Bless Your Heart: Book Giveaway

Bless Your Heart: Book Giveaway March 1, 2013

Sister Tater and I pulled into the parking lot at the very same Starbucks where we took Mama almost everyday. It was a terrible Starbucks as far as Starbucks go. Never could get the simplest of orders right, which, yes, I know is a first-world problem. But when you have six brain tumors and the only thing you want in the morning is your coffee done right, it can seem like a bigger problem. 

“Close your eyes,” Sister Tater said.

“What?” I replied.

“Close your eyes and keep them closed.”

I wasn’t sure I should trust Sister Tater at that point. You know how it is after somebody dies. Everybody is hurting, and things are said or done that make the hurting worse. I had just said to Sister Tater, “If you stay mad with me I am going to run far, far away.”

Or something like that.

So I was a little worried that if I shut my eyes Sister Tater was going to put a cockroach in my hands and wish me well on my great escape.

Instead, she put this in my hands:


A Dale Evans doll! Just like the one I’m holding in that photo. The doll I wrote about in this post. 

I burst into tears, of course. Amazed that she found a Dale Evans doll.

Actually, it was nephew Mannie who searched for it and found it online. Mannie and his mama got it for me. When I called to thank Mannie, I bawled. Mannie just laughed at me. He does that a lot — laughs at me.

Did you ever have anyone bless you in the most unexpected of ways?

What did they do?

Have you ever surprised anybody in a way that made them burst into tears and made you bust out in laughter?

Tell us about it and you just might win one of these three amazing books I’m giving away:


I first came across Lisa’s writing in a non-fiction book about the funeral business. It wasn’t the sort of thing everybody would want to read but as a journalist I was mesmerized by her depth of reporting and her fearlessness. So I was surprised when I learned that Lisa had written a novel, but delighted when I read the novel. It is smart and funny and layered — all the things I enjoy most in a book. All you readers of Will Jesus Buy Me a Doublewide? will appreciate the way that Lisa tackles the issue of celebrity pastors… and their wives.

Do you ever feel like your wasting your life? Like you aren’t doing enough to be the change you want to see in the world? Maybe you aren’t quite sure how you can be a Revolutionary for Good. Moore and Yim give some great insight into how being a revolutionary can be a part of your daily life.


Need I say anything more?

Well, yes, one more thing.

Bless your hearts for sticking with me during the hurting times, too.

If I decide to run away, I promise to leave a forwarding address.

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  • Laurel

    Our son was an athlete and was hoping/needing to get a full scholarship for college. There were several places that wanted him to attend and compete for them, but there was one, an elite university, that he had wanted to attend since he was in grade school. It had incredibly great scholarship as well as great coaching. I wanted him to have his dream, to put it mildly. Of course it was the one that gave their notice of acceptance after all the others; so we waited… and prayed… and hoped… He had been in competitions there in high school, and I had looked longingly at the “Name of University – Mom” sweatshirts and prayed harder. Finally, after one more competition at this place, we all (friends and family) went out for pizza afterwards. As we were at the table, he came from behind me and dropped over me the “Mom” sweatshirt – I cried and cried and everyone laughed with happiness. They had all kept his acceptance a secret so that he could surprise me with it in just that way.

    • This is a lovely story, Laurel. Thank you for sharing. And hey! Congrads on the boy making it into college. One question — did he finish? 🙂

      • Laurel

        Yes, he did finish. He has a PhD now. Thank you for your response.

  • Steve T

    Bless your heart back. Really. Bear ye one another’s burdens — says the tent maker. Maybe in the end, its all we really have. God and one another.

    • Well, for sure, all we have is God. The one another thing can be iffy.

      • Steve T

        Yep … iffy.

  • Christina

    I had entered a really big sweepstakes and my heart was set on winning it. It was for a brand new washer & dryer, and we did not have either. I didn’t expect to win it, I had never won anything big, but I was really hoping for this because I had recently lost my job and we were having to go to the Laundromat, and then I had lost my car so now I had no way of getting to the laundromat. A few weeks had passed & I had spoke with my Husbands Grandmother (she is the sweetest person in the world!!) She wasn’t doing too well, and had to stop working from all the pain she had been feeling over the years. She dealt with it as much as she could until she couldn’t anymore. Things were just going so badly for them. Then she told me that her washer & dryer broke (she had no idea I had entered any contest or sweepstakes) and she was just telling me “When it rains it pours.” It just broke my heart, and I was in no position to help. A few days later I received an email congratulating me because I had won the washer & dryer!! I was beyond ecstatic and in tears. The washer and dryer got delivered and they were just as beautiful as ever. I didn’t tell anyone I had won them. My husband and I borrowed a truck and ended up taking them over to his Grandmothers house. The look on her face was priceless!! As we were setting it up she kept yelling “OH MY! OH MY! I CANT BELIEVE THIS!” It hurt for her to walk around, but she had so much adrenaline in her from seeing this, she kept pacing around just staring at them. She was acting like a little kid in a candy store! She was in tears and smiling from ear to ear & just kept repeating herself. Everyone was cracking up laughing. After everything was set up & we were done, she just stayed in the room, staring at them for hours. It was the cutest & funniest thing!

    • I love, love this story. Thank you for sharing. What I want to know is — did you take your laundry over there every week so you could visit together and get your laundry done at the same time?

      • Christina

        Thank you! Unfortunately not. It is quite a drive, and nearly impossible without a vehicle, but we would visit when we could borrow one (and take laundry when we did!). I was walking several blocks to the Laundromat every other day to do our clothes, but if I knew we had a trip planned, I’d hold out on the laundry for the week 🙂