces on books. Be especially leery of the ones whose every book cover is a photo of themselves. Talk about your satanic apostasy.)

Before I tell you anything more about Selling Water by the River, take a look at this book trailer:


Now if you are interested in having a copy of  this new release provided to me by Jericho Books and one of the many books I’ll be giving away during this grateful season, leave a message below. I’ll enter you name in a drawing and you just might find your elephant feet doing a happy dance.

Congrads to Josh who picked up yesterday’s book on A Year of Biblical Womanhood!




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