New Moon Rising: Time to Say ENOUGH

New Moon Rising: Time to Say ENOUGH August 9, 2018

You know that moment when you reach the end of the line? This is where I am at. If you can relate, read on for my ideas about  painting a new picture using the energy of the lunar cycle starting with the rising new moon.

Canstock photo. What are you saying enough to? Paint your new story using the energy of the moon.

Holy Hekate! I am so utterly done with this particular bully that’s been hate bombing me since Keeping Her Keys launched last October. This person has enlisted their friends, used sham accounts and other despicable tactics in a useless attempt to silence me. Completely lacking any legitimate criticism (which I am always open to), he has insulted and attacked me in various forums using aliases and friends accounts. If you’ve had enough of me going on about trolls, I completely understand because I’ve had enough as well.

I am claiming this New Moon as a Cease and Desist one. Whatever it is, the time has come to say ‘ENOUGH.’

Are you with me?

If you are willing to put a period after whatever has you stuck, hurting or frustrated, then let’s do this.

‘ENOUGH’ can mean STOP. Enough of that. I’m done.

But it also means “I AM ENOUGH.” Smart enough. Pretty enough. Witchy enough. YOU ARE ENOUGH. Stop associating with people who tell you otherwise. Remember that it is about them and not you. They invariably suffer from low self-esteem and usually narcissism. While I pity them, I don’t have to put up with their nonsense.

The idea is to use the New Moon to activate your plan for lasting change. For saying “ENOUGH.” Courageous radical acceptance of the past. Bold envisioning of a different way. Are you with me?

New Moon Cease and Desist Ritual

I think this should be one of your creation, but here’s a few ideas to inspire you:

Colors: Red – stop signs, the emotional courage and healthy aggression energy of the planet Mars. Black is great for banishing. Purple for your sovereign self.

Intention: Write a great one using strong verbs and short sentences using an ink that matches your focus. Use smallish paper to keep litter to a minimum. Think about the image for this article – you are using the moon to help create a new story – while you create your intention. Embellish with symbols that match your focus, such as planetary ones. Don’t forget to add the new moon.

After writing your intention, infuse it with a carefully chosen fresh herb by rubbing it on the paper. Chant your intention while preparing your paper, then stuff the paper with the used botanicals. Roll it up tightly. Birch is great for banishing and binding, I often wrap a piece around the infused roll and then tie with corresponding string. A finishing touch is to anoint the roll with a corresponding oil, even a high quality olive one will work very well. Place it in black fabric until it’s time to use.

Here’s an example using supermarket ingredients in a banishing spell that’s from exclusive content for members of Keeping Her Keys.

Basil is associated with death and destruction, as such it is an excellent tool for banishing. You can add representations of Mars and Venus when using it. Blackberry gets along very well with basil because they merge their prickly sides together. Both are associated with Venus, but Blackberry has her in Aries. Both were used as treatments for poisons, so you can view this banisher as an anti-venom to whatever is toxic in your life. Always remember that botanicals have multiple properties so always let them know what energies you’ll be using. Concentrate on blackberries’ power for banishing and basil’s death notes while sitting with them. 

Basil, blackberry and birch are three examples of botanicals you can use to charge your intention. You can even make the intention paper using parchment that you infuse with the botanicals.

One example of an intention card with a sigil written on infused parchment.

The New Moon is typically for beginnings, but there are times when we need to banish things in order to begin anew. If you can do this a few days prior, then you’re ready to set the intentions for your new story on the New Moon. Otherwise, call upon the new moon to bring you a beginning by banishing the problem. The magic is all in the wording and how it corresponds to the energies you’re using. Consult with a great reference such as Llewellyn’s Complete Book of Correspondences to help select your ingredients.

Drawing Down the Moon

Envision the energy of the phase, starting by looking at the moon. Then widen that to the moon’s influence on the earth around you. Let it seep into your being, synchronizing the energy with your internal forces. Let this combined energy flow into your hands and then into the intention you are holding. Stay in this space until you feel the intention activated. Rip it up into tiny pieces then release it into the night. It’s best to do this over a large body of water or into the wind.

Moon, moon returning tonight, shine on my intentions, bring them to light.

How to Create True Change Using the Power of One Moon Cycle

Dedicating one full lunar cycle to whatever it is you’ve had enough of will bring about the change you need. Here’s a list of tips for doing this:


I wish you emotional courage and fierce love as your paint your new picture by saying ‘ENOUGH.’

Yours in Witchery,


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