The Most Renowned UFO Incidents (Part 7 of 10)

The Most Renowned UFO Incidents (Part 7 of 10) April 9, 2018

[The following is a portion of a chapter in a book manuscript I intend to publish in my Still Here book series on biblical eschatology. I believe some UFO sightings–probably hundreds worldwide in the past two generations–have been unnatural phenomena attributable to angels (cf. Daniel 4.13, 17, 23; Hebrews 1.14; 1 Peter 1.12).]

Why the Increase in UFO Sightings?

Over the past several decades, there have been an increasing number of recorded sightings of UFOs throughout the world. This phenomenon has not been restricted to certain countries in the world. People living all over the globe have reported UFO sightings. Many people take pictures of them, often with video cameras. Are there an increasing number of UFOs in our earth’s atmosphere in recent years? Perhaps. If so, there are some logical reasons for an increase in UFO sightings.

First, the steady increase in the world’s population likely causes more people to see UFOs.

Second, airport radar, which didn’t used to exist, is often capable of recording UFO sightings.

Third, the increase in reported UFO sightings is due to a large extent to inventions and thus improvements in technology. For example, every year there are more airplane pilots who can possibly spot UFOs. Even astronauts and cosmonauts have reported seeing UFOs. And millions of people around the world now have a video camera or cell phone to use in recording the sightings.

Fourth, both professional and amateur astronomers report UFOs that they’ve seen through telescopes. Of course, there are more astronomers now and more telescopes, and telescopes are being improved constantly.

Fifth, there has been an increase in television programs which feature filmed sightings of UFOs, whether using video cameras or other means. Since most people in the world now have a television, a nation’s entire public can see these UFO films and other pictures broadcast on their televisions. Thus, most people in the world have now watched filmed UFO sightings shown on television. And an ever-increasing number of television documentaries further inform the public about UFOs.

It has been reported for decades that an unusually higher number of UFO sightings have been witnessed at U.S. nuclear missile defense facilities and nuclear power stations. In fact, back in the 1950s and 1960s the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) investigated these sightings.


What Do UFOs Look Like and What Are their Movements?

Luminous UFOs shown on films or as still pictures have varying shapes. However, a large number of them appear disk-shaped. Many of these have a rounded top in the middle of the disk. Due to this common shape, during the 1940s such sightings came to be called “flying saucers.”

These luminous UFOs can hover or move very quickly through earth’s atmosphere. And they can appear instantly and disappear instantly. They are usually seen at night, thus in darkness, but sometimes they are viewed in daylight.

Some films and videos of purported UFO sightings show the UFO moving through the sky in ways that are impossible to achieve by either manned or unmanned spacecraft made and controlled by humans. For example, some UFOs have been filmed moving across the sky at very fast speeds and then making an immediate change of direction, as much as a ninety degree angle or more, while continuing at the same, fast speed. If a manned aircraft ever did that, the person or persons aboard would be flattened and thus instantly die. Another example is that bright UFOs have been filmed at night hovering in the sky and then instantly disappearing and sometimes instantly reappearing later, perhaps in an entirely different location in the sky.

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