November 16: Hekate’s Night

November 16: Hekate’s Night November 13, 2018

Night of Hekate of the Underworld is November 16.

As the Dark Mother and Queen of the Underworld, Hekate presides over the dark womb from which all life comes and to which we all return. Entering her realm allows you the opportunity to better understand your own journey, find healing and let go of the shadowy parts of yourself in order to find rebirth.

The Mother Who Nourishes

We are nourished by Hekate. Our spiritual umbilical cord connects us to her in ways that defy mundane understanding. She is our Mother who sustains us along our journey. We are eternally hers, and each incarnation is part of the cycle of life and death. We walk her wheel, that serpent of life, the true cord, that creates and destroys. At the heart of the wheel is the Underworld, the womb. Like all children, we have our own lessons to learn.

Hekate is a good Mother, who lets us gain wisdom through experience. At times, we accumulate spiritual gunk that doesn’t nourish us. Fortunately, Hekate awaits for us to give this to her. However, we can become accustomed to living off this sort of spiritual junk food so much so that we can’t consume the nourishment she offers through those keys of hers. Enter into her Underworld chamber to let your junk food habits, whether they are painful memories or dysfunctional relationships, go. This junk fuels our shadow self, while our truth goes malnourished. Once these things die, we can now dine on her medicine.

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