Obama Calls for End to Catholic Education in Northern Ireland

Obama Calls for End to Catholic Education in Northern Ireland June 17, 2013

Just two days after Archbishop Gerhard Müller, Vatican Prefect, speaking in Glasgow, Scotland, touted Catholic education as “a critical component of the Church”, President Barack Obama stood before a crowd of 2,000 young people this morning and called for an end to Catholic education in Northern Ireland.

“If towns remain divided,” said the U.S. President, “if Catholics have their schools and buildings and Protestants have theirs, if we can’t see ourselves in one another and fear or resentment are allowed to harden—that too encourages division and discourages cooperation.”

Obama, who arrived in Northern Ireland this morning to attend the two-day G-8 Summit at the Lough Erne resort in Enneskillen, made the disproved claim on Monday, speaking before an audience which included many Catholics.

His speech was in sharp contrast to remarks delivered on Saturday by Archbishop Gerhard Müller, prefect of the Congregation of the Doctrine of the Faith.  Archbishop Müller was in Scotland to present the prestigious Cardinal Winning Lecture on Saturday, to officially launch the St Andrews Foundation for Catholic teacher education at Glasgow University.  According to the Scottish Catholic Observer, the CDF head said that Catholic education provided a rare place where “intellectual training, moral discipline and religious commitment would come together.”  The evening before, at a Friday evening mass at St. Andrew’s Cathedral in Glasgow, Archbishop Müller said that “the Catholic school is vitally important…. a critical component of the Church.”  He added that Catholic education provides young people with a wonderful opportunity to “grow up with Jesus.”

He contrasted St. Augustine’s view, which is founded in the thought of Aristotle and Plato, with that of contemporary relativists and warned that relativism, if pursued to its logical conclusion, would lead to the breakdown of society.

The Prefect’s remarks on education are reported fully in the National Catholic Register.



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  • Patti Kelleher

    So, Mr President, you now blame Catholic education for the unrest in Northern Ireland? Seriously?

  • GrouchoNotKarl

    Wow. So maybe next he can go to Egypt and tell his Muslim Brotherhood buddies that burning the churches and persecuting/killing the Coptic Christians in that country is REALLY causing hurtful divisions and they really need to end Islamic education in an effort to heal the divide.

    • Great point. He never speaks out against Islam being divisive.

      • williamunknown

        ahh but islam isnt divisive. it drives out or kills everyone different and then forces everyone to be the same 😉

    • Jennifer

      Excellent point. Wouldn’t hold my breath. Obama continues his support of radical Muslims while calling Catholics divisive. smh.

      • Ronald Orso

        Yet 50% of our fellow Catholics still voted for him,

        • Mitch Cumsteen

          sad fact Ronald. I especially am humored at my Knights of Columbus friends—devout ‘catholic’ organization that fundraises YEAR ROUND for right-to-life issues. Yet most of them voted for the most fervent ‘pro-abortion’ President in history. HYPOCRITES

          • Ibelieveinfairytales

            Right, should have voted for the pro-death penalty candidate instead.
            Cuz thats what jebus would do!

        • ceedeekay

          Quote exactly what he said stating this … the full sentence from the video. It’s online on youtube.

    • sadmom4

      You are dead on right with this. Study this man’s words carefully. Rarely do they have any substance. Fluff. And people buy it. Amazing.

    • WendellWillkie

      And go to Syria and tell them eating human hearts might disturb the unification process as well.

      • GrouchoNotKarl

        LOVE your user name! 😉 I read his book of speeches from his Presidential Campaign (“This Is Wendell Willkie”). Mitt Romney could have quoted them word-for-word in the 2012 campaign, and they still would have applied to the situation today!

      • ww40

        I agree with GrouchoNotKarl about the user name. What do you think the ww40 stands for?

        • WendellWillkie

          For some reason my comment won’t post. Are you a relative as well?

          • ww40

            No not a relative. But I grew up hearing my father tell the story of voting for Wendell Wilkie in 1940 and SHOCKING most people who knew him because in rural eastern North Carolina in 1940 one did not vote for Republicans. Ever. And certainly not against FDR, but Daddy did NOT like FDR, or Eleanor. The old man never voted for a Democrat for President in his life, and that included voting against Obama, twice.

          • GrouchoNotKarl

            If you want to know more about your relative, read “The Forgotten Man” by Amity Schlaes, and then get his book of speeches. Similarly, ww40, my grandparents were from the South (Texas and Virginia) but never voted Democrat. My story is that my Grandfather, a career Marine stationed at Marine HQ in WDC, was in the Marine Honor Guard at FDRs first inauguration. He didn’t vote for him, though. By the time of the second inauguration it had become so clear that what he was doing was wrong, that when my grandfather was asked again to be in the Honor Guard, he asked if it was an order. His CO said he would not ask Granddaddy to do something that compromised his beliefs, so Granddaddy declined. He said he took his Bible down to the Reflecting Pool in front of the Lincoln Memorial and prayed for the country instead.

    • Patrick Mumford

      The wisest comment I’ve read today. Has he ever said anything bad about Islam? Can he even say Islamic extremist?

      • rowanlee

        Obama is against anything Western Civilization. It doesn’t matter who they are, Muslim or otherwise, you will find that he prefers them. As a Marxist, M
        Muslims don’t bother him.

    • banger377

      I think that is what he is saying. Get rid of Cath and prod schools and combine them under the banner of the religion of peace! Islama-commie bast ard.

    • Chuck Weaver

      If he did we would never see him again and that would be just fine with me.

    • WendellWillkie

      For some reason I can’t reply on your other post. Wendell was my cousin. I’m not that familiar with his platform. But people loved him then and still seem to love him just as much.

  • Ellen Collins

    This man cannot run his own country but has no problem interfering with Northern Ireland and the Catholic school system. His disdain for Catholics is palpable because they are the last stronghold that prevent him from achieving his totalitarian dream.

    • conservmommy

      Biden is Catholic. What say he?

      • Evy Rosebrook

        Biden is pseudo Catholic. He does not respect or practice the teachings of the Church.

      • Al Gore

        Those Democrats are just Jack-Catholics. They really don’t follow any religion. They are Catholic in name only.

      • Jim B

        If Biden is “Catholic” then I’m the Pope

      • Erika

        Biden is a plastic Catholic

        • Matt

          What gives any of you the right to judge other people’s religious beliefs? Unless you’re the Son of God himself you’d better hold your tongue about other people being “fake Catholics”.

          • Emma

            If a vegetarian sometimes occasionally eats a hotdog, don’t you think actions speaks louder than words and you’d label him a hypocrite? Would you still consider him a vegetarian?

            Biden’s actions, as a man in position of power and influence, has condoned many things that goes against Catholic teachings, one major example is abortion. I would call that hypocritical and yes, I would call him out on it.

            Anyone and everyone has the right to judge that something is right and wrong. Judgement is an act of forming an opinion, which we already do on a daily basis. We judge judges who are corrupted, we call out lazy teachers, abusive parents and yes, even abusive priests…based on their actions.

            People who consider Biden a ‘fake’ Catholic are expressing their frustration with a man who consider himself a Catholic but seem to pick and choose what he will follow (aka Cafeteria Catholicism). Catholic teachings are non-negotiable. I won’t hold my tongue, sir, he is hypocritical based on his actions. I would also pray for him and hope he and the ruling party will have a change of heart.

            G’d day.

          • CharlaS

            DISCERNMENT: the ability to see and understand people, things, or stituations clearly and intelligently; acuteness of judgment and understanding. (not judgment as in a religious sense, but using good judgment or good sense)

          • Eileen Riddle-Johnson

            Biden is pro-abortion – that makes him a plastic catholic! He also has been excommunicated from the church.

    • bumpysquish

      all the Hispanic Catholics help put him in office ,.

      • Glenda LaHaye

        Not all. I have friends that are Hispanic, Catholic and didn’t vote for him. They also don’t believe there should be amnesty for illegals.

      • Cynthia Habbinga

        Glenda is correct… As reported by Ann Coulter… The sleeping giant of the last election wasn’t Hispanics; it was elderly black women, terrified of media claims that Republicans were trying to suppress the black vote and determined to keep the first African-American president in the White House. Only two groups voted in larger numbers in 2012 compared to 2008: blacks aged 45-64, and blacks over the age of 65 — mostly elderly black women.
        Contrary to expectations, 10 percent more blacks voted in 2012 compared to 2008, even beating white voters, the usual turnout champions. Eligible black voters turned out at rate of 66.2 percent, compared to 64.1 percent of eligible white voters. Only 48 percent of all eligible Hispanic voters went to the polls. http://www.anncoulter.com/columns/2013-06-12.html

      • Emdrgn

        Yeah we did I had to pick a lesser of two evils, and all I can say is when you have the fear of being separated from your, mother, sister, brother, father, for younger immigrants (where they grew up and what they have known all their lives, including their Catholic communities), when you know that back in the country where your family came from there have been deaths and drug cartels threatening your family (I had family members that were uprooted from their homes because of the violence) then you start thinking about whether you will be able to see your family again, thousands die trying to cross the border (most of them our Catholic brothers and sisters) , do y’all really believe someone would want to leave their children and homeland behind for a place where they don’t know the language or culture…yes I am hitting at the heart and I am doing it because this is what the Catholic Church believes, the separation of families is not okay…I pray that someday some of my fellow Catholics will understand our point of view , and yes I am a proud Texan, proud American, and I do dislike Obama but when one thinks of the hatred, disdain and threat of separation from our families (including from my fellow Catholic Brothers and Sisters it hurts) it makes us think twice about who we are going to vote for, and I did have to go with Obama, God Bless America, Viva el Papa, Viva la Virgen de Guadalupe, y Viva Cristo Rey!

    • MediBid

      he hates all christians, but catholics most of all

  • Jeanninne Bassinger

    Lord help us; we have to listen to this crap for another 3 years??????

    • Amie Woolard

      Thank You Jeanninne Bassinger for speaking the truth!!

  • habuy

    He wants us to see ourselves in sodomites, abortionists, criminals and gender benders? Not in this lifetime!

    • Jim

      Sorry, but as a Catholic, you have to accept people who sin differently than you do. If that’s too hard, I hear there’s this church in Kansas that would be happy to have you.

    • June-marie

      can’t you see that it is this level of hysteria that is driving decent people away from the churches ?

  • Carol Marie

    oh, shut up barry……. you are a bore

  • Carol

    They should kick his ass out of Ireland. The last thing Ireland needs is Muslims involved in their country too. Save your country and keep the evil out!

  • joodles13

    He wants all children of the world to be educated in Mosques. Mind your damn business. The only good education is in the private schools.

    • Jim

      He does? Where did you hear that? Glenn Beck? I thought we were on Patheos…

  • DJ1960

    You do not understand his point here. He is calling for Catholic and Protestant children to go to school together, to learn to live together. The Catholic-Protestant divide in Northern Ireland is as much economic as it is religious, with the Catholics being poor and shut out of opportunity. So in that sense, he’s calling on the haves (the Protestants) to allow the have-nots (our sister and brother Catholics) access to more resources. It is much like racial segregation in the United States. Go ahead and disagree with him as much as you want, but at least disagree with what he really says.

    • steven_harper

      Finally, a voice that sounds Catholic: too much hate and bias on this thread.

    • Daisytoo

      Even if that’s the case, what right does he have to lecture the Irish people? About anything whatsoever!!!

      Given that the Catholic Church in the USA is suing the so b’s Fed. govt. for his interference w/Constitutionally protected freedom of religious expression, my guess is that he’s just busy – as per usual – bashing religion.

      • DJ1960

        Isn’t that what politicians do, give speeches? Isn’t that what a president of the United States does, give speeches? In this speech, he is affirming the search for peace in Northern Ireland. I see no religion-bashing here.

  • Obama is just so superficially Liberal. He repeatedly just spouts Liberal cliches. The man is anti Christian. I’m convinced he’s not a faithful Christian. No, I’m not saying he’s muslim. He’s what most Ivy League Liberal professors are – athesits.

    • Tammy

      He is a Muslim, he has said it… oh on a slip of the tongue in an interview… tell me how you accidentally call you’re self a Muslim? The reporter corrected him….Not to mention in his book, he says he will stand with the Muslim faith.

      • I guess it’s in the realm of possibility.

      • hiway280z

        and he is giving them billions of our dollars and using our military to help them take over the whole middle east.

      • @tammy

        People throw the word Muslim at him all the time. They accuse him secretly practicing the faith. When people interview him about his religion they ask about both Muslim and Christianity. You don’t think it’s at all possible that he was thinking of both words and the wrong one came out? Are you telling me that your ability to vocally produce sound has never once been confused and you’ve never been tongue tied? You have never said right when you actually meant left? If you say you haven’t, you area a liar and your comments now become irrelevant. The brain plays tricks on everyone. Using 1 tongue tie against him is absurd.

        • $13056761

          Although I don’t like Obama at all, what you say is true. I get tired of that slip being used as “evidence” against him. It’s nauseating.

          • Their Grandma

            How in the world would you “slip” and admit something like that? It is almost as bad as a Cowboys fan saying they’re a Giants fan.

          • $13056761

            He clearly didn’t “slip” and “admit” anything. He misspoke himself. Period.

          • mess

            how do you explain his written word in his book that states he will stand with his muslim brothers?

          • $13056761

            He’s clearly a PC-er using PC lingo as an ecumenical “we-are-all-brothers” thing. I think he means it in the loosest sense. As I said, I don’t care for the man and my goal here is not to defend him, but that doesn’t mean that I think it’s okay to needlessly bash him. There are plenty of things to criticize him about without making claims about his “true” religion. If he does come out as a Muslim, then let it be so. But for now he denies it.

          • NukeWaste

            And his Arabic ring?

          • $13056761

            LOL…I used to have a ring with Hebrew on it. Does that make me secretly Jewish? The man says he is not a Muslim. How can you possibly know better than him what he really believes?

          • Awand

            I believe it is on page 163, “If the political winds blow against the Muslim Nation, I will stand with them.” (paraphased).

          • DrRosemaryEileenMcHugh

            President Obama is tolerant of all beliefs. He stands with his Christian brothers, his Jewish brothers, and his Muslim brothers.

        • Sheila Rider

          I think he just said he was a Christian to get votes and that’s it. He did everything he’s done in the last ten years just for votes. He has announced to the world that christians, veterans, and tea party members are terrorists yet you dare to defend him? How blind are you? Wow!

          • Jim

            When did he say any of that? When did he say Christians, veterans, and tea party members are terrorists?

            There’s enough to criticize Obama for without going into Glenn Beck territory. Remember, this is Patheos. We have standards here.

          • LoveMyCountry

            He did say it when he ordered the Homeland Security Agency to monitor the Christians, Tea Party, and veterans along with a whole list of others – he said they were all radicals……….. There is a document posted online to review it – google it

          • $13056761

            You “think” he was lying, so it must be true?

        • Awand

          It is not just one tongue tie my dear. He has said on other occassions that he supports the Muslim nation. When speaking to Congress he said the Muslims are peaceful people, and nothing is more beautiful than their call to prayer, and he said, “I know, because I am one of them.”
          Don’t support evil.

        • AmVet1320

          Tammy, Obama stated that he was raised as a Muslim. He stated in his own history that he attended Islamic School in Indonesia. He attended this school under the name Barry Soetoro, Soetoro was his step dad’s last name. He has stated numerous times about being Muslim. Have you noticed lately when he gives his speeches there is a gold color drape behind him. The gold color is associated with Muslims. He only attended Reverend Wright’s church because he was part of Wright’s Down-low Club.

          • DrRosemaryEileenMcHugh

            President Obama attended Catholic school as a child.

    • GrouchoNotKarl

      The only god he believes in is the one he sees in the mirror each morning. BO worships BO and nothing more.

  • joodles13

    the only good education is a private one. Go to Egypt and tell them to get rid of their
    madrassas and see what happens.

    • Jackryanvb

      Agreed. Or try walking in a Muslim no go area for Whites in Merry old England.

      • Cynthia Habbinga
      • june-marie

        This is COMPLETE RUBBISH. There are no ‘no-go’ areas for whites in England, or anywhere else in the UK. I live here. I know. Some time ago a couple of silly kids in East London went all salaffi for a weekend and were promptly reported to the police by their local iman and denouced from the pulpit at Friday prayer. Your comment is based on a wholly spurious, factually innacurate, response that merely goes to generate yet more fear and hysteria.

    • June-marie

      Jackryanvb – this is absolute RUBBISH!!!!!!!! I live in the UK and I KNOW !!!!!!
      A couple of silly kids in East London went all salaffi one weekend and were promptly squashed by their local iman who reported them to the police and denounced them from the pulpit. Your comments are based on an utterly hysterical USA right-wing reaction to a minor incident. Get your facts straight before you start spreading lies and propaganda about a country you don’t even live in.

  • Michelle Sharp

    Yeah, Obama is really good at dividing people even further. America may have had SOME racism prior to his election, but NOTHING like what he has done to it. He is what we call, “The Divider-In-Chief”. Everything in America has become divided.

    • ranchdancer

      I wish I could click 100 ups…you are exactly right.

    • wassup402

      Why are we surprised. Barry, for all his stupidity & false bravado is nothing more than a Community Organizer. This is what he believes.This is what he was taught as a disciple of Saul Alinsky. This is his M.O. Always has been. Always will be.

  • Paul

    Removing religious affiliation from education is a great idea, and I wish they would enforce that in the US.

    Otherwise, you’re reading too far into a quote. By removing the religious differences from education they can start to heal the divide between to religious factions that are fighting.

    • $13056761

      It’s not religion that they have been fighting over. The divide is cultural and political and happens to fall along religious lines. The Protestants are descended from Scottish immigrants and seen as outsiders by the “native” Irish, who happen to be the minority group in the counties of the North. They want to join the Republic of Ireland, while Protestants remain loyal to the UK. That is the root of the problem. It’s not like they are fighting over the right way to baptize or give communion.

    • paul

      And in Syria we have Muslims fighting. The newest photo… A muslim cut open another muslims chest, and is eating his liver.

      The founding religion in the USA is Christianity. Don’t like it, leave.

  • tt

    The situation and deep divisions in Northern Ireland are very different than our experiences. We need to recognize that before we criticize these comments by taking them at face value. Here in the U.S., I attended Catholic school as a non-Catholic and taught in a Catholic school where nearly 1/3 of students were not Catholic. There is no such openness in Northern Ireland. Ending Catholic (or Protestant) education doesn’t have to be the solution (and note that the President did not say it has to end) but schools working together to cross those deep denominational lines could be.

    • William Fisher

      You really would support anything that Muslim loser says, wouldn’t you?

      • Jim

        Muslim? You do realize that this is Patheos, not TheBlaze, right?

  • Lou Ellen Brown

    Chutzpah to the 9th degree. The gall of speaking such arrogant ignorance is just his way, I guess, expecting to be bowed to and his edicts be installed as verity and obeyed.

  • Jackryanvb

    Obama and his handlers will just spin these comments as being against racism as Northern Ireland is suppose to welcome Nigerian and Pakistani Muslim students and everyone will be free/forced to live together, go to school together etc.

  • AntiObama

    I prefer to call for the END of Barack Obama…and VERY SOON Too!

  • Jenny Sue

    Do what you want as long as you believe what I do….B.O.

  • cringa2006

    time for him to shut his mouth.

  • moseynon

    I don’t think President Obama was calling for the end of Catholic education so much as calling for more integration in schools and neighborhoods. Currently 95% of students attend either a Catholic or a Protestant school, so there isn’t a lot of mixing of students with different backgrounds.

    The Northern Ireland Council for Integrated Education is promoting change to that situation. Their website mentions that their schools remain Christian, and that Catholics are given sacramental preparation at grades 4 and 7. Protestant students at that time are given a different religious program. The schools keep a balance in the ratio of students, teachers and administration.


    • steven_harper

      Your commentary Dale is too civilized for this “Catholic” site. And the knee-jerk bias so evident in the majority of these posters would remain unconvinced – even if they visited the site you recommend. I wonder how many of these folks were educated in Catholic schools. I pray that their comments aren’t indicative of parochial education, but my experience with rabid Obama-haters tells me that any suggestion of grace-filled comments are entirely lacking. Evidence? Read the posts on this page: filled with invective, ad hominem attacks, and just plain poor taste.

      • Jim

        Good thing I’m not the only one who noticed. Seriously, this is Patheos? For a minute I thought I was on TheBlaze or something.

      • JRu4Life

        I was educated in Catholic schools and guess what? There were Protestant kids in those schools as well. The reason they were there is because their parents knew that the education they would receive was vastly superior to public schools. And since you are obviously a rabid Obama-lover, pray tell what he has done that has helped this country in the slightest?

      • SSipe

        I couldn’t agree more. I have rarely seen such a display of hate as I have seen on this site. The link was sent to me by relative who believes as these people believe and you are correct, it is a complete waste of one’s time to argue with them. Sad, very sad.

    • steven_harper

      Thanks Dale for claims supported by facts. Refreshing.

  • CarolineJenkins

    How in the world does he get to go all around the world speaking to young people about “fundamental” changes that they need to make? It’s none of his business.

  • DeaconJohnMBresnahan

    I recently retired from teaching after 37 years in a city public high school. When I started genuine education was the order of the day. But by the time I retired, between the influence of the teacher’s union and liberal pressure groups, public education had become a left-wing propaganda machine which has a great deal of contempt for parental values and input. In fact, in my opinion, sending a child to some public schools is fast becoming a major act of child abuse.

    • steven_harper

      In my 22nd year as a teacher in public schools (SLC, UT), and your rather general claims about public education John, are as unsupported and vague as any 8th grader I teach. Sending a child to YOUR classroom might just be child abuse, or at least indoctrination into your biases. Enjoy your retirement.

      • chasso

        Well, this is only one data point – but my daughter’s Catholic High School graduation rate was 97% while the local public high school barely broke 40%. Not to mention the violence, teen pregnancy, bullying, etc. so prominent in the public school. Oh – and now free condoms in the public school too! God knows we can’t stop kids from having unprotected sex or expect them to show some personal responsibility…

      • Sheila Rider

        If you are teaching with common core you are part of the liberal propaganda machine and you are too dumb to know it.

      • DeaconJohnMBresnahan

        Just one example–Our school ran a traveling sex education show. To “get the kids interested” the presenter told vile and filthy jokes that would embarrass anyone. We teachers were given a one-day’s heads up about the show but ordered to not let parents or students know about it. I could write much more about this event, but suffice it to say that our city’s daily newspaper edited to almost nothing an account of the show (written by a parent who did hear of it and came to it) because it wasn’t fit for public consumption.

        And I won’t bother you with

        examples of some of the idiotic liberal biases in the textbooks we were working with. Apparently you would think the biased or left-spun information was the actual factual truth. The trouble is that most teachers have been so well indoctrinated leftward by the colleges they attended that unless they do a lot of independent research they don’t even know how incomplete their education was.

      • MKey

        Truly, I don’t mean to be mean-spirited, Steven, but if the writing skills you have shown here are at all indicative of the caliber of education provided by the majority of public school teachers, I am grateful to be homeschooling my children.

    • Jason Moler

      I agree we took our kids out of public school 3 years ago because public schools now make you feel they know what’s best for your child. We now homeschool and our kids are doing great! It is the best thing for our children we have ever done.

      • NukeWaste

        I don’t know what you taught, Steve. You would be fired here. Quadratic Equations were removed from Math. Math was removed from Physics. I was forbidden from using my own equipment in my labs because teachers who could barely spell Physics wouldn’t spend any of their own money for equipment. My kids got a lower quality program because of potential complaints from students at other schools. My classes were stuffed with kids who were seniors that functioned at a 5th grade level. I retired. Its less annoying. It is so nice not having to take shxt from losers on the street since I don’t answer to anybody any more.

  • RightUnite

    This idiot needs to mind his own F’ing business!!

  • Aoife O’ HEigheartaigh

    would like to add some clarity. My second cousin was the former RC
    bishop in the area The former Bishop in question was also an infamous
    head of an allegedly rather abusive boarding schools that a couple of my
    uncles attended. That area, formerly called Ulster, both with
    town-lands currently in NI and Donegal … well the Catholic tradition
    for schooling was historically quite strongly linked to sectarian
    support for the IRA (a noted terrorist organization). Traditional, the
    norm within Irish Catholic culture / primary and secondary education
    allowed for a lot of child abuse. Please refer to Bishop Hegarty’s
    resent retirement. There are a lot of problems that separate Catholic
    (W/ possible IRA indoctrination) and Presbyterian (w/possible Unionist
    para-military indoctrination) parochial education. Quite frankly, the
    area is better off with integrated parochial and state education.
    There are also peace negotiators (again, related, I have a huge Irish
    Catholic family) who got their start in NI during the Troubles. They
    usually are most successful when they come from the ecclesiastical
    background and work across sectarian and religious lines. To be very
    clear, the noted peace negotiators would not be welcome with in Bishop
    Hegarty’s circles, as they beak down the differences between Irish-Scots
    Presbyterians and Irish Catholics. THe differences are not that great,
    however my familial experience with the Catholic education system in
    that area leads me to believe that it helps to create a very deep
    sectarian rift as Catholic children were raise to see Presbyterian
    children as less than human … I assume the inverse was also the same
    for the way Presbyterian education framed Catholic kids.

    • steven_harper

      Thank you for a thoughtful comment, Aoife.

  • radargeek

    If he isn’t the anti-Christ, he is a anti-Christ!

  • Borissgal

    First of all they should have laughed him out of the place because it’s NOT his place. Second…. THIS coming from the same man who is dividing a COUNTRY! He encourages racism and treats opposing political parties as criminals! Yet talks of division in religion? What does he know about religion? He was only a member of that church for show! His bible is a quran and his place of worship a mosque. Get your nose OUT of other’s business! He LOVES destroying what works. God help us.

  • B

    This is plain and simple: sticking our noses where it doesn’t belong! PERIOD… Who the hell are we to continuously go to other countries and tell them what to do, let alone suggest. AREN’T WE LEARNING ANY LESSONS??? My God. I am Public school and Catholic School educated. I am born/raised catholic but non-practicing, I believe in what I believe and never push my views upon anyone. I am a believer of to each is own and I respect everyone but mixing Church and State and State and Church is freaking ludicrous… Mind your business BO, we’ve already left a bad taste in people’s mouths now you want to add more?? wtf???

  • tkhk3746

    I pray God will remove the evil from our country.

    • kso721

      prayer vs evil: still not working.

  • Paul

    So Islam needs no lectures from mighty Obogus. We have today, pictures of a Muslim cutting another Muslims chest open and eating his fricking liver. Not a peep from Mr. Muslim. But he has the balls to go to Ireleand and tell Irish Christians their faiths are dividing them??? This fool doesn’t even think… he just opens his mouth and goes with it.

  • americanlatina11

    Mr. Obama wants us all in government schools.

  • Michael Nappi

    Obama: Anti-Catholic, Anti-Semitic, Anti-Tea Party, Anti-Conservative, Pro Muslim and Anti-American

  • acelee74

    dont worry Ireland we Americans cant stand his a s s either, well besides the idiots that still support him just cause they are to ashamed`to say they made a mistake so they just keep ignoring the things he does and keep supporting him. but dont pay no attention to anything hey says. He is a liar and a criminal.and i cant wait till he is gone. i just hope he don’t dont mess our country up anymore before he is gone.

  • Anthony Lanfrank

    all he is doing is causing friction between catholics and protestants so islam can move in…

    • Mark Seplowin

      From what I can tell it seems that Islam has already moved in.

  • MoMo

    Maybe better off taking state of education instead of religion out of education. Did he imply their education system should be more like ours, SURELY NOT! Me thinks he needs to do his job in our country and not use his vast experience (HA) counseling other countries. His arrogance makes him think he is an expert everything.

  • Ray Stone

    This from a Muslim. He has made it clear he wants to end Americas Christian churches.He will never say a thing about Muslims.He is helping Muslims all over the world with Arms and ammo. He has made it easy for Muslims ,That truly hate America to come in without the crap everyone else had to go thru. He wants to bring 250,000 from Syria to California. This is What the world needs to hear. Our leader telling a Catholic country to stop!!! He needs to go home and keep his mouth shut. Even Joe “The Idiot” wouldn’t say something so stupid

    • Jim

      ” He has made it clear he wants to end Americas Christian churches”

      I have to ask: When did he say that???

      Not that I’m supporting him, just trying to build up my street cred for the NSA spying on me. But seriously, enough with the paranoia. There’s enough concrete stuff about this administration to be paranoid about.

    • Gramarella

      Oh, yeah. Joe would say, and has said, things just as stupid. Remember the shotgun with two shells??? obama (lower-case intentional) is out to destroy America as we have always known it, for it to become another muslim (l/c again) bombed-out hell hole. He did tell the President of the UN that by the end of his 2nd term (2016), that America would be an Islamic country. He is slowly (speeding it up now) shredding our Constitution and B of R and giving more rights to muslims. If you can’t see this, you just may be drinking the kool-aid.

  • jo_ella

    WTH…Really? this fraud who believes in nothing, who leads from behind is asking for an end to Catholic Education in Northern Ireland??? WOW talk about delusions of grandeur! Well I think he should tell the Arab countries to STOP teaching about Islam!!! See how far that gets the idiot!!!!!

  • John Donaghy

    I do think he is calling for the end of segregated schools – both Catholic and Protestant – which wold not necessarily result in schools where Catholic and Protestant children would study together, especially if these are neighborhood schools. In the times of the Troubles, there were Catholic neighborhoods and Protestant neighborhoods and I don’t know if it has changed all that much.
    Just a note to Philip. The conflict is not between haves and have-nots. Many of the Protestants are poor also.

  • RobonHood889

    commie red herring president

  • bumpysquish

    he thinks he is king of the new world order , and nobody can stop him

  • Utahlady

    Amazing that there is even one Roman Catholic that voted for this devil spawn. Unfortunately there were many. Those many included clergy and sisters.
    When the Church is gone in America and some other countries, what will it bring better to society. The Church, clergy and members are not perfect ,but the world used to function better when the Church did also.

  • peekay

    somebody needs to staple his mouth shut

  • jane

    Obama has never been a peace marker, he wants division, to built walls not bridges. His true character is finally being revealed. Beginning not to like him, he is a fanatic.

  • Gregory Lesniewski

    Every time this idiot opens his mouth, he embarrasses this country! Whether it is here or in a foreign country, he is an embarrassment!

  • Telly

    Umm Mr President Catholics have been practicing this faith for many many many years Now, Long before protestants have been practicing. ever heard of Martin Luther? (not king) 😉 And this man went to a overly priced University. I have a GED

  • CWolf

    Obama is a pompous ass. Does he seriously believe that the Irish give a crap about what he thinks? I agree with GrouchoNotKarl. Obama should save him opinion for Egypt.

  • jola

    I pray Obama finds Jesus Christ before it is too late! :0(

  • rich betterley

    with all due respect mr president,please work on fixing our country before butting into another society that does not want to be told what to do!,why won’t you fix us!!!!! please help america first!

  • Laurie

    Who died and made him pope?

  • jo

    Jesus WILL return! “Satan” is scared!!! Satan is doomed!!!!

  • Jimmy

    Think the Black Caucus, NAACP, LaMano, KKK opps strike that last one etc etc are getting the same message from the Prez?

  • Ray Tindell

    Separation of Church and State? a sitting US president calling for elimination of religious based education? Mr. Constitutional President? really? sad this is not the USA of my youth

  • merdenoire

    Way to step in it, Mr. Islam!

  • Ray Tindell

    separation of church and state? the Un- Constitutional President calls for dismantling of a religious education, don’t use selective messaging, be real, tell that to Catholic schools in USA

  • Joe

    we shut down the streets of new York for Muslim prayer time but he can tell another country that another religion is bad. come on. when will Americans stand up together and quit thinking of themselves and throw his sorry ass out of office. I cant believe he has not been assassinated yet. what has happened to out country. they tried to get rid of many other presidents some succeeded some failed but they were just trying to help America. We have been set up but most can not see it. Stand up Americans and at least get him out of office. It may be already
    be to late.

  • Steve

    Don’t fall for it Ireland. His administration took the Lutheran church to court federally through an EEOC case and actually asked for the federal government to appoint church leaders. The SCOTUS struck him down big time but he tried which is what Progressives do to set the message. Don’t believe me, look up Hosanna-Tabor Evangelical Lutheran Church and School v. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission

  • carol

    i have to say he say he has a set of big ones cause he wants islam to take over and if he can divide the catholic church it will give him more power. so the chosen one has spoken and stirred the shit again in another country with his one sided muslim opinion

  • Denny1

    Whether Obama is a Christian or an atheist does not matter for doing the job of president. Whether he is a liar, however, does. When it comes to his religion, he appears to be lying. That is wrong and subtly undermines his moral authority, one of a president’s greatest tools for doing his job.He is a muslim to Muslims . A christian to Christians. An athiest to athiests. A god to the uneducated, as we see by these children aand health care villagers praising him. In Europe he is an Anti-American Demogogue, to illegal immigrants he is the hero who provides respite for the oppressed. He has no morals, he is an image of those he wants to support him.He is dangerous in many ways.That church in Chicago for him it was just about connections. Leverage. Politics, getting the media to show him going into a church, hearing Obama talk about his religion.God is a joke to him. A punchline.

  • KenSterling

    Now, he speaks from the other side of his mouth, or the other fork of his tongue. I thought his social platform was s’posed to be ‘Diversity’ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • KenSterling

    He speaks from the other side of his mouth …. again !
    What happend to his ‘Diversity’ platform.

    • Michael

      Maybe ‘diversity’ is simply re-election terminology. Catholic schools are not exclusive – they are open to anyone.

  • Neoprene55

    Who on earth cares what this joke of a President thinks????

  • chevalmarin

    Who died and made him King of Ireland? So much for religious freedoms. Why are we paying for his wife’s shopping trip? She had no business going there.

  • sick&tired

    we definitely are becoming communistic…soon we’ll be on a breadline like moscow

  • sick&tired

    we are defininately becoming communistic….we are going to live to see the people waiting on breadlines like in moscow

  • Patricia Holmes Henderson

    He can’t keep his nose out of anything..wow. I am beginning to see that Obama is neither Christian or Islamic….he is a straight forward atheist. I can’t wait until this POS is out of office. He irks me to even look at him.

  • GigiAnn

    So Sad ….We are stuck with this Evil Man as president of the most Free Country in the world… That is being Destroyed right before Our Eyes. No one Seems to care…:-(( What Damage will be done by 2016?

  • DruidPriest

    What in the heck. i am not catholic but what he is asking is so wrong. he has no business poking his beak where it don’t belong. there is a thing called freedom of religion. considering Ireland is full of Catholics and other religions every one has a right to follow their faith. i am of the old religion and do not try to impose my faith on others. he is a major idiot.

  • John Fryman

    He wouldn’t be saying that if it was a mosque! HYPOCRITE

  • Cionaedh MacantSaoir

    Obama is an ignoramus. He’s an utterly incompetent, unqualified, inexperienced, clueless power-hungry monomaniac who was the most convenient tool for the Left’s societal program. If Obama had been a white man, he’d never have gotten anywhere in 2008. Moreover, if his cronies didn’t specialize in destroying their opponents with slimy, lying, “dirty tricks”, Obama would never even have been a state senator. Get this guy away from teleprompters and carefully scripted palaver and out he comes yet again with the clumsy, mindless statements like this one, and like the ones about visiting 57 states and the police in Massachusetts being stupid.

  • PD3450

    coming from the antichrist himself….

  • wassup402

    He’s a full blown ideologue. His life’s business has been devoted to causing division. This is his legacy. This is his calling as a community organizer who just happens to be POTUS.

  • Mike Crognale

    I just want to scream the word UBELIEVEABLE, but I can’t. He is a fool.

  • LeticiaVelasquez

    “intellectual training, moral discipline and religious commitment ” are not part of Obama’s agenda. He wants our children where they are under his control, the public schools.

    • cazie

      Yes…and it’s called Common Core.

  • ctmom

    The US has never been more divided…on race, sexual preference, class, religion, abortion, YOU NAME IT and he has the b*lls to preach to Northern Ireland???

  • LHTwist

    “If towns remain divided, if Catholics have their schools and buildings and Protestants have theirs, if we can’t see ourselves in one another and fear or resentment are allowed to harden—that too encourages division and discourages cooperation.”

    Coming from the socialist who has been doing everything he can to create divisions within US socioeconomic structures. It’s bad enough that he comes off as an idiot at home, but unbearable when he gives all US citizens a bad rep. Arrrrg!!

  • Ibulena

    Ireland is none of his business.

  • Bob Young

    I apologize to the Irish for obama. Obama is a jerk, and we are embarrassed to have him as president, and how he cheated his way to become president. Please don’t infer anything about Americans based on his ignorance.

  • Jean

    What is this, his run-up for King of the World! This man will not stop! It’s not over with him, even after his presidency ends.

  • Jean

    Ladies and Gentlemen, the One World Government has begun.

  • Elizabeth Whipps

    Is this supposedly a “Christian” site??? I am surprised at the negativity on these posts. True Christians would not be so hateful!! Nowhere in the brief quote did our president call for closing Catholic schools in Northern Ireland. To deliberately stir up the uninformed rabble with this nonsense is inexcusable, Kathy Schiffer!!

    • cazie

      Maybe people are tired of being put on a terrorist list for having Christian or Patriotic beliefs. As Christians are abused, tortured and slaughtered around the world I can’t believe you can talk of Christians being hateful.

    • cazie

      Why can’t my comment about Christian torture and death around the world be posted? And you state Christians are so hateful-and your comment is allowed to post. We are sick to death with what this president, the left, and non-believers are doing to this great country. Who is truely stirring Elizabeth?

    • cazie

      Negative or just fed up Liz…no one is uninformed, that is why there’s such anger. We do see what is going on-sorry you can’t.

      • Jim

        No, it’s negative. Fed up would be talking about the deficit, do-nothing congress, obamacare, the NSA, etc. This whole comment thread is about secret muslim, hates Christians, hates America, and the rest of the Glenn Beck and Alex Jones paranoia that has no place on Patheos.

  • Kieth Brackett

    You call yourself a Catholic and write an article that is 100% FALSE???? He wasn’t talking about ending Catholic education, he was talking about the Protestants and Catholics still being divided 15yrs after singing the Good Friday Accords which brought a shaky peace after decades of fighting that saw 3,700 die. “But tearing down Belfast’s nearly 100 “peace lines” — barricades of
    brick, steel and barbed wire that divide neighborhoods, roads and even
    one Belfast playground — is still seen by many as too dangerous.” Obama says:

    “Peace is not just about politics. it’s about attitudes, …. Our Civil War was far shorter than the Troubles, but it killed hundreds
    of thousands of our people, and the legacy of slavery endured for
    generations. Even a century after we achieved our own just and lasting
    peace, we were not fully united. ….. Still, over time, laws changed, and so did hearts and minds, driven
    sometimes by courageous lawmakers, but more often by committed
    citizens,”Tell me how that talks about ending Catholic education, because it doesn’t and you’re apparently a useful tool of Satan for spreading false hatred as evidenced by the commenters.

    • cazie

      Who told you the author made this up? Were you there?

  • Brooke Dolby

    Hmmmm, He talked about getting together and shaking hands and being less devisive. He never once talked about ending Catholic schools. I am amazed at how many of you jumped on her wheel-less bandwagon just because of your resentments and fears. hmmmm. Isn’t it ironic that you are living examples of what he was talking about.

  • God’schild

    I hope they are smarter than many Americans and illegals in Americans.
    I hope they tell him to take his muslim self and leave their country and their relationship with God alone.

  • Bam

    So then if that is case shouldn’t the United States make a prescidence? End all boy only, girl only, black only schools. I mean by segrating the community how can we come together?

  • Cats

    Since when did he become president of Northern Ireland?

    • Michael

      Exactly! Stay at home Mr Obama and sort out your own Country’s mess. You talk on and on about freedom Mr O, but what about freeing the thousands upon thousands Americans enslaved in poverty.

  • blahblahblah

    He is right. Only it’s not just the Catholic religion. It is all of them. Most people, like those who comment on this page, hide behind religion so they don’t feel so bad spewing out their disgusting hatred of things that they do not know or understand. Religion is for the weak who are afraid to die and cannot stand on their own. All religions are for disgusting and truly sad people. I have only met a few religious people who I have respect for, because they practice what they preach: being GOOD people.

  • my2centsworth

    I do not understand how Obama could or would expect anyone to accept Muslims with open arms..They are against all the (Americans)way of life,and do not even think girls should be educated at all.

  • Dawn P

    Our world is going to hell in a hand basket, he wants us all to be Muslims, we I have news for him, I still have the freedom to choose my religion and it’s not his. I really wish people would wake up and smell the rotten egg that is destroying our beautiful U.S.A!!

  • McGyver1

    Who can take him serious at this point? Ever heard the phrase, “far out in left field?”

  • Stu

    Typical “spin” perpetuated by your own group of dividers. No where did he say what the headline intimates. NO WHERE! Hate, divisive comments under the guise of patriotism, really is plain and simply WRONG, and probably motivated by your own brand of Racism…people that buy into the bulls**t of the right wing media. Keep deluding yourselves and perpetuating more BS. You’re extreme crap is going to get another Democrat elected…so I should say, “Thank you!”

  • Sue Williams

    Did O also call for Muslims to put to an end to ALL madrassahs?

    He is THE most anti-Biblical, anti-Christian president EVER.

  • SSipe

    What a complete misreading of President Obama’s remarks! Please Mrs. Schiffer, explain to me where you read the remark that President Obama wants Catholic schools in Northern Ireland to shut down, because it is certainly not in your quote provided.

    “You are entitled to your own opinion but you are not entitled to your own facts.” Daniel P. Moynihan

    • Conservative54

      Do you know anything about Northern Ireland where Obama was speaking? They have public, state controlled schools and Catholic-managed schools. Most protestants attend the state controlled schools. Protestant schools in Northern Ireland are virtually nonexistent. So Obama was calling Catholic schools to go away!

      • SSipe

        “There are plenty of reasons to be critical of President Obama’s
        policies as they relate to the Catholic Church, and I have not been shy in stating them. But the reaction on the part of conservatives, many of whom are Catholic, over his speech in Ireland, is simply insane. Never did Obama say he wants “an end to Catholic education.” Indeed, he never said anything critical about the nature of Catholic schools. It makes me wonder: Have any of his critics bothered to actually read his speech?”

        Bill Donohue, Catholic League


        • Conservative54

          Hey, I like Bill Donohue for his boldness and faithfulness in standing up for the rights of Catholics, but I think for myself. Obama talked about the schools in Northern Ireland as “segregated schools”. He mentioned Protestant schools and Catholic schools. But according to wikipedia, they don’t have Protestant schools; they have public schools which are mainly attended by Protestant children and are run by the state. Obama implied that having separate schools is divisive and obstuctive to peace. In other words, he suggested closing non-public schools. You cannot come to any other logical conclusion.

          I don’t see anything wrong having Catholic-managed schools. The important thing is that Catholic schools should follow the teaching of the Catholic Church and promote love for one’s neighbor be he Catholic, Protestant, or any other religion or no religion. Likewise, public schools should teach tolerance.

  • la Catholic state

    Sorry Barack…..but Catholic parents love our Catholic schools. By the way…..when are you going to call for an end to Muslim schools?! Not anytime soon, if ever I gather!! Pttt….

  • Patrick Corey Edrey

    Wow. Obviously none of those commenting here actually read the speech. I wonder if the author even bothered to. To say Obama was calling for an end to Catholic Schools in N. Ireland is either idiotic or completely disingenuous. He was simply talking about sectarian segregation, and how it is destructive.

    And all you going on about Muslims, if you had bothered to read the speech you would know that he actually tells his audience that other parts of the world experiencing sectarian conflict should look to N. Ireland as an example. This is an obvious allusion to Syria et al. The level of poor comprehension and/or intellectual dishonesty on a supposedly Catholic forum is saddening. St. Thomas Aquinas pray for us!

    • Conservative54

      Excuse me, in N.Ireland there are public schools and there are Catholic schools. There are NO Protestant schools! Why should Catholics who want their children to be educated in the Catholic tradition with moral and religious education be forced to send their children to public schools?

  • Renaj

    My he suffer visions of St Patrick stepping on his viper’s head

  • tomtallis

    He did nothing of the kind. He called for an end to sectarian education, which, in the unique situation in Northern Ireland, has resulted in sectarian strife and much bloodshed. The Protestants are just as much to blame there as the Catholics. There, children need to be taught in religiously integrated schools. If that doesn’t happen, then, the bloodshed will never end. Reason is not welcome in sectarian societies, no matter what the sect.

  • Michael

    I lived in America for three years and was continuously told not to criticize anything American.

    • SSipe

      That’s because “some” of us can’t handle the truth about what our country has become.

  • ounbbl

    Obama – an American jerk par excellence.

  • Colin

    Does anyone commenting know anything about Northern Ireland? I just thought you would need to know about the hatred that is endemic in that area. Did you know that on July 12 there are parades that go through Catholic neighborhoods that have effigies of the pope? These parades are put on by the Orangemen, who are the protestants in Northern Ireland. This has been going on for centuries. It causes mayhem and fights while this is going on and it is evil. Until the late 70’s Catholics were not allowed to vote or own property in Northern Ireland. The Catholics have a hard time getting jobs. The reason being is they put on their job application what school they attended. So if it is a Catholic school they will probably be turned away. Remember we had NINA (no Irish need apply) in this country for years.

    Thank God for Clinton and the peace talks this has been changing. The Catholics have been more then willing to try to get along. However the protestants hate so badly and it is reinforced in their protestant schools, that the Catholics are no good.

    They look down on Catholic, similar to our south and the blacks.

    It would be a good idea to make all the schools in Northern Ireland non religious. The children would grow up knowing his Catholic peer and maybe rethink the nonsense their taught at home.

    My husband of 40 yrs, myself and our children are all a product of the great Catholic schools in this country.

    I think your article is very evil and vicious the way it is written. Please read up on the history of Northern Ireland and then maybe you will understand.
    I think this could be the start of a some sort of solution for a more lasting peace in Northern Ireland.

  • criticalthinker

    Well now, when is he going to call for an end to education in Madrasa’s?

  • June Marie

    Obama never called for an end to Catholic education, he simply made the point that Catholics and Protestants could be educated together. And if they are both Christian, why ever not ? The kind of narrow, ill-educated, sectarian response in both the piece and the responses to it is exactly what is in the heart of sectarian divide . For Christ’s sake (I mean that entirely literally, not blasphemously) listen to what you are saying in all its bigotry, then look into your hearts and find another way to understand what is going on here.

    • tibi

      Obama has a great hatred for the Catholic church because the Muslims and Catholics have a history of antagonism. He is attempting to force the Catholic religion into supporting and paying for birth control and abortions even though it is against their beliefs. Why did he not call for the end of Protestant education only Catholic. Because he is a muslim he is attempting to destroy the Catholic church. The man is the anti-christ.

  • NoPasaran

    “Imagine there’s no countries…” Puh-leez – how shallow. When did making a pronouncement about what another society, a free society, become any of his business.

  • ImpeachObama

    According to Larry Sinclair, Obama used cocaine and engaged in homosexual sex with him in a limousine. Obama’s okay with this behavior but Lord help us if people want to teach their kids morality in parochial schools. Slothbama is finally being exposed as the disgusting hypocrite he actually is.

  • g

    Who the hell does he think he is. Boy I would like to be a fly on the wall at the pearly gates when he goes up, or down.

  • Brenda Stines Mills

    he is absolutely crazy…went to Ireland to tell them how to run their education program & their religious freedom….he is a megalomaniac….mentally ill….

  • gregg

    What about the Catholic schools here? Do we close them. That way we can really overload the Public School System. His mouth is so big he opens it and puts both feet in.

  • sixlittlerabbits

    The British couldn’t stamp out the Catholic faith in more than 400 years. Let’s hope Obama’s pompous and asinine remarks get people’s Irish up. There will be a return to the hedge schools, where Catholics passed on their faith, if Obama’s stupid idea ever happened.

  • lauraannj322

    It is obvious to all that Barack Obama has a screw loose, possibly more. Catholic Education is the best there is, why else would so many protestant families send their children to Catholic schools?

  • Erika

    Obama is not qualified to hand out advice on ANY religion, except maybe Islam.

  • Yuna

    wow he is sick

  • James Lightfoot

    Yes, we can’t tolerate people being different or those different people might kill each other. So go kill all the people that are different so they won’t be different and kill you because you’re different… Yeah that sounds like liberal logic.

  • Mitch Cumsteen

    Europe seems to adore this inept President. sad……………

  • Chuck Weaver

    What the hell makes the Muslim-in-Chief think that it is any of his business what happens in Northern Ireland? I think he has totally lost his mind. He can’t even run our country. How the hell does he think he can give advice to another country? I am dumbfounded. I am not even Catholic and I am irate. His arrogance is beyond comprehensive. How can anyone who is in Northern Ireland as a Guest insult his hosts religious practices. And he did the same thing in Berlin today. It seems to be big news on CNN that he was the first president to speak from the east side of the Brandenburg Gate. He’s a communists for God sake where would he speak from by from the East. On the other hand, could it be that he was afraid to face Putin? By the way this was the only thing that CNN thought was ewsworthy about your his speech.. In 2008 he drew 200,000+ to Berlin. when nobody knew him. Today 4500. The wizard behind te curtain has been exposed. It;s all down hill from here.

  • eyeswideopen

    What the hell is he doing in Ireland telling them what to do ? I’m beginning to be convinced that when he was “elected” they lobotomized him and put in some kind of chip so he can be used by the NWO to further their causes. He is the manchurian moron

    • Kevin Stowell

      He’s a citizen of the world, remember? Or just the village idiot.

  • Dan Sealana

    “Obama Calls for End to Catholic Education in Northern Ireland” — He did not.

  • Kachina Lively

    “Do not suppose that I have come to bring peace to the earth. I did not come to bring peace, but a sword.

  • DrRosemaryEileenMcHugh

    As a Catholic physician, I am sad to admit that Catholicism has become more and more divisive during the eight years of Pope Benedict XVI. A major focus of Pope John XXIII and the Second Vatican Council in the 1960s was to find areas of unity and agreement, not division. I believe that Pope Francis is like Pope John XXIII and will try to repair some of the damage that Pope Benedict has caused over the years.

    President Obama is a solid Christian with an inclusive vision that those with faith and with no faith have all been saved by the blood of Jesus, who died for everyone, even atheists, as Pope Francis has recently said. In the end, it is all about God and not about our often petty differences in beliefs.

    • Joe

      Dr. I think you have shaken your meds a little too vigorously this morning. ‘Solid Christian’?

      By the Way – I don’t think N.Ireland or Pope Francis needs or wants Obama’s help. He is a malignant narcissist who likens himself to God. Doesn’t matter if it was 4K or 200K – He left there thinking he kicked butt. Unfortunately, reality speaks for the rest of us – he looked almost as pathetic as he did when Romney kicked his butt in the debates.

      I would be curious to know what your definition of ‘Catholic’ is because it certainly doesn’t seem to align with how Pope Francis would define it.

    • tibi

      Obama is not a solid christian. He is a muslim. Born a muslim, raised a muslin.

      • DrRosemaryEileenMcHugh

        Sorry, you are misinformed, or maybe you do not want to know the truth that President Obama is a Christian. I believe that he chooses to be tolerant of all faiths, including the Jewish and Muslim faiths, as Pope Francis chooses to be, as well as to atheists. Pope Francis has made it clear that Jesus Christ died for everyone, even for atheists.

        • tibi

          Read his biography, not my words–HIS. He was raised in a muslim compound. The church he was attending in the US was a hate-filled chuch against the US. I am not misinformed, you are.

          • Jim

            That he chose Jeremiah Wright’s church proves that he isn’t a secret Muslim. If he was a secret Muslim who wanted to blend in, why didn’t he choose a church that was less controversial?

          • tibi

            Nobody has ever said that he was a secret muslim. He has admitted to being raised muslim. When you really hate something it is hard to pretend to like it. There are none so blind that they will not see.

          • Jim

            Then what’s up with the “Not a solid Christian” then? What’s that supposed to mean?

            Do you get to decide who is and isn’t a “solid Christian”? Are northeastern liberal churches not “solid Christian” enough? And if not why not? Who decides? You?

            But either way, would a “solid Christian” approve of a secret program to spy on virtually every American…oops…

            In other words, there’s enough real stuff to be paranoid about without going into Glenn Beck territory. And saying he’s not a “Solid Christian” and implying that his upbringing around muslims has anything to do with anything is going into Glenn Beck Territory.

            On Patheos, we have standards.

          • Conservative54

            Well do you know that Obama supports late-term abortion? Do you really think that position taken by the leader of the free world would be approved by Christ, who said “Let the little children come to Me, and do not forbid them; for of such is the kingdom of heaven.” Matthew 19:14

        • Bob G

          Having a pastor mentor like Jeremiah Wright makes for a clouded difficult definition of the term “Christian” for Obama. If he was so proud of his Christian relationship with Pastor Wright, why was Wright relegated to “behind the scenes” and out of sight prior to the 2008 November elections?

      • Jackryanvb


        He’s standard PC, lib min – works against everything traditional, White.

        Obama is for gay marriage equality and mass Muslim migration to the West – how’s that?

        Both destroy traditional White society.

        His cult mentor Jeremiah Wright does the same thing, gets paid to speak at United church of Christ – PC Leftist, pro Gay, pro Muslim, hates White people.

  • DrRosemaryEileenMcHugh

    This headline is misleading. In the article, President Obama encourages an end to Protestant and Catholic education when it is used as a source of division rather than as a way of inclusiveness.

  • Jan Leonard


  • Eric

    Actually, misleading title… just from the remarks of the article; it appears Obama is calling for the end of division between Catholics and Protestants. Knowing the history there, I couldn’t agree more. Most journalism feeds off of extremism and looks to stir the pot. I think….this might be one of those occasions. I hardly think Obama would be calling to close Christian schools. I didn’t vote for him, yet I find this article, at first glance, to be about “shock value”.

  • ConcernedCatholic

    This article is essentially pro-segregation. Kathy Schiffer, you took his words completely out of context. As a Catholic, I feel disgraced.

    Watch the full speech to put his words into a proper context:

  • DrRosemaryEileenMcHugh

    I am new to Patheos. I see that Patheos is welcoming to all faiths and to no faith, as it allows the discussion of spirituality. In reading the comments, I never came across a more biased group of readers. It is sad to me that so many of the readers who are commenting do not seem to have open minds, as noticed by only one point of view being supported by nearly everyone. I hope Patheos becomes a structure for dialogue in future and not a structure for hateful bias.

  • Luna

    Is this a serious blog or Fox News in disguise? I read the headline and was shocked, so read the blog and kept looking around for the pronouncements to “close down these schools” and all I got was Obama calling for reconciliation – to Catholics AND Protestants. I’m sorry, but you’re as bad as Issa. You’ve reached your conclusion now you fishing for ANY evidence that could be twisted to back it up. Amazing.

    • Bob G

      Too bad you somehow found this blog. Be assured, it was not meant for you or liberal political thinking. Go find a liberal blog.

  • Simple Irish opinion

    I’m Irish and I fully support having non religion schools. If you want religious education practice in your own time separate to the classroom.

    Alternatively, it could be a non-compulsory subject exploring all religions. This would allow better understanding and respect for one another.

    This would certainly avoid having a religion being forced on people at a vulnerable young age.

    Currently if you are protestant you would not study in a catholic school. The whole point is that people are given the choice and freedom to study in whatever school without prejudice. That way relationships can build and there is no room for resentment. Your religion (or none) should not impede or hinder your education.

    • Conservative54

      Your liberal views do not take Catholic teaching into consideration. Catholic parents have every right to raise their children Catholic, in fact, they are obligated to do so. Parents often send their children to Catholic schools in order to protect them from the liberal views and opinions that are promoted in public schools. Americans have that freedom; it is their right. An American president should be promoting freedom not statism.

  • Mitch Cumsteen

    Can’t believe Europeans revere this inept president

  • Sam Rueman

    neither catholic nor protestant schools or clergy teach hatred, its little uneducated thugs who teach that like the ira and the uda and usually to raise money for their own pockets and manipulate the idiots !! the catholic and protestant church at the heart of their teachings teach the love and forgiveness of Christ !!! islam on the other hand teaches hatred violence and intolerance in the Koran yet that little deceitful rat Obama bows to the Saudi king who is the ruler of one of the most barbaric countries of earth that wont even allow a bible or a woman to drive and dare not speak a whisper against it !!!

    • Jackryanvb

      And how many Olympic medals did the sons and daughters of Allah n Saudi Arabia win at the London Olympics? 1 in men’s equestrian something. Saudi Arabia sent one female athlete an American Saudi college student runner, had to run covered up in Islamic garb. She didn’t do well, men back in Saudi Arania called her a whore.

      Islam is completely incompatible with Wester ideals of individual freedom.

      We have to stop, reverse the Islamizatuin of the West.

  • Chris Nunez

    Is this comparing apples and oranges? Prefect Gerhard Muller is talking about Catholic education, but President Obama is talking about the segregation between Catholics and Protestants — two different foci. But what I’m wondering is whether there is ‘public school’ in the U.K. or are all schools aligned with one church or another. These are important distinctions if we are to weigh and critique these comments fairly. So, please help my understanding – are there public schools in the U.K.?

    • Conservative54

      FYI: It helps to know that the U.K. includes the island of Great Britain (England, Scotland, & Wales), Northern Ireland, and many smaller islands. In England and Wales, 90% of the schools are “public” State-funded schools. In Scotland, the majority of schools are state-run. Please note that President Obama was actually speaking in Northern Ireland which makes up about 3% of the total population of all the U.K. Roughly half of the school children in Northern Ireland attend “public” state controlled schools and the other half attend Catholic-managed schools. Interesting to note is that the majority of public schools in all of the U.K. are affiliated with, or were established by, a Christian denomination (including the Church of England, Roman Catholic, Methodist, or non-denominational churches). [Sources: wikipedia.org catholiceducation.org.uk/]

  • Debbie Kelly

    Seriously, Mr President? If that’s the case and different denominations create division, maybe Southern Baptists need to go,too

  • Kathy

    The Good Friday Agreement of 1998 (aka Belfast Agreement) addresses school integration as a mechanism for healing divisions in that society. Apparently the view is shared by many in Northern Ireland. It doesn’t seem outrageous to me to have Obama publicly agree with that view while visiting N.I.

  • Paul R.

    Why don’t he tell the same to his backers, the Jewish Talmudic-Torah schools? With the exception of secular schools, the Catholic, Protestant or any other Christian schools are not the problem, they at least acknowledge Jesus the Christ as Savior for all humanity.

  • Chana Silverman

    This is beyond stupid – Like Obama has that kind of power! LOL – He is NOT the Pres of Ireland or an important member of the Catholic church. Who would even listen to this. I got to check this out to see if it is real ’cause I am not buying it. The enemy likes to get us all upset and stirred up so we will lose our PEACE. Now the Pres of the US is going to rule the religious community of Ireland – LOL! Our Presidents are not the rulers of any other country then ours and even then they do not do such a good job at that! If our own legislative body does not listen to him or listens and does nothing what makes us think other countries are going to! We have religious freedom in this country, even the law that mandates the C. church give out contraceptives or info is stupid. What an opportunity to witness to folks asking for it and how much you bet the Catholics find a way to circumvent it. All they have to say is the gov says we have to do this but this is why it is against our beliefs and G-d bless you! Everybody is into CONTROL – we have to control the masses because they are too stupid to control themselves. Political stuff is such a waste of time G-d is in control and what He has allowed is purposed to get us to change – to wake us up and to cement our allegiance to Him. We can scream and rant and rave about stuff and maybe someone will listen and be helped – maybe. People of Faith have a Source to go to much higher than any gov.

  • DisQuSDonJuan

    Obama’s doing this to divide Hispanic Catholics about to be legalized in this country.

  • umbrarchist

    I attended Catholic schools. Indoctrination by dummies is key to the Catholic Church. I decided I was an agnostic at 12 after getting hooked on science fiction at 9.

    Ultima Thule (1961) by Mack Reynolds

    I am a Transcendental Agnostic. I presume that if there is a God He has a lower opinion of religion than I do.

  • LoveMyCountry

    The only one encouraging division is Obama