I consider myself an outlaw witch.

I’m a devotee of Hekate above all other roles in my life. She has given me many keys including being a mom, witch, applied social psychologist, spiritual teacher, social justice advocate, policy consultant, relentless outdoor adventurer and incurable optimist. My writing here on Keeping Her Keys is a mixture of all these things with an emphasis on personal growth.

Keeping Her Keys is all about Modern Hekatean Witchcraft from my perspective here on the coast of Nova Scotia. I’m a practitioner of practical coastal magick using accessible ingredients, simple rituals and lots of natural energy.

I’ve had a long career developing innovative self-directed treatment programs for women and families coping with mental health issues. In addition, I’m an internationally recognized expert on topics including secondary trauma, caregiving and gender based analysis. I’ve been teaching undergraduate and graduate university courses about gender, children’s mental health and research methods for fifteen years. I’ve published widely on topics such as stress, coping, caregiving, parent training programs, and women’s health.

For the 25 years I was an academic, I was also developing my witchy skills and teaching courses on spiritual development. Part of this is a course called The Real Work that’s a pagan personal growth program. I’m also an unintentional medium and a practitioner of intuitive healing. I can often be found hiking in remote areas alone or exploring creepy places. I’m happiest when I’m in my slightly run-down coastal cottage hanging out with my sons, especially when we’re cooking.

– Dr. Cyndi Brannen, PhD

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