March 7, 2019

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  1. merry meet, back in the ’70s, yes i’m that old, i traveled from New Hampshire to NYC!…the Big City!…
    i wound up in “the Village” where i was introduced to “Psychic” vampires…at age 14, & still “green” around the ears as far as the Darker side of my Craft, i was taught how to “feed” off of each other…
    i’ll tell u, when i got back home, thank the Goddess!, & told my Pater about the experience…well he was “none too happy!”…lol…
    it wasn’t a “bad” experience, just Odd!…
    Thank You for your Wisdom!…may Hekate always watch over you…BB…

  2. I’m a witch since 1995. None of the magick I do or ever have done involved “soul collecting”.
    I, like many other witches I know and know if, we work *with* spirits or entities, respecting their free will.

    Sorry but this “soul collecting” sounds manipulative and disrepectful of the free will and agency of the spirits and other entities being evoked.

  3. To quote Cara Danvers/Captain Marvel from the recent movie, “I have nothing to prove to you.”

    You are perfectly within your right to discount anyone’s claims about anything. Nobody is required to convince you of their faith.

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  5. i apologize for being late to the party. i came across this while searching for some answers to a personal matter. i was hoping to get more information from you, since you do seem to know what you’re talking about compared to the other bloggers i’ve come across so far. and my questions have to do with this topic specifically. not to be a burden, but is there any way i can get into contact with you privately in order to ask my questions? please and thank you in advance

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  16. Merry Meet~ When you talk about collecting the souls of the damaged, this sounds like the psychological term co-dependence. Its so interesting when we think we are emotionally damaged and try to “get mentally healthy”, when all we need to do is explore further into our soul’s DNA to learn that we may in fact be exactly who we are supposed to be. I’ve been working on integrating my shadows, but I am still drawn to damaged souls, those people for whom life is/was unbearable. This is so attractive for me, not a conscious effort either, just a pull to them. I also am not a psychic vampire.

  17. First, I know this post is 7 months old, but I felt like responding anyways.

    It’s clear that you’re an atheist, or at least agnostic (or perhaps atheistic Satanist?) and honestly I do feel like organized religion (especially of the Abrahamic variety) needs to be taken down multiple pegs, but honestly, being mean-spirited about this sort of thing does not change anyone’s heart. It is exactly this sort of attitude that entrenches people in their ideas, and works very counter to your goal.

    No one is going to want to change their view if the one who questions their beliefs is hostile and confrontational. Whether it’s right or not, you are the ambassador of your ideals to those who you believe do not share them. They will view your ideals through the lens of your personality and approach in presenting your ideals to them. If you make them highly unappealing with your approach and attitude, no one will even consider them. You could do with changing to a kinder approach.

    When you approach others in good faith, looking for an open and honest discourse, you can teach each other many things. When you approach them looking to destroy their beliefs, there can only be negativity and stress, and no one will learn anything from the encounter.

  18. I seen this Right on time Cindy Bless you and hopefully we physically cross paths so i can show my gratitude in person

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