The Most Renowned UFO Incidents (Part 8 of 10)

The Most Renowned UFO Incidents (Part 8 of 10) April 10, 2018

[The following is a portion of a chapter in a book manuscript I intend to publish in my Still Here book series on biblical eschatology. I believe some UFO sightings–probably hundreds worldwide in the past two generations–have been unnatural phenomena attributable to angels (cf. Daniel 4.13, 17, 23; Hebrews 1.14; 1 Peter 1.12).]

Possible UFO Sightings by NASA Astronauts

From virtually the beginning of NASA’s space program and throughout its history to date, their astronauts have had many experiences seeing objects flying in space which many people working in the space program claim are unexplainable. But NASA’s official position has always been to either deny that they are UFOs or not comment. Sometimes, critics have accused NASA of covering up certain sightings. The website (accessed 4/4/2018) tells about twelve NASA astronauts who claimed that while flying in space they saw UFOs.

The first alleged UFO sighting by NASA astronauts was on the Gemini 7 flight in 1965. Frank Borman and James Lovell flew this 14-day mission circling the earth. Borman was the commanding pilot. He saw a lighted object in space and reported to Mission Control in Houston, “I have a bogey at 10 o’clock high.” The audio of this communication was made public. “Bogey” obviously was code. Borman meant that he saw an unidentified object flying forward of their orbiting path and slightly to the left of their spacecraft. Houston operators then asked for confirmation of that message. Borman repeated the statement. Houston then asked, “Is that the booster or is that an actual sighting?” Eleven seconds then ticked off until Borman replied, “Said … we have several – looks like … actual sighting.” Houston then asked for more information. Borman replied, “We also have the booster in sight.” He meant the booster rocket that had separated earlier from their space capsule in which they were flying. So, both astronauts saw the flying object, and Borman said they also saw the booster and thus implicitly distinguished the two. Borman soon said, “there are many … going by from left out about three or four miles.” Sixty-six seconds later Borman said, “It’s about 2 o’clock position.” So, he distinguished the other sightings from the original, which he called a “bogey.”

NASA astronauts took video films on several missions that show what could be UFOs, and NASA revealed them to the public. For example, on September 15, 1991, during the STS-48 flight in NASA’s Space Shuttle Discovery program, astronauts took video of a possible UFO. It shows flashes of light flying in a controlled manner. NASA explained them as ice particles on their spacecraft’s window caused by the spacecraft’s jet engines. But there was much disagreement about this explanation.

Another instance occurred on August 6, 2005, on NASA’s STS-114 mission. NASA astronauts video-taped a lighted, circular object against the blackness of space that moved slowly across almost the entire screen, from right to left, and it returned in apparently the same path to exit out of the screen.

One of the most interesting UFO episodes concerns NASA’s 1969 Apollo 11 mission which included three astronauts. It was the first landing on the moon and thus a very historic event in the U.S. space program. Decades later, on August 10, 2006, astronaut Buzz (Edwin) Aldrin appeared on television and admitted that when he flew on that Apollo 11 mission, he and fellow astronaut Neil Armstrong saw UFOs on July 20, 1969. Michael Collins piloted the command module aircraft while Armstrong and Aldrin became the first astronauts to walk on the moon, which they did for about 2.5 hours. When Armstrong became the first man to step on the moon, he said to Mission Control, which was heard and seen on television throughout the world, “one small step for [a] man, one giant leap for mankind.” In the 2006 telecast, Aldrin explained they were reluctant to mention the UFO sighting to Mission Control at that time for fear of being publicly ridiculed. But they did so in the private debriefing days later, which NASA never made public. In years after the flight, various sources reported that Armstrong had admitted seeing UFOs on the moon and that he was descriptive about it, saying they were “watching us.” This is a most significant observation which will be the subject of the next chapter in this book.

The Science Channel on U.S. television sometimes shows a documentary series entitled “NASA’s Unexplained Files.” It shows several film strips taken by NASA astronauts during space flights orbiting the earth in which UFOs appeared. Some of these UFOs seem to be operated by intelligent beings who were observing the manned spacecraft. In one incident, a UFO flies alongside the NASA spacecraft for a while at the same pace with it. In other instances, the UFOs move at speeds far exceeding anything ever achieved by either manned or unmanned space vehicles. Then these speedy UFOs sometimes instantly change directions, as much as 90 degrees or more, and continue at the same speed. Nothing known to humans is capable of such incredible maneuvering. Authorities claim that with humans on board such a maneuvering vehicle, they would be instantly crushed and die. Satellites, space junk due to humans, or asteroids all continue moving through space at the same trajectory. So, they are incapable of abruptly changing directions, much less at such sharp angles. In one manned NASA flight, the filmed UFO was a bright-shining red color; yet there were no such satellites or human space junk then flying in earth orbit.

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