Delta Gamma’s Real Life Mean Girl

Delta Gamma’s Real Life Mean Girl April 27, 2013


Social Media has been lit on fire this week by the ranting letter of University of Maryland’s Rebecca Martinson.   Perhaps you heard about Martinson admist the continued news of the Boston bombers and the lame news of Congress making sure their flights home were not interrupted by their own stupidity?

Martinson wrote a very nasty email to her sorority sisters at Delta Gamma, chiding, no… berating… them for being so socially lame. Apparently Little Miz Sunshine was upset that her sorority sisters weren’t perky enough for the frat brothers and Rebecca was worried about being associated with girls that boys considered boring or uninteresting.

So she lit into her Delta Gamma sisters with a rage-infused rant filled with so many F-bombs you’d think she was raised in a prison yard.

If Rebecca Martinson is this generation’s idea of Emily Post we all are in a world of hurt. If I were Rebecca’s parent I would yank her out of college so quick her head would spin faster than demon-possessed Linda Blair.

Martinson’s profanity-laced rant has earned her numerous headlines including The Daily Beast, Deadspin and Good Morning America. Along with a host of spoofs on YouTube.

Apparently the first word Rebecca learned to say started with an F and ends in a K. It is her ability as a pretty girl to be so profane that has earned her a place alongside America’s most notable and forgettable. 

Her fame won’t last two minutes.

But while it’s true that the rant reads like 50-ways to use the F-word, that’s not what is so very profane about Little Miss Sunshine’s letter.

At least not to me.

Here’s the part where I wanted to yank  her forty-ways to Sunday:

Are you people fucking retarded? That’s not a rhetorical question, I LITERALLY want you to email me back telling me if you’re mentally slow so I can make sure you don’t go to anymore night time events.

Little Miss Martinson then asks her sorority sisters if they are “blind” in the same breath as she threatens them: I WILL FUCKING ASSAULT YOU.  (her caps, not mine.) 

What I find most disturbing is that everyone, from the hosts at Good Morning America to the YouTube spoofers find humor in Miz Martinson’s letter.

What, pray tell, is so funny about a young woman being so arrogant, so vile, so full of rage and so callous? Not only to those she lives among but to the disabled – those she refers to as “retarded” or “mentally slow”?

Rebecca Martinson ought to be required to get anger management therapy. She ought to be required to work community service hours with the mentally disabled.

It is always disheartening when people like her make headlines for their bad behaviors. There are so many wonderful university students doing good on behalf of others. 

What is obvious is that Miz Martinson needs to be in college — she apparently learned nothing growing up at home.



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