Can Witches Be Lightworkers?

Can Witches Be Lightworkers? November 16, 2018

Lightworkers might have their place in the world, but is it within witchcraft? There’s little overlap between lightworkers and witches, except for an emphasis on psychic abilities and healing. Witchcraft is about death and darkness, whether to harness an animal spirit or the power of personal transformation. Witches are not lightworkers. We are death walkers, wandering in the shadows where healing and true magick are found.

I’m All For Self-Definition, But…

Earlier this year, I wrote a few articles about what it means to be a witch, including “You Call Yourself a Witch? Then Own It?”

In that piece, I talked about how calling oneself a witch required accepting the responsibility that came with it, including the history of oppression, violence and marginalization. This grew out of an earlier blog that I wrote about “What Makes Witchcraft…Witchcraft?”  In that I said anyone can call themselves a witch if they work with natural energies to achieve a desired outcome.

What I’m about to say may seem to contradict that a bit, but I see it as more of a clarification. At any rate, this witch claims her right to change her mind. Witches love complexity, and I think defining witchcraft is much more complex than what I wrote in that article. It was the summer, maybe the humidity got to me? So, let’s talk about what witchcraft isn’t. Time to get really real.

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