‘Church Hunters’ Parody Is Too True — What Would a Catholic One Look Like?

‘Church Hunters’ Parody Is Too True — What Would a Catholic One Look Like? March 21, 2017

Church-HuntersIn a lot of places, there are family or geographic reasons why you might attend a particular parish. But in big cities — like Los Angeles, where I live — there are lots of Catholic church choices, and many people don’t pick the one nearest, but the one they like the best.

I used to belong to a parish 11 miles away, now I belong to one 5 miles away — and sometimes I attend Latin Mass 11 or 40 miles away, or Ordinariate parishes 20+ or 50 miles away.

The one thing I don’t do is go to any of the parishes closest to me, or at least not often. I have reasons where I go where I do, from type of Mass to pastor to music to atmosphere to friends to traffic to parking (it’s an L.A. thing).

So, I’m not exactly in a position to judge other church-hoppers too harshly.

This new parody video takes the “House Hunters” model and applies it to a young couple seeking a non-Catholic “church home” in their new city. It’s pretty funny, and painfully close to the truth, even for some of us.

Image: Courtesy John B. Crist

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