Whose Side is God on?

Whose Side is God on? March 2, 2018

Historically, God has “belonged” to certain groups of people: first to the Jews, and then to the church. He chose Israel from among all the nations as his special people.  A few famous miracles reveal his partiality for them:

He parted the Red Sea to rescue them from slavery.

He toppled the walls of Jericho.

He gave David victory over Goliath.

God has also chosen his church, those who believe in Jesus as his Son and Savior, to be his special people as well. Jesus dying on the cross in our place qualifies as going the extra mile, in my book.

But God was not on the Israelites’ side, and he’s not on the church’s side either.

Wait, what? If he’s not for his own people, then whose side is he on? A little Bible background will help us understand:

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