Spiritual Death Walking

Spiritual Death Walking October 16, 2018
Whether we seek advice from departed loved ones, wish to connect to our witch ancestors or wander around the other side, crafting an oil that activates, opens and protects will ensure a powerful experience on The Other Side.
Death walking is the experience of separating from your physical body, allowing it to “die” temporarily while you walk in the World of Spirits. Death walking is practiced when we connect with Hekate, our allies and do spiritual workings. It is very different than embodied practices, such as rituals and meditations, where we remain within our corporeal self. Anointing using this oil hastens and strengthens your ability to separate from your physical being, and also assists in returning from your journey. Botanical spirits are our allies in witchcraft, given to us from Hekate.
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If you are new to this sort of witchery, proceed with caution. I suggest contacting a beloved departed for your first time walking on the other side. This is a most excellent oil for anointing ourselves to connect with Hekate and her goddesses.

Aster flowers can be purchased or wild harvested during early autumn. If not available, substitute pennyroyal. This oil is not to be consumed, but is generally safe on the skin. Useful for anointing statues of Hekate, Persephone, Demeter, Circe and Medea.

For the beginner practitioner, lavender essential oil, about nine drops, can be combined into 1/4 cup olive oil as a substitution.

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