Latin Mass Society President Photographs Nude Women; Archdiocese of Detroit Issues Warning

Latin Mass Society President Photographs Nude Women; Archdiocese of Detroit Issues Warning November 11, 2015

It looks like the jig may be up for self-proclaimed “Catholic serial entrepreneur” Anthony Raphael Perlas. It’s recently come to light that Perlas, president of the Latin Mass Society and professional photographer based in southeastern Michigan, takes two kinds of photos: photos of demure young Catholic women wearing mantillas and chapel veils; and risque, even nude portraits and provocative videos.


Goya - Young Lady Wearing a MantillaOn October 30, the Archdiocese of Detroit issued an internal advisory to its clergy, then followed up with a public notice on the archdiocesan website expressing concerns regarding Perlas’ “approach to young Catholic women.” Perlas has conducted photo shoots at several Detroit-area parishes, including the historic National Basilica of the Shrine of the Little Flower in Royal Oak, and has sought to enlist young women and even pre-teen children as models.

Perlas’ Catholic Credentials

Perlas’ resume includes work with a number of well-known Catholic organizations. According to his LinkedIn profile, he has been a photographer for Catholic News Service and for the Catholic Herald in Charlotte, North Carolina. He worked at Belmont Abbey College, where he created their “Become a Crusader” ad which, according to Perlas, received over 1,200 hits per day. In 2011 he worked as web developer for World Youth Day in Spain.


Perlas is apparently the originator of “Wear the Veil Day” which has, for the past several years, encouraged young women to embrace the custom of wearing a chapel veil to church as a sign of reverence. He also hosts a Google Hangout series, “The Latin Rosary Online.”


In June 2013, Perlas was awarded First Place by the Catholic Press Association for Best General News Photo. His Latin Mass Society has been featured in the Cardinal Newman Society press.

The Confused Melding of Wisdom and Beauty in the LMS and “Seroptia”

Here’s where Perlas’ confusion becomes evident: On the blog of the Latin Mass Society, he describes his relationship with the LMS as spousal. “I refer to my apostolate as my wife,” he writes in reference to the Latin Mass Society of the United States and Canada. “When we first got together in 2012, my Apostolate and I had two completely different Societal values, and we fought all the time. She wanted to promote Wisdom and I wanted to promote Beauty.” Now three years later, Perlas claims, “Her values of the Wisdom of Catholicism and my values of the Beauty of modeling learned to co-exist and complement each other in one perfect blend.”


Perlas apparently believes that the LMS has been assigned a great guardian spirit, an angel named “Seroptia” from the Choir of Seraphims, the highest of all angels. Seroptia has not two wings, not four wings, but six.


And Perlas lists what he calls the “XX Commandments” (the 20 Commandments) of Seroptia, the Latin Mass Society. Some are desirable traits: detachment from worldly objects, humility, repentance, reverence, modesty, a love for family life. Two of the Seroptian Commandments highlight the unique perspective of the Latin Mass Society:

  • Thou Shalt Love the Latin Mass above all things in Heaven above and Earth below.
  • Thou Shalt Love the Veil In Honor of the Blessed Mary Ever A Virgin the Queen of Heaven and Earth.

And two are evocative of the occult:

  • Thou Shalt Receive the Spirit of the Watcher.
  • Thou Shalt Obey and Honor All Superiors Even If the Head is Lucifer.

Perlas has created several versions of what he calls the “Seal of Seroptia”, a six-winged spirit which symbolizes the Latin Mass Society as well as Perlas’ alternate identity, Anthony Tridentine. Some versions of the Seal actually contain small swastikas; and some of Perlas’ recent writings quote Adolph Hitler, whom Perlas calls “a great man.”


On September 6, on the Facebook page for the Latin Mass Society, Perlas posted a rambling oath:

The Latin Mass Society never runs from their enemies. It is here that we shall make our stand until our last dying breathe. All the nations of the earth shall see the power and glory of the Seroptia. There is no creation more powerful than the highest of all angels whom we possess. Modeling and Catholicism shall be infused into one flawless medium. I hereby place my hand unto the Great Seal of Seroptia and authorize and establish hedge protection on Jenelle and all our models and render her works as good in Jesus’s name. All negativity shall be returned to where they came from and you are bounded by the Great Seal of Seroptia with the intercession of the Blessed Mary Ever A Virgin. The saints command you to obey. Father commands you to obey. Our lady commands you to obey. Our models are now wrapped in her mantle and as her property. The Holy Ghost shall bring warmth with its tender loving presence and thou shall be discorded and unhappy you envious enemy. Kneel and be crushed by the heel of the Immaculate Virgin foul creature and haters who blaspheme Gods precious Angels who are meant to know, love and serve Him and who seek Him yet you cause division to turn our models away from God. You’re stripped off all your interferences and you are powerless.

Archdiocesan Response

Following discovery of Perlas’ more controversial publications, the Archdiocese of Detroit issued a statement on its website which said:

The Department of Communications has recently been made aware of concerns involving an Oakland County-based photographer, Anthony Raphael Perlas, who also presents himself as Anthony Tridentine and as the leader of the Latin Mass Society. That society—not to be confused with the Latin Mass Society of England and Wales—is not affiliated or approved by the Archdiocese of Detroit. Mr. Perlas’ Latin Mass Society also serves as a modeling agency. One of its photographic enterprises focuses primarily on taking pictures of Catholic women—young adults, teenagers and pre-teens—clothed and wearing chapel veils and posting in various settings and positions, some suggestive. Mr. Perlas calls these models “Crown Maidens.” He describes his work as a “…blend of Catholic evangelization and aesthetic modeling” or “Church modeling.” In social media postings, Mr. Perlas explains there is also a secular component to his work, including online photographs showing full nudity. Mr. Perlas deems these images “appropriate” by citing St. John Paul II’s Theology of the Body, stating that we should not see women as “objects…we should see them as beautiful daughters of God like Eve… the Lord’s artwork.” Mr. Perlas concludes “…if the Eucharist can be exposed (during Mass in a public event), so too can women be exposed.”

Belmont Abbey’s Response

Rolando Rivas, director of marketing and communications at Belmont Abbey College, told me that they have been made aware of his work and the direction he’s been going, and they disavow any association with the work he is doing now. In the past they published two articles: one on the Latin Mass Society at Belmont Abbey, and a second article about the Society’s campaign to wear chapel veils on the Feast of the Immaculate Conception.


Belmont Abbey College has sent Perlas a letter, asking him to remove any reference to the college on his websites or on any of his Facebook pages. He has done this on some websites, but others have not yet been changed. Asked whether he’d been a student at Belmont Abbey College, Rivas confirmed that Perlas was enrolled but left the school in 2012, without having completed his studies.

Cardinal Newman Society Response

Adam Wilson, director of communications for the Cardinal Newman Society, told me that they have never been affiliated with Perlas in any way, nor with the Latin Mass Association that he represents. They did feature two articles on the Latin Mass Society, which at the time was a student association at Belmont Abbey College; but after recent controversy regarding Perlas’ other activities, they’ve taken those articles down from their website.

The Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter (FSSP)

On October 23, Fr. James Fryar FSSP, chaplain of the organization’s Los Angeles apostolate, released a statement detailing his experience with Anthony Perlas. Perlas spent time in California early in 2015, learning the role of altar server at the Fraternity’s Tridentine Masses. Father Fryar wrote, in part:

What began as a fetish for chapel veils has deteriorated to ever-reaching new lows, including full nudity, blasphemies against Our Blessed Mother, heretical content, sacrilegious posts, as well as posts from Hitler…. I disassociate myself in any way from his corrupt websites. The Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter has nothing to do with him, and he is not a member in any manner. Furthermore, the young ladies whose images appear on his sites should not be considered accomplices, because it is unclear who has requested that such content be removed, or what has been photoshopped.”

I reached out to Bryan Kemper, director of Stand True Ministries, but no response has been received as yet.

 Image:  Francisco Goya [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

UPDATE:  Thank you so much to Lily Beck Wilson of Veils by Lily for clarifying the origin of “Wear the Veil Day.”  Lily has informed me that although Anthony Perlas was involved in the marketing of “Wear the Veil” Day, it actually originated with the Our Lady of the Veil apostolate in Charlotte. You can read more about that here.

Veils by Lily issued a statement regarding Anthony Perlas on October 19, 2015. I’m including the full statement here; or you can read it on the company’s website.


Veils by Lily ( is appalled but not surprised at the recent photos and comments posted by the Latin Mass Society Facebook page run by Anthony “Tridentine” Perlas.

Earlier this year, we completely severed ties with both the Latin Mass Society and Mr. Perlas after seeing the tone that some of Mr. Perlas’s posts, photos, and videos had begun to take. We are no longer affiliated in any way. 

Wear the Veil Day

Up until yesterday, Veils by Lily was under the impression that Lily Beck Wilson, founder and president of Veils by Lily, was the only listed organizer for the “Wear the Veil 2015” Facebook event page. A screen shot from another Facebook user revealed that Mr. Perlas had, in fact, blocked Mrs. Wilson and unbeknownst to her, was still listed as an organizer. That event has been deleted. 

We encourage all faithful Catholics to promote our new event, “Wear a Veil to Mass Day 2015.” For more information, please visit This event is not affiliated in any way with the Latin Mass Society or Mr. Perlas. 

Lastly, Lily has asked that I let my readers know that Veils by Lily now has a new event, Wear a Veil to Mass Day on December 8, that is completely disassociated from Anthony Perlas and the LMS.

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  • Dave Armstrong

    Truth is stranger than fiction once again.

  • Linda

    This man sounds severely demented. Very creepy.

    • Gregory

      Not the only one.

  • April

    Just FYI: wear the veil day was a Veils by Lily thing that Anthony promoted, and has since tried to hijack. He didn’t create it. Lily has changed the name of her event (to wear a veil to Mass day) so that people don’t think it’s associated with Anthony.

  • johnnysc

    I am glad to see the Archdiocese of Detroit getting out in front of this troubling development with it’s warning. It has to be asked though…..why do we not see these types of statements warning us of politicians who identify as Catholic but publicly go against the teachings of Jesus? Why are we not publicly warned of clergy that are found to be teaching against the teachings of Jesus?

  • Romulus

    The article should more explicitly point out that the LMS sponsored by this Perlas creature has nothing to do with the widely-known Latin Mass Society of England and Wales. It would be terribly unfair if the traditional Latin Mass or those attached to it were to suffer by implied association of any sort.

    • joesilvey

      It also has NOTHING to do with the Latin Mass itself, period! 🙁

  • LizEst

    Thanks for giving this more air time! Heard about it first on Te Deum Laudamus last month.

  • gregoryvii

    It needs to be pointed out that this Latin Mass Society is not to be confused with the Latin Mass Society of England and Wales, which does wonderful work.

  • joesilvey

    Let’s not forget that the “logo” o this fake group also features nazi swastikas…

    • Don Carriker

      But, for those who are enamored of ancient tradition and symbols (Small letter “t” for tradition), check your history. You will find the swastika is an ancient depiction of The Cross.

      • joesilvey

        Thanks for the history lesson. Yes, the basque cross is also a Christian symbol… Ya ti da…

        How do you explain his “#heilhitler” campaign? And photographs of himself and a “model” — some derelict who looked like a reject from the Detroit Satanic Temple — holding an SS dagger, with the elevated hand, with the nazi salutation?

        I would suspect that you don’t grasp the profound imbecility of the man we are talking about here, but seeing your vitriolic and bigoted statement about how this is just another typical “thing” that happens with “those who perpetuate the extraordinary mass” — whatever in hell that means — I see your quip is just that of a pedant.

        This Perlas has been put up to this crap exactly so people like you can come around and spread your hate.

        And of course you play right into it. On purpose.

        How dare you.

        • Don Carriker

          In no way do I justify
          Hitler or any of his actions. And I also
          believe that Perla is a charlatan. My
          point is simply that “causes” tend to invite adherents from the “looney” end of
          the sanity spectrum. Your emotional outburst reeks considerably more of being grounded in “hatred” than my original note.
          The Church is a living, growing organism based on fundamental truths. The disciplines of The Church are not fundamental. When The Magisterium negates, redefines, or puts in place a new discipline it is a pastoral action taken to help us live more fruitfully as Christians.
          I am a very “Senior” citizen well into my 80’s. I perceive clinging to the Extraordinary Mass as no different than a person my age persisting in the belief that the 1949 Ford in his garage is a better means of transportation than a 2015 Ford. I accept that is what he believes while knowing that the facts do not support his belief. I don’t hate him or his beliefs. Nor do I hate the Extraordinary Mass and/or its adherents.
          But the facts are that The Magisterium does not perceive it as the liturgy that best serves Catholics in today’s world. Facts are “daring” only to those who cannot accept them.

          • joesilvey

            With all due respect to your age, sir, your ecclesiology simply smells of the fetid 70s mentality of destruction — and I’m glad that the future no longer belongs to those who share your ideology.

            The “magisterium” perceives?

            The reality is that folks like you speak politely while lobbing the biggest insults imaginable. And when those of us receiving them are outraged, you shrink back into the folds of your delivery as a cover.

            I accept the fact that you believe the Mass of the Church is “extra”-something, and that you perceive that the on-the-spot creations of the modernists are somehow “reflective” of the “progress” of the church. You, sir, are the one clinging to a quite disproven make and model.

            It wouldn’t surprise me if you’re a priest actually, so invested in the failures of the past does your adage seem to be.

            But thankfully, the future belongs to the Church, and not to your novelties and inventions. Those will die, hopefully within my lifetime: I am not yet 40 years old. And we will look upon our past — when the desecration of the blessed sacrament was institutionalized, and when the doctrines of our faith were ignored and besmirched at the highest levels — with shame, and regret.

            Yours was the Cause which has attracted to it all manner of crazies.

            And your experiment has failed.

          • Don Carriker

            Heh, heh. First time I’ve ever been even remotely thought of as a priest. I am a layman and neither priest, deacon, nor brother.

            As for the Extraordinary Mass being “the Mass of the Church,” by what authority is it called that? St. John Paul II correctly said, in writing his permission for that Mass to be said, “for those who have a sentimental attachment . . .” , referring to those who yearn for the Tridentine Mass, they may have it. That’s hardly an endorsement of its being “the Mass of the Church.” Most of us practice our faith in conformity to the ancient dictum “ubi pontifex ibi ecclesia.”

            I assure you that as an octogenarian I frequently yearn for various aspects of “the good old days,” but I recognize that in most respects “age” must step aside for “youth.”

            The Tridentine Mass is more replete with symbolism and aesthetic appeal than the Ordinary Mass which appeals to many, but not most, and I agree that there have been some egregiously horrible abuses stemming from lack of understanding of the teaching of Vatican II. Those are being systematically eradicated and are on the decline. There are many priests today who say The Ordinary Mass with great holiness and sense of awe. Language and rubrics are not essential precursors to attaining closeness with God and participating meaningfully in The Son’s sacrifice.
            I pray for the day when these divisive elements in The Church come to an end, but I know from history that there have always been those whose beliefs lead them to deviate from the teachings of The Church as expressed by The Magisterium and there always will be.
            I don’t know what to make of your remark “the magisterium perceives.” Do you accept that The Magisterium is the only authority who can present the faith to us?

  • joesilvey

    In reality, it has nothing to do with the Latin Mass at all — it’s all just a ruse to originally attract young women into his lens.

    But of late, he’s been using hired and non-catholic girls from trashy modeling sites to do his bidding. The last two exhibit deep psychological issues on their Facebook pages, including talk of suicide, not being wanted or noticed… and they also exhibit some mental deficiencies…

    All this to say, that it is PERLAS who is a predator, and these girls are generally victims, whether they think they’re being taken advantage of or not…

    • Gregory

      No more scary than the ZedHeads logo.

  • joesilvey

    Proof that the “latin mass society” of Anthony Perlas has never really had ANYTHING to do with the Latin Mass — these are the only (incomplete) Mass listings EVER posted on this guy’s page.

    Some “Society” all right…

  • The headline gives the misleading impression that this confused young man is the head of an actual group; his “LMS” seems to be just him. For the sake of the many legitimate groups with similar names, could you consider rewording it?

  • Cindy

    Kathy Schiffer you may want to contact Lily Beck Wilson at and get accurate information to correct your blog post. It is my understanding Mr. Perlas is not the originator of Wear the Veil Day, rather only a promoter and photographer. I believe Lily’s business “Veils by Lily” is the originator of Wear the Veil Day and Mr. Perlas just hijacked the event.

  • James Dominic Rooney

    I wonder if the guy is beginning to experience schizophrenia, because it seems like he was pretty functional before this, and then suddenly went off the rails. His posts and things are making less and less sense – not just as conspiracy talk, but just as nonsense. That disorder tends to begin to express itself around his age, so it would not be surprising to me if this was not entirely under his control.

    • That’s true of disorders besides schitzophrenia. A head-examination is certainly in order =-

    • JohnnyVoxx

      That’s what I think. Either that or it truly is demonic. I don’t think it’s just “weird behavior.” He is making associations between things that don’t relate. This “loosening of associations” is a hallmark of schizophrenia, which is at its root a “thought disorder.” And as his associations become looser and looser, one can start to see the full scope of the sickness.

  • John Germain

    Satan is the enemy, he will use whatever he can to trick, lie, deceive, and destroy what is Holy. The devil is behind all that the media uses to attack the church, whether it be this fake LMS, heretical politicians, priest’s scandals, liturgical abuse, or the hijacking of the Second Vatican Council. Satan hates what is sacred which is all the more a good reason to do all as sacredly as possible. In this case Satan is attacking the awesome sacredness of the extraordinary form of mass, simply because it is so sacred and has not been corrupted to the “mundane” as is the ordinary form of mass in most places. Scandals are everywhere and Satan is the culprit.

  • Wally Noon

    The naked body has always figured prominently in church sponsored art and the artists have often tended towards deviat sexuality.

  • RodH

    What a crock. This thing doesn’t even warrant reporting as a Catholic event, because it isn’t.

    The other poster is right, his “Latin Mass Society” sports a total membership of one idiot pervert, Perlas. It is a fraudulent setup for him to weedle his way into the pants of Catholic girls. Anybody ever heard of the Music Man? Tami Faye Baker?

  • Naomi Kietzke Young

    He appears also to have a personal profile on Facebook as Anthony Tridentine Perlas. It is possible to block a profile on Facebook without having ever interacted with that individual.

  • Reginald

    “Mr. Perlas deems these images “appropriate” by citing St. John Paul II’s
    Theology of the Body, stating that we should not see women as
    “objects…we should see them as beautiful daughters of God like Eve… the
    Lord’s artwork.” Mr. Perlas concludes “…if the Eucharist can be exposed
    (during Mass in a public event), so too can women be exposed.””

    This reminded me of:

    Start around the 17 minute mark. There’s an erotic curruption of TOB that’s invaded the popular notions of St. JPII’s work.

  • Red_Tory

    Reader “joesilvey” notes that the so-called Latin Mass Society “also
    has NOTHING to do with the Latin Mass itself”. _That_ is the salient
    point which wasn’t addressed sufficiently in the article.

  • Stephs2cents

    Satan can only distort; God alone creates goodness out of ashes. Maybe all of the discussion everywhere will actually give even *more* publicity to the Dec.8 event, and an unexpected number of women will wear a veil to mass that day!

  • Gina

    The Latin Mass is wonderful, but I’ve long thought that too many of the men who fixate on it have a Madonna/whore complex about women, and this sad anecdote only furthers my impression..

  • Robin Warchol

    Thank-you for this.

  • Phil Steinacker

    This sick puppy is president of nothing resembling the Latin Mass Society.

    A few weeks ago, Steve Skojec at One Peter Five reluctantly devoted more space and time to this guy .than he wanted to, but felt he had no choice. Father Z also wrote him up unfavorably some time ago, and then again within a week of Steve’s detailed post.

    There is no authentic LMS under him; he high-jacked the name from his college days when he graduated, as Skojec explains, and presented himself to Skojec, Father Z, and others as listed here.

    Thank God most have caught on to him and have publicly disowned him.

    Kathy, please satisfy yourself that this is so, but then I hope you’ll post a short follow-up that there is, in fact, no operating LMS under his leadership. Its just a name, logo, and some seemingly authentic buzzwords mixed in with unrelated and quite in appropriate elements.

    He is president of nothing related to the Mass.

  • OutsideTheGate

    At my school many of the boys were abused by traditionalist Anglican priests of the Confraternity of the Blessed Sacrament (including the actor John Hurt and myself, although that was by the headmaster). We had Angelus three times a day (it was a boarding school) Mass every day, Compline every night, and Benediction on Sunday evening.

    It’s seems like there’s a direct correlation between idealism in religion and abuse, as idealist Bible-bashers are the same.

    I must admit I tried to get involved with the Latin Mass people but they were either people with an inferiority complex you could drive a bus through, or just creepy weirdos (with one or two exceptions which made us keep trying).

    • JohnnyVoxx

      As the Latin Mass Apostolate (hopefully) becomes broader, the criticisms of your last paragraph (if they are genuine and not just mean-spirited slander) will become less and less the case. In any event, the Mass is about latria, or our individual and collective worship of God. If we are lucky enough to find even one opportunity to worship via the Mass of the Ages in 2015, we should take it, even if the remnant is bloodied and traumatized.

      • OutsideTheGate

        I ‘upvoted’ you as I agree with what you’ve said. But tacitly accusing me of slander? A nine year old boy, abused by weirdos, and you assume it must be slandererous? What about the Society of St John as just one example?

        As a result of this experience, my research at University was related to self-deception, neurosis, and religious pathology, and how they are linked to certain forms of religious expression.

        ‘Traditionalist’ Catholicism, Born-Again Charismaticism, die-hard Bible-Bashing Fundamentalism, iconoclastic ISIS, The Jacobins and the Jansenists…they all fit very characteristic ideological or psychological profiles.

        Of course, it is not ‘all’, but the further you down these routes – especially the more ‘Jansenistic’/moralistically rigorous ones – the more lunatics and perverts one finds. There is a correlation, and it can be shown empirically, unless you want to claim Psychology has no say in matters religious as it’s merely a secular discipline.

    • Don Carriker

      I agree with “Outside the Gate” While not everyone enamored of The Extraordinary Mass is creepy or has any sort of complex, it does tend to attract those with such characteristics. My wife and I discovered that through experience. Remember, I wrote NOT EVERYONE.

  • Don Carriker

    Unfortunately “causes” such as that of those who work to perpetuate The Extraordinary Mass tend to appeal to extremists who use “the cause” to advance their own unsavory cause. It is always safer to adhere to the teachings and discipline of The Magisterium rather than follow the desires, beliefs, and disciplines of a few (or even many) “men.” The SSPX was similarly embarrassed by one of their bishops (Williamson) when he publicly stated that The Holocaust never happened. There is only one voice, that of Christ, and His voice resounds only through Scripture, SACRED Tradition, and The Magisterium.

    • wineinthewater

      There is a disturbingly high occurrence of Nazi enthusiasm within the traditional-leaning corners of the Church. I don’t see how it could possibly be causative (the Nazis showing a rather deep-seated hatred of the Church), but I think it would be worth some serious thought as to why it happens. Is there something in those communities that inadvertently attracts these particular loons?

      • Don Carriker

        It would be erroneous to look for cause-effect between Nazi-ism and Traditionalists in today’s church. There is a deeper “cause” that motivates both. That “cause” is their attraction to institutions that have strong, powerful, iron-rod leadership and a society that is characterized by rigid rules and protocols. Such institutions can be efficient and do much good if and when headed by a benevolent, charitable leader, but they are very susceptible to abuse in the hands of lesser leaders.

  • davend

    I very much appreciate your digging into the details here; when someone has prayers to Lucifer on his website (going way back), it shouldn’t take an archdiocesean spokesperson to point out that things are horribly amiss.

    I especially appreciate your information in regards to two positive articles run on Perlas by the Cardinal Newman Society and their subsequent response.

    It has also been openly noted on the Internet that Perlas was recently employed by Church Militant (Michael Voris)—so I think perhaps they should also respond regarding their connections to Perlas and whether or not Perlas is still employed by Church Militant.

    Another very disturbing feature of Perlas’s website is that there are other individuals (still?) very involved in his organization who all appear to have been students or are currently students at Belmont Abbey. It’s one thing to have some strange “Lone Ranger” on campus, but another entirely to have an entire group of these people running around. I think this is definitely something that Belmont Abbey should investigate and address–including how it is that a Satanic student group could have operated on campus without anyone knowing about it at the time.

    Thanks again for your article.

    • kathyschiffer

      Let me clarify a couple of points: I did contact Church Militant before publishing my article. They confirmed that Perlas had worked with them briefly, but they offered no further comment. He is no longer employed there.

      And the Latin Mass Society was once a student group at Belmont Abbey College. When Perlas left there, he simply took the group name with him–and the organization evolved into what it is today. Any students who remain there are not involved with Perlas today, and are simply seeking to show reverence toward God.

      • davend

        Thanks very much for the update on Church Militant; I think it would have been good to include that information in the original article since Perlas’s association with Church Militant has been a topic of some discussion.

        I’m still disturbed by the fact that Perlas does not seem to be working alone and I’m not sure the Archdiocese realizes that.

        • kathyschiffer

          Do you have evidence of that? Names?
          From what I’ve seen on his websites since I posted the article, he’s reinvented himself as a “wedding photographer.”

          • davend

            There are many unanswered questions about Perlas, more than I think either one of us have the time to untangle.

            I think the most obvious question is why Belmont Abbey College wouldn’t have removed material from its website (including a link to the arguably satanic “sepotics”) that Perlas could continue to point to as a way of bolstering his religious bona fides:


            (As you reported, the Cardinal Newman Society has removed their objectionable material.)

            Even though Perlas supposedly left Belmont Abbey College at the end of 2012, there is a fair amount of video content produced after this date with the seeming collaboration of fellow Belmont Abbey students and a one Fr. John Putnam (since you wanted names). This is all available on YouTube and seems to postdate the posting questionable material on his website at the beginning of 2013.

            How was Perlas able to get a job a Church Militant? From whom did he receive a recommendation? How is he able to function as an unknown “wedding photographer”? Doesn’t seem like a Lone Ranger to me.