Being A Firewalking Witch

Being A Firewalking Witch August 16, 2019
Firewalking truth weavers go deeper, own their problems, accept responsibility, and do the necessary work to claim their power. 
Firewalkers like me and you choose truth. Boldly following our intuition. Taking risks. Doing the research. Vulnerability is our super power. Burning bright, but not out of control. Boundaries are our personal magic circle.  We use our time wisely because she knows it is our most magical commodity. Our magic has no color.  Our deities are our allies, not wish granting statues. We call the spirits who walk with us in the flames our companions. We walk our unique fiery journey, weaving our truth from the flames.

Walking The Fire Walk

The proof of being a Fire Walking Truth Weaver is in the ashes, the residual of the fire-magic made. My spells are my fire made into form, the culmination of effort and the commitment to walk through the fire to manifest what I seek.  I did such a spell to bless all things to do with Keeping Her Keys on New Year’s Day 2019. I danced in the flames, summoning my power and connecting to the spirits I wove into my spell. I burned away all that no longer served. Layers of spirits and correspondences were burned into my truth tapestry, including a tightly woven incantation. It took me weeks to get it ready. The spell was cast. Then I further activated it right here on this blog. Did it work? I have, in less than two years, transitioned to making a comfortable living off the proceeds of true magic. I am a single mother with two dependents. Everything I have achieved in my life I earned myself. By walking through the flames and weaving truth, not by watching others’ fires burn and wishing they were my own or by sitting idly by refusing to step on the hot coals.

Owning Our Firewalking Power

There’s this thing where we don’t talk about accomplishments, but I say we stop this nonsense. We are Firewalking Truth Weavers, aren’t we? We need to stop denying our power AND giving it away so freely to the DSMs that are unworthy (not all are, of course). Claiming our achievements is our right. Energetically, our deserved pride attracts more success. When we share our stories of success with each other in a closed space, like The Realm, we spread the power to each other. Like the Ace of Cups, our energy runs over. If only those DSMs would realize this and drink from our cup. However, they’re usually too self-involved to even notice. There can be very good reasons for this. Here’s the thing: it’s not my place to figure them out. Firewalkers step over and away from bomb fires that aren’t their own.

We Got Used To The Heat, So We Claimed It As Ours

FTWs have been very burned in the past: by heartache, loss and other types of pain. They often returned home after going straight through hell. We should not only discuss, but celebrate the flames that were our true initiation.  Sharing our failures and pains is truth weaving. The more honest we are, the more likely that we are actively working to climb out of the pits we fall in. There’s a borderline between speaking truth and wallowing in misery. Choose which spiritual territory you reside in. That’s my advice. Walk proudly through the fire, head held high. Own it. It is your right.

Tips For Igniting Your Own True Fire

  • Time is our most valuable resource. Tending the fire requires your time. How you spend it determines your happiness. Where attention goes, energy flows.
  • What you consider your flaws are most likely your most amazing talents. These talents are the fuel for your fire.
  • Our finances can either be fuel for our authentic fire or a sort of toxic inferno that burns out of control.  Know what you owe and how much you spend.
  • Accept  the fires in which you burned that weren’t your creation. The times you were forced into hell at the whims of another. Extinguish those flames. This is not negotiable. As long as we continue to pour energy into thinking that life isn’t fair, it won’t be. What happened, happened. Acceptance is not approval.
  • Initiation comes with a price. Through hell and victory, keep going. Each crossroads and key taken moves you deeper into truth. Speaking of hell, the only way out is through. We can learn the lesson we are there for, or keep avoiding it and burn for eternity.
  • Cultivate and cherish your identity because it is your internal flame that will light the larger one that leads you towards your dreams and goals. Fire scrying on the inside. Learn who you are and what brings you happiness. It is shocking how many women, I was once one of them, have no idea.
  • Firewalking truth weaving is reconnecting to that internal, eternal flame wherein the answers we seek are found.
  • Get rid of what is dampening your fire. This won’t be easy or nice. Disappointment. Hard conversations. Making changes. Banishing all that no longer serves. 
  • Fire needs air to grow, but creating space can leave us feeling empty and alone. That’s a necessary part of the journey. If there’s no space, the right people and the desired outcomes can’t get in. Use the power of this space to manifest your truth using methods that summon real power.
  • This all takes a ton of effort and time. Hard work and persistence is the secret to firewalking truth weaving magic.

The firewalker is not one who has never been burned. It is the one who drags herself up from the ashes every damn time.


We Are The Fire. We Are The Magic.

We are the magic. No candle, botanical, stone or spell will ever do anything for us that we won’t do for ourselves. We are the fire.

Stay in the flames.



About Cyndi Brannen
Cyndi Brannen, PhD, is a teacher and writer focusing on personal development, spirituality and true magic. She is an energetic healer, psychic, herbalist, spiritual coach and mentor. Founder of the Keeping Her Keys Mystery School, she teaches and writes about the true magic of healing and personal power. The bestselling Keeping Her Keys: An Introduction to Hekate’s Modern Witchcraft explores Hekate from her ancient origins to our modern understanding through magic and personal development. True Magic: Unleashing Your Inner Witch, based on the sacred seven principles, will be available this October. You can read more about the author here.

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