Summoning Hekate and Her Four Sovereign Goddesses: Artemis, Medea, Persephone and Circe

Summoning Hekate and Her Four Sovereign Goddesses: Artemis, Medea, Persephone and Circe June 16, 2018

Sovereignty goes beyond independence, it’s about standing in the full power of your true self. What better time to claim yours than on the day that the sun shine’s the longest? Calling upon Five Sovereign Rebel Goddesses: Artemis, Medea, Persephone, Circe and Hekate in the brightest light brings them, and you, out of the moon’s shadow, allowing you to stand fully in your witches’ power. Summon their sovereign power on the Summer Solstice.

A collage of images of Hekate, Circe, Artemis, Persephone and Medea
My modern collage of Canstock images representing these five fabulous goddesses. From left to right: Artemis, Medea, Persephone, Circe and Hekate.

This ritual focuses on specific energetic currents of the Fab Five mentioned above. The ritual evokes these interconnected goddesses to activate within you the five archetypes of the sacred feminine: wild, witch, warrior, wise and wounded.

Within the Keeping Her Keys Coven, we celebrate this ritual on the Summer Solstice, with workshops and articles to get ready for the ceremony. Use the link at the end of this article to find out more and join for free. 

Artemis: Wild

To hear more about my interpretation of Artemis as a Wild Goddess (and Goddess of the Wild), read my blog. Artemis wandered the woods with her animals and nymphs, doing her own thing and refusing to conform to the expectations of others. She is curiosity, independence and open-heartedness. True wildness is not chaotic, but natural. I recently wrote about my personal wild witch ways here.


Medea: Wounded

Nobody put Medea in a corner. They tried to, but she came out raging. Medea is the Witch of Zero F%#ks Given. Pushed beyond caring about anything but violence, we can interpret her murderous ways as extreme vengeance, but that’s only the expression of her unbearable pain. I liken Medea to the shadow within each of us. There are times when we need its protection but succumbing to it can destroy both ourselves and those we care for. Like Medea, our shadow side shouldn’t be dismissed but understood with compassion. Through this approach, including acceptance of the past, we can move towards standing in our own power. Read all about Medea: Her Story, Themes, Correspondences.

Persephone: Warrior

A few weeks ago, I posted an infographic on the Keeping Her Keys main Facebook page labelling Persephone as a warrior since she is queen of her pain. Someone remarked that she most definitely was not. Of course, she’s not an Athena. However, the most difficult battles I’ve fought in my life were not noisy public wars, but private chicanery. I’ve danced with the devil through abusive relationships, my invalidating upbringing and the ensuing actions of my shadow self. My victory over all these things renders me a warrior, much like Persephone triumphed over her initial abduction to become Queen of the Under World. Perhaps you can relate. I’ve also written about Persephone within the context of understanding the complexities of women’s choices and how she is a Goddess of Adaptation. Sometimes we win battles by adjusting to the situation.

Circe: Witch

The original witch’s true self was only fully revealed after triumph over trauma. The witch phase is a time of personal growth when we successfully defeat our wounds and reclaim our innate wildness. Some people don’t achieve this, so their years are spent in stagnation. Or worse, they know the witch is inside of them, but she never gets to stand in her power. It can be difficult, but remember “where there’s a witch, there’s a way.” Sovereignty requires curiosity, risk-taking and openness (tempered with the boundaries of the warrior). Circe’s true self witchery is unbeatable, call upon her assistance in revealing yours. Hopefully you won’t turn into a pig. Read my article detailing why Circe is THE goddess of 2020 here (includes correspondences, themes and more).

Hekate: Wise

When I contemplate the diverse ways that Hekate is understood in our time, I find a common thread running through them: that she is a Goddess of Wisdom. Whether as our Sovereignty Goddess, Guardian of the Marginalized or Keeper of the Keys, she is the sage mistress. While its true that wisdom develops with age (no wonder Hekate is so frickin’ wise), we can develop our insight through personal development work. Wisdom is a skill to be honed; one that greatly increases our personal power and witchery.

 Sovereign Goddesses Ritual

I offer this ritual for you to use as is or for inspiration for developing your own. Consider doing it at midday as an act of sovereign power. If you’re like me almost all my rituals are done under the moonlight. All the goddesses evoked in the ritual are primarily of the moon. As witches, we have historically had to stay out of the light. What could be more empowering that claiming the bright sunshine as fuel for your personal power?


Purification: The usual cleansing of mind, body, spirit, supplies and place is required. You may want to wear purple for this ritual. Cast the circle however you usually do or write a special one for this ritual.

Location: If you’re doing this outside (which I recommend), find a spot that permits you to connect to the Under World aspects of the goddesses, like a small cave or marsh. You can “draw down” the sun while connecting to chthonic forces, bringing yourself into perfect attunement. Getting too solar can lead to witch burn (being overwhelmed) in my experience. Wear your spiritual sunscreen by staying grounded.


Purple charm for wearing (like a little goddess figure)
Correspondences of each of the five sovereign goddesses (listed below)
Five candles (white, black, purple will do)
Anointing oil (plain olive or make one using botanical correspondences of the fab five)
Images of each of the goddesses

You can arrange the images, candles, etc. in the shape of a pentacle. Add the botanicals in the gaps between to create a perfect energetic form.


Mugwort, sage and lavender can all be used in this ritual. Seasonal botanicals can include dandelion, oak and rose. I suggest using one for each goddess. Poisons are associated with Circe, Medea and Hekate. Use with caution. Purple is the color for the ritual. An appropriate stone is amethyst.

The Ritual

I recommend lighting a candle with each evocation and adding botanicals to the burning incense at the same time. If you can’t do one or both, the anointing alone will work just fine. I wouldn’t do this as a trance working since it calls forth all our powers, from the most instinctive to the heights of our intellect. Take the time to connect with your breath prior to beginning the ritual. Push your roots down into the earth beneath you (even if it’s through several floors first) and your branches up to the sun itself (through several ceilings if that’s the case). See your breath activating your lower self of emotions, the middle self of actions and the higher self of thoughts, creating a state of focused calm.

Place charm in the middle of your altar to the Fab Five Goddesses. Stand facing the sun

Sovereign Goddesses Petition

Come Goddesses and Witches,
Ancient but new,
To this place,
I beckon you.
I welcome you!
(I usually blow a kiss here using my left hand when I evoke them, but suit yourself.)

Artemis, fierce and free,
May your wildness run through me.
(Kiss her image with the thumb of your dominant hand, light the appropriate candle, anoint your nether regions with the thumb of your non-dominant hand, add chosen botanical to the altar or incense.)

Medea, raging witch of might,
Through you my wounds now take flight.

(Kiss her image with the index finger of your dominant hand, light the appropriate candle, anoint your belly button with the index finger of your non-dominant hand, add chosen botanical to the altar or incense.)

Persephone, queen of the deep,
Your power as the resilient warrior I do keep.

(Kiss her image with the middle finger of your dominant hand, light the appropriate candle, anoint your heart center with the middle finger of your non-dominant hand, add chosen botanical to the altar or incense.)

Circe, sorceress divine,
I claim your witchery, making it mine.

(Kiss her image with the ring finger of your dominant hand, light the appropriate candle, anoint your throat with the ring finger of your non-dominant hand, add chosen botanical to the altar or incense.)

Hekate, she who holds the keys,
Grant me your wisdom, may I truly see.

(Kiss her image with the pinky finger of your dominant hand, light the appropriate candle, anoint your crown with the pinky finger of your non-dominant hand, add chosen botanical to the altar or incense.)

(You can hold your dominant hand down and non-dominant one up for the closing section below.)

Great Goddesses and Witches,
Ancient but new,
I claim my sovereignty now,
Standing before you.
Deep in my heart,
I honor all of you.

Take you charm off the altar and wear it. Observe the flames of the candles. The ones burning brightest are the characteristics and goddesses that you should focus on right now. Remain open to their messages until such time that they leave you. Thank them as they go. Don’t forget to pinch out the candles.

After the Ritual

Do the usual processing in your journal, an interpretive imagery exercise is a great follow-up for this working. Make a collage with words, images, etc. that represents the fab five and yourself.

You can do this ritual as a regular New Moon working, perhaps replacing generalized sovereignty with your intentions for the month ahead.




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Cyndi Brannen is a witch and spiritual teacher dedicated to Hekate, her two sons and living the coastal life in rural Nova Scotia. She is a trained energetic healer, psychic and herbalist who is also an internationally-recognized expert on women's health and the development of self-help programs. She teaches The Sacred Seven: A Course in Applied Modern Witchcraft. She has written the forthcoming Keeping Her Keys: An Introduction to Hekate’s Modern Witchcraft. She started Keeping Her Keys to fulfill her mission and dream of writing and teaching about Applied Modern Witchcraft and Hekate. You can read more about the author here.

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