2020 Witches’ Wheel Of The Year

2020 Witches’ Wheel Of The Year January 9, 2020

This guide to the Witches’ Wheel of the Year is a journey through the lunar, astrological and seasonal energies of 2020, with spells, rituals, and spiritual practices to strengthen your connection to the deeper world.

The following guide is based on the 13 lunar phases of 2020 with their corresponding northern hemisphere archetypes. All times calculated using the eastern time zone. The lunar month is displayed as beginning on the reappearance of the moon (waxing crescent) and ending on the dark moon (called the new moon by astronomers.)

Read the expanded version of this guide here.

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The Star Walker (December 27-Jan 24)

The first lunar cycle of winter is a time of long periods of darkness. It is during this period when we can turn towards The Starry Road to explore the powers of our own mind. We often do this with our New Year’s resolutions when we strive to change our mindset about various things.

Key Events

January 10 – Penumbral Lunar Eclipse on the Wolf Full Moon (in the sign of Cancer during Capricorn). (Visible throughout most of Europe, Africa, Asia, the Indian Ocean, and Western Australia.) This will be an epic energetic start for 2020. Reconnect with your inner wildness to launch the Year of the Witch in grand style. Listen to the Unleashing Your Inner Wolf Journey. 

Super Moon; the closest that the moon comes to the earth during a phase when this occurs on the Full Moon. Read more about Super Moon Magick here.

January 24- New Moon in Aquarius. Rituals evoking Hekate as a Goddess of Relationships are in order.

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Hekate is Astrodia, Star Walker, born of the stars and darkness. Read more of Hekate’s origin story.

More January witchery, including an introduction to cleromantica (throwing the bones), can be found here.

The Spinner of Time (January 25 – February 23)

During February the very first stirrings of the rebirthing natural world are experienced as a slight frisson or even early buds. Our energetic being senses these shifts, attuning us to the eternal fire that sparks this return. Many of us celebrate Imbolc as the first fire festival of the calendar year on February 1. However you celebrate the middle of winter, connect to the ways that the energy of winter spins the wheel towards spring and how spring pulls the wheel towards her maiden’s hands.

Key Events

February 1 (calendar) to February 4 (the astronomical midpoint between winter and spring; know as a cross quarter): First Fires Festival, commonly known as Imbolc. Celebrating Hekate’s Sacred Fires.

February 9 – Super Snow Full Moon. With this moon in Leo in the sign of Aquarius, this moon offers the energy of illumination, especially for insight regarding our shadow self. Learn about Shadow Syndrome.

February 23 – New Moon in Pisces. Rites evoking Hekate as Goddess of the Sea are well suited to this moon.

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The Wheel of Time has spun towards a planetary crossroads, leading us back to Hekate, or however you call the divine feminine force that spins this eternal wheel. Read more about our return to Hekate and the rise of her witches.

The Supreme (February 24 – March 24)

As the spinner of time moves the wheel towards spring, the majestic power of this force is seen through intense storms characteristic of late winter. Survival can be the goal, but if we have the ability we can harness the stormy energy for our workings. Hail the Supreme force that ushers in spring with a vengeance.

Key Events

March 9 – Super Worm Full Moon in Virgo during Pisces. This moon is fabulous for rituals awakening the earth element within and without. Getting grounded after winter, and for focusing your energy of manifestation. Excellent time to perform an Elemental Healing Ritual.

March 19 – Spring Equinox (Ostara). Usher in the season with a Rebirth Ritual through rabbit spirit medicine.

March 24 – New Moon in Aries. Excellent time for The Whole Moon Ritual.

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Experiencing Hekate as the fiery river that both creates the river of time and is the wheel created from it, enables an understanding of the Witch Mother’s energy during the late winter. Read more about Hekate and the arrival of spring.

Learn how to practice Storm Magick.

The Energizer (March 26 – April 22)

Hail to the Maiden as she emerges from the Underworld, bringing the energy of new life with her. Capitalize on this creative, fertile force through spells and honor your inner Kore through rituals on the Spring Equinox.

Key Events

April 8 – Super Pink Full Moon in Libra during Aries. Balance, courage and the energy of spring all converge in this moon. Perfect time for self-love spells. Read more witchery for the Pink Full Moon.

April 23 – New Moon in Taurus. Excellent time for dandelion witchcraft.

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In myths and art, Hekate and Kore, Persephone before she became Queen of the Underworld, are close companions. More about Persephone.

The Guide (April 24 – May 22)

As spring takes hold, our attention is often pulled by the natural world towards more embodied pursuits. Gone are the days of deep winter contemplation or of autumn’s spiritual pursuits. The Guide is the goddess in her earthly form, leading our path in this time of shedding the cloak of darkness.

Key Events

May 1 (calendar) – May 4 (cross quarter): Many witches celebrate a fire festival in May, from The Witches’ Grand Sabbat to Beltane.

May 7 – Flower Full Moon (in Scorpio during Taurus). A complex moon intersecting with the Wheel of the Year’s fiery creative energy and tenacious shadow forces. This spiritual firewalking ritual will balance all these forces, with Hekate as your guide.

May 22 – New Moon in Gemini. The Agape Phoberos Ritual will guide you towards understanding the power of love and fear.

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Read more about Hekate as The Triple Goddess: Guardian, Guide and Gatekeeper.

An Elemental Beltane Ritual can be found here.

If you’re snarky about Beltane, like me, read my thoughts in this article.

The Bright One (May 23 – June 21)

With the arrival of the longest day, the archetype of June is The Bright One. All is illuminated, everything is growing and there is much work to be done, especially if you grow your own crops or wild harvest. This archetype reaches her zenith on the Summer Solstice.

Key Events

June 5 – Penumbral Lunar Eclipse during the Strawberry Full Moon. (The eclipse will be visible throughout most of Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia, the Indian Ocean, and Australia.) This Full Moon (Sagittarius during Gemini) activates illumination within us, especially for insight regarding our dual nature. The power of the archer during the month of Artemis, doubles up on her roles as huntress and moon goddess. Read more about Artemis.

June 20 – Summer Solstice (Litha). Stand in your power under the bright sunlight through The Sovereign Goddesses Ritual.

June 21 – New Moon in Cancer (with a Solar Eclipse). Perfect time to cool off all this heat with a visit to Hekate’s Cave. Read more ways to honor Hekate on the Dark Moon. (This solar eclipse is visible from parts of Africa including the Central African Republic, Congo, and Ethiopia; south of Pakistan and northern India; and China.)

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Don’t put your goddesses on the shelf, let them be wild and free (and you will be, too). Read more.

The World Soul (Jun 23 – July 20)

The Full Moon in July is the perfect time to connect to the Anima Mundi because not only does the witch have the glorious lunar energy to draw down, but the spirits of the natural world are most abundant. Planting botanicals that shine at night are a wonderful ally for World Soul connection.

Key Events

July 5 – Penumbral Lunar Eclipse during the Buck Full Moon. (The eclipse will be visible throughout most of North America, South America, the eastern Pacific Ocean, the western Atlantic Ocean, and extreme western Africa.) This Full Moon (Capricorn during Cancer) brings the spirit of “stick to it-ness,” so spells that help us persist are in order. Try Three Simple Spells for Personal Development: Confidence, Opening Up and Standing in Your Power.

July 20 – New Moon in Cancer (2nd one). Double dipping in the spirit of the crab in 2020. Perform a World Soul Sunrise Ritual to connect with the Anima Mundi within you.

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Read Pharmakeia: The Journey Into Hekate’s Garden to unleash your botanical witch.

The Buck Full Moon is an ideal time to contemplate how deep your witchcraft goes. In “Are You a Firewalking Truth Weaver Or Are You Desperately Seeking Magic?,” explore the nature of your path. Short version: witchcraft is about creating, not wanting.

The Keeper of Keys (July 21 – August 18)

This lunar month usually crosses July and August, a time of great abundance and of the first harvest. As we reap the rewards of our work under the still bright sunlight, pause to reflect on how Hekate shares the keys of her creation with you, be they the plenty on your table or the wisdom gained throughout your earthbound journey.

Key Events

August 1 (calendar) – August 6 (cross quarter) – The First Harvest (Lammas; Lughnasa). Celebrate the spiritual harvest of your witchcraft. Read more here.

August 3 – Full Moon (Aquarius during Leo). Perform the Ritual of the Nine Keys to blend with the power of the universal Kleidoukhos during the Sturgeon Full Moon. Sturgeons are very powerful aquatic allies. I keep a skull bone talisman in my sons’ car.

August 6 – Kourotrophis. Tradition is to perform rituals evoking Artemis and Hekate to protect children. Read more, including a ritual of blessing and protection, here.

August 12, 13 – Perseids Meteor Shower. Connect with the power of The Starry Road.

August 19 – New Moon in Leo. Love Leo for invoking our power. Learn more about The Witches’ Hour of Power, including the energy of gratitude.

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Hekatean Witchcraft for August offers ways to celebrate this month.

Seeking Hekate and the Deeper World.

Hekate’s Symbols: The Keeper of the Keys.

The Gate Crasher (August 20 – September 17)

Transcending the power of what was as the Wheel of the Year spins towards the Season of the Witch, The Gate Crasher arrives to open new doors, whether they are academic or spiritual. September always feels like the start of something deeper.

Key Events

September 2 – Full Moon in Pisces. Traditionally known as the Corn Moon, this moon during Virgo is all about abundant earthy treasures and our emotional attachments. Special treat: download the Corn Monograph from my upcoming book, “Entering Hekate’s Garden: The Path of Botanical Witchcraft,” here.

September 3-9 – Eleusinian Mysteries. An ancient festival honoring Persephone and Demeter. Note that Persephone means The Destroyer and her spring/summer incarnation as The Kore referred to her youthful side. She was the Wheel of Time personified, birthed by Demeter. Read about the traditional festival here.

September 17 – Super New Moon in Virgo. What is it that you need to say “enough” to? This new moon is ideal to banish what holds you back. Read ways to accomplish this here.

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Connect with Demeter in this article.

More witchcraft of September can be found here.

The Torchbearer (September 18 – October 16)

With the arrival of the Autumn Equinox, the Wheel turns towards the darkness of the coming months. The hint of coolness in the air and the changing leaves remind us that change is inevitable, but also that spring will always return.

Key Events

September 22 – Autumn Equinox (Mabon). Welcome autumn with a simply beautiful elemental ritual.

September 29 – October 3 – Thesmophoria. An ancient festival celebrating female power, including invoking Demeter. Read more about how this festival was celebrated in ancient times here. We need to reclaim this one, witches.

October 1 – Harvest Moon. This Full Moon of Aries during Libra about surveying all your harvests, the bane and the blessing. We can be the creators of our own disasters, as well as our plenty. This moon also unfurls the Season of the Witch. This Ritual to Hekate on the Harvest Moon may be just what you are looking for.

October 16 – Super New Moon in Libra. This moon is the ideal time to perform this ritual for Unleashing Your Inner Witch, to get you ready for the season of Samhain.

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The Witch Reborn in Autumn: Spiritual Death and the Dance of Bones

Hekatean Witchcraft for October. 

Explore the necessity of baneful witchcraft in this article.

The Night Queen (October 17 – November 15)

Hail to October, that dark delicious month where we celebrate Halloween and Samhain. The Night Queen calls us to join her in the dance of bones.

Key Events

October 31 (calendar/moon) – November 7 (cross quarter). Samhain/Blue Moon/Witches New Year. Absolutely the perfect confluence of forces for this night that is most sacred to the witch. The Full Moon on October 31 will also be a blue moon (the second of two full moons occurring within the same calendar month) in Taurus during Scorpio.


November 15 – Super New Moon in Scorpio. This new moon comes just before Night of Hekate on November 16. Spend this night in preparation for the ritual tomorrow or do yours a day early. Hekate doesn’t mind.

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Explore Rituals of the Sacred Cave, a guide to the process of spiritual release, retrieval and rebirth, which is the Wheel of the Year within each witch.

Connecting With Our Witch Ancestors At Samhain (Includes the popular Crossing the Veil Tea recipe)

Samhain: Healing Ancestors of Place

Hekate and Samhain: Suggestions for Witchery, Rituals and More

The Guardian (November 16 – December 14)

As the darkness prevails and the veil grows thin, the witch is called to walk on the Other Side and to heal within. The Guardian shines the way with her pale torchlight in the distance, leaving room for us to follow of our own free will.

Key Events

November 16 – Night of Hekate. Experience the Deathwalking Ritual of Release.

November 30 – Full Moon (in Gemini) during Sagittarius (which is the same, but opposite as the June Full Moon). It is also Night of Hekate of the Crossroads, which is ideal for capitalizing on the Gemini energy. Fittingly, there’s a penumbral lunar eclipse on this night. (Residents of North and South America, Australia, and parts of Asia may observe a darker Full Moon during the maximum phase of this eclipse.)

December 14 – New Moon in Sagittarius with a solar eclipse. This new moon is an ideal time for soul retrieval journeying. (Eclipse visible from Chile and some parts of Argentina in the afternoon. Some regions in southern South America, south-west Africa, and Antarctica may see a partial solar eclipse.)

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Hekate And November: The Underworld, Crossroads, Death Walking & Initiation

After The Ritual: The Messiness of Spiritual Growth

The Liberator (December 15 – December 31)

With the arrival of winter, we are freed from the chains of the past as we progress through our own natural cycle of life-death-rebirth. The Goddess (or however we experience the divine force that fuels The Wheel of the Year) liberates us from the darkness, opening the way to the stark landscape of rebirth.

The rest of this lunar month will be covered in the 2021 Witches’ Wheel of the Year guide.

Key Events

December 21 – Winter Solstice (Yule). December is such a complex month, with the festivities of family and friends and the deep spiritual energy. Step into the Cauldron of Rebirth as a respite from all the hustle.

December 30 – Cold Full Moon (in Cancer, during Capricorn). Hail to the Eternal Wise Woman. Known by a thousand names, journey into her cave to meet The Cailleach on this night.

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Read more about Hekate and December here.

Focus on the elemental energies of winter.


Keeping Her Keys: An Introduction To Hekate’s Modern Witchcraft contains an entire lesson on The Wheel of the Year. Order it here.


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