Laura Ingraham’s Dribble

Laura Ingraham’s Dribble February 17, 2018

Thursday night, Fox News political commentator Laura Ingraham said on her TV program, The Ingraham Angle, that the top NBA player for the past ten years Lebron James, who is African-American, should “shut up and dribble.” She was disparaging James for his speaking out against certain things about President Donald Trump. James has been periodically doing that for some time, probably even while Trump was campaigning for president. Heh, he has not done it as much as I have in my blog.

I’ve been a devoted NBA fan for almost all of my adult life. The three top players in the NBA for at least the past five years have been Lebron James, Stephen Curry, and Kevin Durant. All three have spoken out against Donald Trump as president. I agree with it. All three players are African-American. Curry is an outspoken, devout Christian, and both Durant and James have had substantial exposure to Christianity in their lives. James and Curry are dedicated family men.

Ingraham’s comment is the same ‘ole diatribe about telling people who aren’t professionals about politics to shut up and stick to your occupation. People who do this in the U.S. especially do it to professional athletes. I get it occasionally on my blog.

In fact, just minutes ago I responded to one of these disparaging comments. The guy is an avid golfer and he said, “Your reprints of slanted, gutter journalism serves to increase the incidence of fake news. PLEASE give us more input on the latest golf events upon which subject you have credentials.”

I replied, “you don’t have to read my stuff–insulting me about commenting on anything else but golf. You’ve repeatedly done this. Just like Laura Ingraham telling Lebron James to “shut up and dribble.” I blog about this stuff because I’m a Christian theological writer who believes in, and sometimes writes in my books, ethics. All of these posts are from my blog on Patheos. It is “the largest conversation about faith on earth.” Hebrew prophets called out Israel’s kings when they needed their unrighteous behavior exposed. Read the Bible.

Lebron James counters Ingraham. He says he believes that because of his platform as a professional athlete, he has an obligation to society not to shut about it. Lebron James has 40 million followers on his Twitter account. He is ranked 26th in the world. How many follower does Laura Ingraham have?

Indeed, Lebron sometimes speaks out against injustices in our society, such as police brutality directed unfairly at blacks. Lebron also tries to contribute to society to correct some of its evils other than just speaking out about them. I support such athletes in speaking out about such things. Almost all the time they do so, I agree with what they say. I posted about the NBA kneeling and President Trump’s criticism of it.

THIS IS A FREE COUNTRY!!! Everyone has a right to speak out their own opinion. There’s a lot of Trump supporters, like Laura Ingraham, that seem to forget that. And I agree with Kevin Durant’s take on her remark against Lebron, saying it’s “racist.”

I was born and raised in the cosmopolitan city of Seattle. Yet I lived in the South for forty years. Living in Houstone, Texas, I know quite well about racism. There’s a lot of racism among Trump supporters. I DETEST RACISM. Every Christian should do the same. God made us all. We didn’t decide what race we were born in. God did. One race is not any better than the other. And God is no respecter of persons. We shouldn’t be either.

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