Dark Mother Tarot Ritual: Healing The Shadow And Revealing The Truth Through Hekate’s Wisdom

Dark Mother Tarot Ritual: Healing The Shadow And Revealing The Truth Through Hekate’s Wisdom November 10, 2017

A deep tarot ritual evoking Hekate for her wisdom as you heal the shadow and reveal your truth.

The Wild Unknown Archetypes Deck is perfect for the Dark Mother Tarot Ritual

The shadow is to be healed,

Welcomed with open arms by our loving embrace.

Learn more about shadow healing in this article, which I recommend reading before doing this ritual.

The Shadow, Hekate and the Underworld

Our shadow selves are of great interest to Hekate, who will willingly help us tame them by taking their fear based energy back into the underworld from whence it came. She is the psychopomp, shining a light as we seek spiritual death and rebirth. This process is only achieved through embracing our shadow. There is no wholeness without shadow. Light cannot exist with dark.

There are times we don’t know we are living under the direction of our shadow selves. In addition, there are times when we need to revisit our own personal underworld of the shadow. The shadow for all its capacity to do harm in our lives also can be both our greatest protector and source of personal growth.


Hekate and the Shadow Self

Our Witch Mother is eager to offer us the keys for healing our shadow and revealing our truth. She knows that when we take up her keys, we begin the process of integrating the two. Our shadow is as beautiful as our light. Never to be mistreated or denied. Avoiding the shadow takes us further from our truth.

Reciting The Witches’ Prayer to Hekate never fails to get her attention. Learn it here. 

The Dark Mother Tarot Ritual

This is a ritual designed to be done on days sacred to Hekate and Witchcraft, such as a sabbat or the dark moon.


The Three Arms of the Spread

The spread consists of three arms, like in a triskele. The first arm represents your authentic self, the second your shadow self and the third represents Hekate.  Before setting the three arms of the triskele, it is necessary to pick a card that represents your authentic self and one for your shadow self. Place these two cards in the center of what will become your triskele.


Card 1 (Significator/True Self): look through the deck until you find a card that you think represents your True Self. If you aren’t experienced with your significator card, it’s fine to just pick the card that appeals to you the most. Take your time doing this.

Card 2 (Emergent/Shadow): shuffle the deck any way you choose. While shuffling concentrate on your shadow (themes, experiences, images). Sooner or later one card will emerge, either literally by flipping over or by you sensing a strong energy/attraction to that card. This is your emergent card representing your shadow.


Laying Out the Cards

Then lay out the cards face down as per the photo. The three arms will be: 1. True Self (cards 3-15, the earth arm), 2. Shadow, (4-16 the underworld arm) 3. Guidance from Hekate (5-17, sky arm).


Complete the arms by placing the corresponding cards of the same position in each arm before moving onto the next card. All the cards in the first position in each arm go first and so on. That connects each card to each other across the arms, so the probability of an accurate reading is increased. The cards within the arms are connected to each other by their shared space in that arm.

Card Meanings

The first card in each arm represents the dominant theme of the arm (aka the aspect).

The second is the root or core of the aspect.

The third reflects the emotions of the aspect.

The fourth reflects thoughts of the aspect.

The fifth card represents behaviors associated with the aspect.

For the authentic and shadow self arms, there may be some overlap amongst the cards. This is especially likely if your shadow self is the dominant energy controlling your life. For the guidance from Hekate arm, each card will provide insight on how to tame your shadow self and move towards living an authentic life.

I recommend a mix of your intuitive and standardized interpretations of each card and then each arm and then how each arm relates to the others. If you would like help interpreting, let me know.

You may also be interested in the Enodia Two Card Daily Tarot Spread.

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About Cyndi Brannen
Cyndi Brannen, PhD, is a healer, teacher and author focusing on personal development, spirituality and true magic. Founder of the Keeping Her Keys Mystery School, she teaches and writes about the true magic of healing and personal power. The bestselling Keeping Her Keys: An Introduction to Hekate’s Modern Witchcraft explores Hekate from her ancient origins to our modern understanding through magic and personal development. True Magic: Unleashing Your Inner Witch, based on the sacred seven principles, is now available. Join her coven at opencircle.mn.co. You can read more about the author here.
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