Planned Parenthood, Motherhood, the Rosary, & Redemption

Planned Parenthood, Motherhood, the Rosary, & Redemption July 27, 2015

Over one National Review‘s website, I’ve interviewed Ramona Treviño, author of a book on her time working for Planned Parenthood, Redeemed by Grace, published by Ignatius Press. I asked her a few more questions than I included over on NR, which you can read below.

Q: However did you hear Jesus say “Trust in me. I will lead you over. You are completely safe in my arms”?
A: Again, the spiritual is hard to describe. When we hear the voice of God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, who are all one in the same, it is not like we hear him in the way you and I would speak to one another. It comes to us like a warm gently breeze that brushes over our soul. It is internalized. God speaks to us every day, but the worldly distractions and noise are so loud that we do not hear him, and, unfortunately, do not stop to listen. I was in a place, both mentally and spiritually, where I could hear him. My heart and mind were open to whatever God wanted to tell me, and I listened. It is truly a gift to be able to hear the voice of God, to hear Jesus, to feel the presence of the Holy Spirit, and to be moved.

Q: How has the Rosary helped your motherhood?
A: By praying the Rosary, I not only grow in my relationship with Christ, but am able to reflect upon our Blessed Mother. I think about the suffering she endured watching her son crucified. As mothers, we, too, experience pain and suffering and meditating upon the mysteries of the life of Christ gives me strength and hope as I raise imperfect children as an imperfect mother. As a mother I admire our Lady’s humility, obedience to God, faith and courage. These are all qualities I try to emulate as a woman and as a mother.

Q: What are you most grateful for? [Note: Recently, I’ve decided to try and ask everyone I interview that question.]
A: I am most grateful for my Catholic faith. No doubt about it. I am grateful for a loving and merciful God. I am grateful for my family. My husband and our children mean everything to me. When I look at the faces of my two youngest children, I am most grateful that I was awakened to the truth about abortion, contraception and Planned Parenthood. If my husband and I would not have embraced the practice of NFP (natural family planning), two of my children would probably not exist, and that thought makes me shutter as I gaze upon their beautiful faces. But they are here with us now, and for that I am truly grateful!

Read the rest of the Q&A here.

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