The True Costs Of Being A Witch

The True Costs Of Being A Witch May 17, 2019

Witchcraft today often seems like it’s freely available, especially to those willing to spend loads of cash of fancy trinkets. The costs are high to those of us committed to walking the witches’ journey. Some of the tolls include giving up a safe life, ignorance, idleness, rigidity and often, personal comfort. Initiation into the ways of the wise requires great personal transformation that usually can only occur after immense despair and hardship. While these costs may seem high, the benefits of practicing true magic make them worth it.

Wouldn’t it be great if there was no cost to being a witch? If we could have that childish view of witchcraft that is pure and light? However, magick always comes with a price. I know I sound like characters on the show Once Upon A Time, but it’s true.

From Once Upon A Time. Found on Pinterest.

I can understand why so many modern witches want to bypass all the true costs of witchcraft in favor of shelling out big bucks for sparkly crystals and courses making huge promises. Like doing a deal with Rumple on Once Upon A Time, that deal would undoubtedly backfire. There are costs witches must pay. These tolls unleash not only our truth, but also our ability to effectively manipulate energies and spirits. In other words, being a witch unleashes the true magic(k) (both natural and in terms of spellcasting) within us. The costs are worth it.

The Difference Between Practicing “Witchcraft” And Being A Witch

Being a witch is a calling, an orientation, a practice and a lifestyle. It can even be a vocation for some (like me, for example). I’m all in favor of self-definition, but “witch” means something: it is the path of the other, often shunned by society. Until recently, this label was applied almost exclusively to women. It did not denote a specific set of religious practices, but was used by those in power to mark those suspected of cavorting with the devil, almost always in an attempt to consolidate their own power. Being a witch means a whole lot more than having a cool crystal collection.

One of the costs of being a witch is learning to be responsible with money. After all, we attract what we already do. Do you want to be a broke-ass crystal horder or a powerful witch reigning over spirits?

Being A Witch Has Always Come With A Hefty Price

The witch was a woman of folklore, an evil spirit, a hag. When the witch hunts occurred, Christians used ridiculous assertions to brand mostly women as evil sorceresses in an attempt to control unruly marginalized people. Round about the middle of the eighteenth century, the image of the witch slowly started to change from hideous hag to beautiful seductress. The witch was feared because of her sexual power. Slowly, with the rise of romanticism in art and literature, the witch was transformed into a desired vixen. This influenced early writers of modern paganism and witchcraft, some of whom created a new religion based on remembrances of a glorious past that never existed.

Evil, mad, terrifying. Being viewed as such has always been a cost of being a witch, whether in witch hunts or pop culture such as this sheet music cover. More like this:

The Crazy Consumerism of Modern Witchcraft

Here we are today with witchcraft being both legal and apparently accessible to all. Witchcraft has become a big part of the new consumer economy of wellness, that includes healing crystals and Reiki practitioners, and is estimated to be worth 3.7 trillion dollars. Crazy, right? Of course, many of these things are immensely helpful for us as witches. What I’m saying is that the over-reliance on them is a waste of money.

Trying My Best Not To Be Cynical

With witchcraft so on trend – and making so much money – it’s easy to be cynical about those who practice more, let’s say, casually. I’m not criticizing them at all. If you are someone who likes their crystals and candles, but has never created your own spell using human hair, know that I’m not picking on you. I’m speaking to those of us who feel the witch right down to our DNA. Not the modern definition of the word espoused by some as basically meaning anyone who spends way more than they should on crystals and essential oils. I’m talking to those who have always known they were different. That they were somehow connected to spirits – of the land, of their ancestors, of plants and even deities. Called by Hekate, for example.

The healing that comes from Hekate’s cauldron is paid for by relinquishing lies and toxic relationships

The True Costs Of Being A Witch

I’m talking about being a witch in spite of the costs because the only way to be comfortable in our skin is to speak our truth, however we define it. I have a major grump about the consumer driven witchcraft craze. Not because I want to limit who calls themselves a witch, but because I want to preserve what witch has always meant: the other and the dangerous. How can witchcraft remain connected to it’s infamous history if the definition gets reduced to that of anyone who says a few words over a special candle? Don’t get me wrong, again I say that I’m exploring this idea rather than pronouncing an edict on any individual. I’ve been writing a series of articles on the meaning of modern witchcraft, some of which have been incredibly misinterpreted. I see my articles as fuel for starting a dialogue. I don’t mind the heat of the flames. One of the costs of being a witch has always been the very real risk of being burned.

The other costs of being a witch include giving up lies, ignorance and idleness. Other tolls are relinquishing certainty and comfort. All of these are fees exacted for anyone who dares to live their truth, but given the history of witchcraft, for us they come with additional charges. After all, we are the ones who’ve had to pay the ultimate price with our lives in the past.

Cost #1: Giving Up Lies

The only rule in witchcraft that truly matters is “know thyself.” If you feel your witchiness in your bones, then all your efforts to deny it will be very expensive. As long as we remain in denial, our shadow self reigns supreme. This has been the major struggle of my life. I didn’t necessary want to be seen as a mad/evil woman who summoned spirits. I carefully constructed a shadow-life of lies. One day, the cost for maintaining this facade simply became unbearable. If you’re new to truth-walking, know that this is a process that can take years to achieve. It is often the great work of the witches’ life.

Cost #2: Letting Go of the Past

Related to #1, letting go of the past can be a hefty price for some of us. We want to cling to our painful stories because they’ve defined us. However, there is that still small voice whispering, “you are so much more than your past.” Bury it, burn it, cut those cords. As long as we continue to cling to what others did to us, we will never fully be standing in our sovereign power.

Cost #3: Toxic Relationships

Looking to others for validation is not the way of the witch. A very real toll that many of us have to pay is in the false relationships we maintain as long as we deny our truth. Like Dr. Seuss wrote, “those who mind, don’t matter and those who matter, don’t mind.” I can’t even count the times I’ve heard of others complaining about how their family doesn’t accept who they are. Neither does my extended one. I’ve lost so-called friends because I chose to accept my calling. You know what? My life is 100% better without them in it. I know it’s scary to face being alone, but a witch is never solitary. She has the spirits and deities she knows to keep her company. The other amazing thing is that when we sacrifice toxic relationships with people who don’t accept us for who we are, we create the space for amazing new people to enter our lives. Almost like magick.

Cost #4: Ignorance Is Not Bliss, It’ll Get Us Burned

Let’s get something crystal clear: if you are a witch you must accept the mantle of the past. Witchcraft, until the last century, was illegal. The current freedom of religion and practice we have came with a huge price. Legislation freed us from persecution. If you think that witchcraft isn’t political, then you are entirely wrong. Being a witch comes with the price of embracing the fight for equality. Witches’ rights are human rights. Witchcraft is inherently feminist. Think those horrific anti-abortion laws have nothing to do with witchcraft? Think again. When politicians begin to attack women’s basic rights, they’ve opened the door to re-establishing anti-witchcraft laws. They won’t stop until women, and other marginalized groups, have all their newly-found power stripped.

I wrote earlier about how I struggle with not wanting to dictate to others how to practice witchcraft, that personal choice is important. However, ignorance is a non-negotiable. It’s those casual witches who claim witchcraft isn’t political who will be the first in line to lock us up. As soon as being a witch becomes uncomfortable, they’ll turn on us. The next burning times is only one spark away. Be aware.

One of the journal prompts from The Sacred Seven. While considering the costs of being a witch, take time to acknowledge all the benefits. Don’t be ignorant to all the wonders of being a witch.

Cost #5: Comfortable Numbness

Being a witch should be uncomfortable. Not all the time, but the witches’ journey is inherently one of personal growth. It is awakening to all that wonders of the world. Listening to spirits. Connecting with the forces of nature. All this awakening means that we can feel way too much. The only way we are transformed is through struggle. That’s just how it works. Giving up lies, the past, toxic relationships and ignorance is massively uncomfortable. Taking the risk of living a life that’s true to you is uncomfortable. You may be rejected by others. Some people might think you’re crazy. But here’s the thing, this sort of discomfort is actually comfortable when you are living your truth. Not easy, but worth it.

This is where self-identified empaths get into so much trouble. They, or more accurately their shadow selves, crave that comfortable numbness. To not know what it is to feel, whether within ourselves or when we pick up on the thoughts of others. Listen to me: being able to feel is a huge gift, not a curse. Of course, it can be incredibly overwhelming at times. The cure for this is to know and maintain your boundaries.

Cost #6: Idle Hands Are the Devil’s Tools

Well, I can’t say that I agree with the above statement, but I do believe that being a witch is an active pursuit of our truth. It’s about standing in our sovereign power. For many of us that entails the high price of healing. Idleness is a toll of being a witch. We have to lay it down on our altar, instead choosing to actively create a life that speaks truth to us. I can’t even believe that lazy witchcraft is a thing these days. It’s offensive. I’m not talking about occasionally take the easy way out when casting a spell or skipping a Dark Moon ritual honoring Hekate. No, I’m referring to those who don’t want to do the work required ever. Do what you can given your circumstances. Build in a daily practice. Refuse to let your shadow convince you that you would rather watch another episode of Sabrina instead of doing your meditation. On the other hand, know yourself well enough to realize when you need a break.

Cost #7: Certainly, Certainty Is A Cost

This is where the difference between being a witch and practicing it as a modern pagan religion becomes clear. Religion is about buying into a doctrine that promises a certain outcome. In Christianity, the goal is getting into heaven. Do these things and all will be well. Being a witch means giving up this certainty. It’s about learning to accept what cannot be controlled to free us up to work on what can. It is about adapting and changing given the demands of a situation.

Many of us practice what some call “eclectic witchcraft” as though we are the exception to the standard approach. I would argue that this mixing of practices reflects the true nature of the witch as someone who rejects rigidity and certainty.

The Cost of Initiation

All the items on the list above illustrate the costs of being a witch, but what they truly are are the tolls of initiation. Rising again…and again after suffering. Choosing to stand alone. Resisting the easy way. These are all the costs of initiation.

Initiation has a high price, usually paid in advance through persistence and suffering. This path isn’t supposed to be easy. It’s not lighting a candle and saying a few words, nor can it be found in shiny things or sparkly stones. The roots and leaves of sacred herbs don’t hold the secret. Nor is it to be found at the end of a course, and it’s not in an elaborate ritual. Not to downplay the importance of these things, but initiation isn’t found in any of them, although we can complete the process standing before our altars. Initiation occurs on tear-soaked bathroom floors and on sweat-drenched sheets. In broken-down cars and empty apartments. It’s found when we dig deeper than we ever thought possible. That’s where we truly become initiated into being a witch.  The choice is ours. Do we embrace the costs of being a witch? Or do we turn away, refusing to pay the price of blood, sweat and tears?

“Brimo. Brimo. Enter the holy meadow. For the initiate has paid the price.”*

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About Cyndi
Cyndi is a witch and spiritual teacher, a trained energetic healer, psychic and herbalist. Her teaching and writing extends from where she stands at the crossroads of personal development, spirituality and witchcraft. Keeping Her Keys: An Introduction to Hekate’s Modern Witchcraft explores Hekate from her ancient origins to modern understanding through magic and personal development is available now from Moon Books. True Magic: Unleashing Your Inner Witch uses the magic of the elements and the three realms to activate your true witch powers and will be available later in 2019 from Moon as well. Connect with her on Facebook or at to learn more about her teaching and writing. Cyndi lives in rural coastal Nova Scotia with her two sons where she can often be found wandering the cliffs or wild foraging plants. She lives what she teaches: fierce love, emotional courage and true magic. You can read more about the author here.

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  • Arlene Guillen

    Cyndi, I love this post. It’s such a good reminder of the work that needs to be done.

  • Miguel Cruz Cares

    Such beautiful and truthful words. We can not access our power without sacrifice (costs as you say). This article is good both for those thinking of entering, and for those of us who should be regularly called to evaluate what and how we are manifesting with our crafts. Really right on.

  • morazda

    I LOVE this article. WOW!!! Knocked it out of the grove on this one.

    This should be required reading for all Witches.

  • Samantha Sabovitch

    I finally embraced Hekate a few weeks ago (or more accurately, realized she HAS been “recruiting” me), and I’m hearing her call the past couple days. This article is so, so true. She’s saying, “You said you were in, but it’s gonna suck. Here’s some of the suckitude. So what’s it gonna be? The easy way? Or the right way?”

    I pick the right way. I’m fighting.

    Fuck the patriarchy.

  • Here’s to suckitude!

  • Unlabeled_Unlimited

    Everything in the known material world operates on energy exchange.
    We have to break a few eggs to make an omelet.
    I have yet to find anything that is not dualistic, and simultaneously creating and destroying all the time.
    Once I accepted these as true, my flow of life got easier.
    Truly, nothing worthwhile will ever truly be free, there will always be a price to pay.
    Loved, and needed, this today.
    Thank you Cyndi.

  • a Nagual in Arizona

    Exactly what I needed to read today. Thank you for this.

  • Kaylan S

    “Being a witch comes with the price of embracing the fight for equality. Witches’ rights are human rights. Witchcraft is inherently feminist. Think those horrific anti-abortion laws have nothing to do with witchcraft? Think again. When politicians begin to attack women’s basic rights, they’ve opened the door to re-establishing anti-witchcraft laws. They won’t stop until women, and other marginalized groups, have all their newly-found power stripped.” i would absolutely disagree with this entire statement. Keep your toxic new wave feminism out of magic. This ideology is partially what i can’t stand in the modern magic community. Seriously ask Hekate how she feels about cultural marxism and the bullshit rhetoric that derives from it. Smashing the patriarchy means destroying the value of the matriarch in the process. You’ve got the attention of all these females… You’d think you’d make more of an attempt to guide them in the right direction. If you truly work with Hekate you understand the importance of the balance of masculine and feminine… I agree with 90% from what I’ve read fron you, but what i quoted was over the top and you need to do some further analysis.

  • Kaylan S

    Preserve the patriarchy, and revenerate the matriarch of the patriarch!

  • Kaylan S

    I have been studying magic alongside politics and psychology over the last couple years and it has become very easy to see how women associated with movements like third wave feminism could become interested in things like modern Witchcraft and Wicca and that’s fine if a woman wants to call her self a witch as long as she actually takes the time to research the topic and implement some ritual practice as well… But sometimes even well read and practiced women like yourself say things like “If you think that witchcraft isn’t political, then you are entirely wrong. Being a witch comes with the price of embracing the fight for equality. Witches’ rights are human rights. Witchcraft is inherently feminist. Think those horrific anti-abortion laws have nothing to do with witchcraft? Think again. When politicians begin to attack women’s basic rights, they’ve opened the door to re-establishing anti-witchcraft laws. They won’t stop until women, and other marginalized groups, have all their newly-found power stripped.” I fear alot of these girls are missing the point… women were chasitzed and even murdered for practicing magic, but so were men. There are aspects of magic that posses both masculine and feminine traits and the duality that comes with the two is part of what makes the magic work. Throwing gender politics into it and calling witchcraft inherently feminist degrades the potency and I truly believe this fallacy is holding alot of witches back and it seems like they use their spirituality for lack of a better term as a way to complain or empower(sometimes falsely) themselves and blame something rather than be pragmatic and productive with their magic. Masculine and feminine, light and dark, good and bad, ugly and beautiful, old and young. Polarity is a key aspect to life on both spiritual and mundane levels. For one to reject one side all together simply because it causes an emotional response because it’s different, unfamiliar, or something from that source affected you at one point is infantile and only leaves room for ignorance, delusion, and blockage from that power. This gender hatred separates us from that duality, and the discourse this mindset brought forth a huge blockage spiritually, mundanely, and politically. Being a witch doesn’t come with the price of “embracing the fight of equality”, it comes with the price of liberating the self and facing and slaying the dark and delusional parts, discovering our place within the universe, and understanding how we function as a whole…. Magic isn’t a place for comfort, it’s a place for breakthroughs, and truly understanding and analyzing how you interact with your magic.

  • Tia_Edwards

    I agree with Morazda, this is something that needs to be said. I have heard similar in my many years but I have had the good fortunes to have very good mentors who were very real, very down to earth, lived their truth and told it like it is. This is certainly something that should be said or rather even taught when one seeks the Craft.

  • catmomma13

    A very public example of number 4, the person who turns on us is right here in this news article. It wasn’t recent, but very real.

  • Thanks so much for sharing that link.

  • Will All
  • patience

    This needed to be said, written, and spoken to the universe! Thank you !

  • Kelly Hulse

    For me this piece triggered a life time of being told I’m not enough so it was hard to read through. I am enough!

    The person that just seems to be into witchcraft for the essential oils and pretty crystals might later grow far beyond. No one really knows where our journey will take us. Today’s young, impulsive buyer of sage might be tomorrows revered witch historian.

  • Brenda Keitt

    TRUTH!!!!!!! The path of the Craft has been a painful one during my 30 plus years with it. Any regrets? No!!! The accolades are enormous financially, mentally, emotionally, on all levels. but bear in mind that it is not for the faint of heart.