Constitutional Lawyer Says Jared Kushner Is a Benedict Arnold

Constitutional Lawyer Says Jared Kushner Is a Benedict Arnold March 11, 2019

Again, as I posted three days–Three Jews, Four Opinions.

Laurence Tribe is a leading Constitutional law scholar and a professor at Harvard Law School. He has argued before the Supreme Court 36 times, which is a whole lot. His book, American Constitutional Law, is a core textbook on this subject.

Mr. Tribe is also Jewish and was born in China. His father’s name is George Israel Tribe. Laurence Tribe is very anti-President Trump. When President Donald Trump fired FBI Director James Comey, Mr. Tribe wrote, “The time has come for Congress to launch an impeachment investigation of President Trump for obstruction of justice.”

Jared Kushner is President Trump’s son-in-law. Thirty-eight year old Kushner is also President Trump’s advisor to the Middle East and envoy to Israel. Like Trump, Kushner has no previous political experience. Jared Kushner also is a Torah-observant Orthodox Jew.

Yesterday, Laurence Tribe alleged that Jared Kushner will soon be exposed as a traitor to the U.S. Tribe wrote, “Jared Kushner of 666 Fifth Avenue is the beating heart of this unprecedentedly corrupt and deeply evil [Trump] administration. He’ll eventually be exposed as an insatiably greedy Benedict Arnold.” Kushner is a real estate investor. That address refers to his property in Manhattan, New York City, that was in deep financial trouble before being rescued by Saudi royalty. I wonder if Mr. Tribe was also insinuating that 666 will be the number of the name of the Antichrist according to Revelation 13.17-18 in the Bible.

Tribe cites Seth Abramson as his main source for his accusations leveled against Mr. Kushner. Abramson sounds like a Jewish name to me. And Seth is too, referring to the origin of the word Semite. If this is right, we’re talking about three Jews here. Please, no offense intended. I just think this is interesting, as I did in my post three days ago.

Seth Abramson is a graduate of Harvard Law School, a trial lawyer, an author, and a columnist for such publications as The Huffington Post and Newsweek. Ever since Trump’s political campaign for president, Abramson has been writing and accusing Trump and his campaign team of collusion with Russian government operatives.

Now, writers of The Atlantic and The New Republic have accused Abramson of being a conspiracy theorist. But that didn’t stop Simon and Schuster from publishing in late 2018 Abramson’s book Proof of Collusion. It is now a New York Times bestseller.

Laurence Tribe was not very specific in his accusation that Jared Kushner is a traitor. But then, he says Donald Trump is a traitor, too. Abramson’s book is Mr. Tribe’s primary source for his allegations against Kushner. Tribe alleged, “Kushner is going to get us into a devastating war with Iran. Jared, singlehandedly. Jared, to make money for himself. I’ll say now that Jared more richly deserves to be in prison for the rest of his life than Manafort, and Manafort richly deserves it. That’s how bad this is.”

I think President Trump’s withdrawal of the U.S. from the nuclear weapons treaty with Iran is worrisome. Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu influenced Trump to do that. Iran has had a long-running war of words against Israel. But, Israel has nuclear weapons and Iran doesn’t. Plus, a similar war of words has been going on between Shiite Iran and Sunni Saudi Arabia for decades, and that is getting worse. I’m writing about some of this in my next book.

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