Hekate and Beginnings: The Crossroads and The Key

Hekate and Beginnings: The Crossroads and The Key October 11, 2017

The New Key

For me, fall will always be a time of new beginnings. A few weeks ago, my youngest son started the seventh grade. Not only is he starting junior high, he’s doing so while immersed in a new language. A double beginning. My fresh start this year is that I am not using the familiar keys to my former office. For the first time in decades, I’m not in school. There’s no teaching to be done, academic papers to write, or research grant applications to be completed. My new key opens the gate to what has been my heart’s desire: time to dedicate myself to writing about Hekate, witchcraft and life.

I’m so fortunate that I have been led to this place by Hekate’s torch. Let me tell you, it was a broken road that got me here, but here I am ready to take up my brand-new key.

Her torch is my beacon
Towards this new crossroads.
Accepting Her offering of a key,
I unlock the gate
And step through,
While Her torch lights my way.

Go Time

Sometimes the key to our fresh start is symbolic, like mine. The key lies only within me. Other times it is a literal key – the combination lock for my son’s locker, a key to a new office, a new home, or a new car. Regardless of the key’s nature, it opens the door to a time of change. Lingering about in liminal space if finished, it’s go time.

The Goddess of Transitions

There are many epithets, which are titles and characteristics, and symbols of Hekate that can be helpful during times of transition, beyond the key and the crossroads. As Dadouchos, She holds the torch that lights our way. As Propylaia, She stands before the gate, holding the key until we are ready. As Trimorphos, She reminds us that She holds the power of transformation and will give us the strength required for personal growth.

Hekate’s Signs

I find snake energy very powerful during times of change. Snakes have literally crossed my path several times during a transition. I like to think that they are Her emissaries sent to remind me that She is watching over me. If you are feeling the pull of a new key, look around for her messages. Does a snake appear? Do keys drop spontaneously? Are there unexpected dogs around? Something as simple as a falling clove of garlic can be Her trying to get your attention.

Although the established symbols can present as a message, I urge you to look for Her in deeply personal ways that might make sense only to you…and Her because She knows your heart. A few days ago, I grabbed my keys off the hook by the front door and the manifestation talisman that hangs adjacent fell off. That talisman has been tied there for two years and has never budged. Time to make a new one.

Moving Forward

I’ve got to admit that I find writing about starting new things a bit daunting because I detest articles that make it seem easy to go through times of great change. Sayings like, “let the past go,” or “leap and the net will appear” really get on my nerves. I didn’t want to write an article that sounded pithy like that, especially since I write about Hekate and there is nothing shallow about Her or being one of Her devotee’s. Change is hard. Taking the key for a new beginning takes courage. New keys appear usually after great upheaval – Hekate is the storm bringer, after all. Then it’s time to make sense of what’s happened, repair damages, and maybe build something new. After this liminal time of reparation, though, it is time to move forward, as terrifying as that can be. None of this is easy. All of it is worth it. Hekate will guide us through it all.

Blessing Beginnings

Casting a spell to bless your new beginning helps to manifest your intentions. My “by-the-door talisman” was charged during a spell where I infused the seven areas of my life with specific intentions and placed the energy into tokens I made and then bound together. For example, I made a little book and pen to represent getting to a place in my life where I could have the time to teach and write about what is most true to me. No wonder it fell to the floor – goal accomplished.

If you’re feeling stuck and don’t know what your new beginning is, or when it’ll happen, or if there seems like an unmovable barrier in the way, I think it’s good to explore through meditation and journeying the nature of your desire. Sometimes, the thing we think we need the most is not in our best interest. Forcing the issue will only lead to heartbreak. There are times when we need to be patient, heal, and accept things as there are. Only you can know what is appropriate for you.

She waits at the crossroads, biding the time until we take are ready for our next key. She stands ready to illuminate our way ahead. It is up to us to take the key and open the gate before us.

Prayer for a New Beginning*

Hail Hekate Kleidouchos, She who holds the Keys.
Hail Hekate Dadouchos, She who lights the World.
Hail Hekate Propylaia, She who stands at the Gate.

I stand before you, humbled by your blessing of a new key,
That opens the gate to a new beginning.
Accept my gratitude for bringing me to this place.

May I be brave enough to take up the key.
May I be committed enough to do the required work.
May I be strong enough to overcome all obstacles.

I ask for Your continued blessing,
Your guidance,
And protection,
So that I will be true to my path ahead.

Hail Hekate Kleidouchos, She who holds the Keys.
Hail Hekate Dadouchos, She who lights the World.
Hail Hekate Propylaia, She who stands at the Gate.

*From Keeping Her Keys: An Introduction to Hekate’s Modern Witchcraft


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