Pelosi Says Trump’s Wall Idea is “Immoral”

Pelosi Says Trump’s Wall Idea is “Immoral” January 28, 2019

House speaker and Democrat Nancy Pelosi has responded to President Donald Trump’s signature campaign promise to build a wall or fence or both on the U.S.-Mexico border to help prevent illegal immigration by alleging it is “immoral.” Does she explain that? How is it immoral for a nation to defend its borders?

Read the Bible. National borders are ordained by God. The Bible says, “When the Most High [God] gave to the nations their inheritance, when he divided mankind, he fixed the borders of the peoples according to the number of the sons of God” (Deuteronomy 32.8 ESV). In place of “the sons of God,” some versions have “the gods” (e.g., NRSV) or “the sons of Israel” (e.g., NASB). The Septuagint and Dead Sea Scrolls have (in their languages) “the sons of God,” whereas the Masoretic Text has “the sons of Israel.”

And in the history of Israel, it did lots of things like erecting barriers to defend itself. And I have already quoted in an earlier post that the very city where God lives in heaven has a 216-foot-high wall surrounding it (Revelation 21.17)!

Is it immoral to prevent a thief from entering your house? It’s the same for national borders. Besides, in this new century, a bunch of nations have been building walls or fences or both on their borders for the same or similar reasons. If the U.S. would be immoral in doing that, then I guess those nations are too.

Oh, some Democratic politicians also are criticizing Trump’s wall idea as a “medieval solution.” They propose it be done with sensors, radar, lasers, or whatever modern means we have. That was tried by the Bush administration with a Boeing contract. It didn’t work. How much has science improved since then?

How about when the U.S. military got wise and built a wall around its Green Zone in Bagdad in its efforts to assist the Iraqi military in defending against Islamic radical terrorists? Was that an immoral, medieval solution, too?

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