Photographer Priest Captures the Dignity of the Poor on Camera

Photographer Priest Captures the Dignity of the Poor on Camera March 16, 2015

Fr Bob McCabe - Detroit Free Press
Father Bob McCabe, screen shot courtesy of the Detroit Free Press

The Detroit Free Press has a great story today that I’d like you to see:  It’s a video interview with Fr. Bob McCabe, a local pastor who photographs those in the margins of society.

Father Bob is pastor of St. Pius X parish in the downriver Detroit suburb of Southgate.  He’s been a familiar face around the Archdiocese of Detroit for years, known for his photographic skill and for his pastoral work.  This interview brings front-page attention to an important work of the Church:  helping the under-served, and drawing attention to their plight.

From "Winters on the Street" - Father McCabe's YouTube photo essay
From “Winters on the Street” – Father McCabe’s YouTube video story

Father Bob explained to Free Press reporter Jim Schaefer what he’s trying to capture in his emotional photographs:

When dealing with people, maybe we all need to look a little deeper, look a little closer, look a little longer to see the human spark that is there. That dignity. And what I’d like is that people — if we’re dealing with people who are poor or struggling — that there be more respect. You know?

I mean, ideally, if you’re going to work and you get off the expressway, and there’s a person there, and you see ’em every day, maybe just get to know that person’s name. You know? Say, “I’ll say a prayer for you. Would you please say a prayer for me?”

Read the rest of the Detroit Free Press interview here.

Thank you, Father Bob McCabe, for inspiring us by your dedication and your life of service.

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For more information, or to see examples of Father McCabe’s work, check out “Winters on the Street”–a photo essay by Fr. McCabe focusing on the poor, the homeless, and those struggling to get by.


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